Sunday, April 25, 2010

Other Randomness from last week

I was so busy last weekend that it took me pretty much the entire week to recover.  I know it's pathetic.  On Monday I went to the Katie Burkett Memorial Scholarship Fund Golf Tournament.  Katie was killed in a car accident in July of 2008.  They started a scholarship fund in her memory.  My dad was on the planning committee.  My boss and I did all the signs for it.  It was a huge success.  They were hoping to raise $8-10,000 well they ended up clearing over $15,000.  We were blown away!  Here are a few photos from the event.
Some of the volunteers with the banner we made.

Friday night I went shopping.  When I was leaving the store it was pouring down rain.  I got my keys out and took off running.  I pressed the unlock button on my clicker and opened the door and jumped in.  I went to throw my bags in the passenger seat and noticed a booster seat.  I didn't have a booster seat.  Then I looked at the dash.  I realized that this was the dash in the newer model Altima not the model I own.  I quickly jumped out and spotted my car.  I was pretty embarassed.  In my defense it was the same body style and color as my car. 
I think that is all the excitment from the week.

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