Monday, January 11, 2010

On the wings of Love...

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Well it looks like Jake has hit a bit of turbulance tonight on the Bachelor.  But don't worry co-pilot Chris Harrison swoops in to kick that girl right to the curb.  Didn't you find it ironic that it was the model/actress that chose to be a whore!  I hate that I love this show. 
Anyway lets talk about the girls... I love Ali!  I think Jake really likes her too.  She is the first girl that he has kissed all the others have thrown them selves at him.  Speaking of which whatever happened to waiting for a guy to kiss you or am I just completely way to old fashion?  I think Ali is so real and so down to earth.  She really seemed to be into him and I really do think that he had a blast with her. 
Michelle, you are certifiable.  If he heard some of the things you say he would probably be avoiding you at all costs!  You seem very bi-polar! 
Elizabeth, how about you tell him he can't kiss you but them all you can seem to talk to him about is kissing you! You are such a tease and he'd be crazy to choose you in the end unless he wants his entire life dangled in front of his face knowing he can't touch it!  She seems like a game player! 
Vienna, sweetie you are 23.  I'm afraid you are not realistic in your idea of love and marriage. 
Gia, you look like a stripper (but apparently Jake doesn't mind that!).
 Tenley, you are still one of my favorites you seem to have such a caring heart and genuine spirit! 
I think he made the right choices on who he sent home. I like both Ashley and Christina but he didn't have a connection with them. 
I really want to get to know Kathryn.  She seems like a super nice girl and I think they'd be cute together!   My top three are still in the running (ali, tenley, and corrie)...we'll see what next week holds!  Until then...

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