Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ally's New Do!

I took Ally to get her hair cut yesterday.  I was so nervous about leaving her that I completely blanked on what I told the lady to do to her.  My groomer opened a new shop so I was nervous for Ally because this was the first time she had been to the new shop.  Ms. Myra had groomed her before just not at this shop.  ( I know most of you are thinking it's just a dog get over it already! But she is like a child to me!) Well I was very adament that I wanted her to be all one length.  I knew that they were probably going to have to shave her because she was so matted up but I forgot to tell her to NOT shave her face.  Poodles have such long noses and I just think she is way cuter with hair on her face.  (She had her nose shaved when we got her and Patrick thought she was the ugliest thing he'd ever seen!)  Well I got there to pick her up and Ms. Myra did exactly what I told her.  She was definately all one length.
She doesn't even look like the same dog.  I almost cried!
Not to mention that it has been like 30-40 degrees here and she is freezing! I felt so bad because she just kept shaking!
Her ears are so fluffy but that is it!
You can't really see but she generates some serious static!

Luckily it's just hair and it will grow back!


Becca's Dirt said...

At least we know the hair will grow back. She needs a sweater since her hair is so short. She is a beautiful baby and I know she is just as special as my Little Buddy. I always hate it when they first get a cut anyway.

A Love Worth Waiting For said...

What kind of dog is this?