Saturday, January 16, 2010

National Championship Celebration

Today my mom and I headed to Tuscaloosa for yet another Saturday!  Any excuse to visit my sister and we are there!  The University and the City of Tuscaloosa planned a "celebration" for the team and fans.  It was kind of disappointing.  I was really excited about the idea that there would be a parade for the team.  The team voted they'd rather have a celebration in Bryant Denny Stadium instead of a parade.  They wanted to be on the field as a team one more time.  I just think a parade would have been more fun.  This just seemed very thrown together.  The weather didn't help much!  It was nice we got to sing "We Are the Champions"which totally made it worth the trip!  It was like a pep rally but we'd already won the game.  We did have a great time with my sister and Amy.  It was just the girls.  We did a little shopping and my precious mom got me this awesome blanket.

It is made out of sweatshirt material so it is super warm and comfortable.

Sister, me and Amy before we left the house.

 The stage and the first 3,000 people got to stand on the field.

Mom, Sister and Me!

The new flag!!!

National Champs approaching the tunnel.

On the field!

3 of the 6 First Team All Americans.

Alabama's 1st ever Heisman Trophy winner.

Your 2009 National Champions.

I love Alabama Football!  Only 229 days till the 2010 season kicks off!

Also in gymnastics news, the Tide beat the defending National Champs and SEC rival Georgia.  I love gymnastics.  I always tried to go to the meets when I was a student and now I try to make at least one each season.

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Becca's Dirt said...

Sounds like you had loads of fun. ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!