Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bachelor...Why do I even bother?

I really hate this show. It's a love hate relationship.  I love to watch it but end up getting so mad that the person doesn't see everything my way.  I mean seriously...when nearly every girl has told you that one girl is not right maybe you should approach with caution.  I mean hello Jake don't you remember Wes last season with Jillian.  You had a hunch and went with it and I think these girls are trying to pay you the same courtesy!  Anyway, I do wish the girls (Allie) would stop worrying about Vienna and just worry about themselves.  I'm sure it's difficult but it makes you look kind of crazy.  If the spoilers are correct (which they always are) I don't see this relationship lasting very long at all! 
Tenley is still my favorite.  She is so sweet and down to earth.  I really think that Jake likes her too.  I like Allie but she is really freaking out about the fact Vienna is still there.  I wonder what Vienna has really done to make them all hate her so much (besides her wierd eye contact thing, bad dye job, and bragging about everything every chance she gets!)  I like Corrie too.  She seems to be out of her comfort zone but is doing really well.  Gia, I didn't like her at first but she si growing on me.  At first I thought she looked like a stripper (and she still does) but she seems to be very smitten with Jake and more down to earth than I gave her credit for.  I think Corrie will be the next to go.  I think the final three will be Tenley, Gia and Vienna.  I think if/ when Vienna gets another rose Allie is going to call it quits! I wish she wouldn't because I think she and Jake had the strongest connection the earliest btu she can't take the fact that he likes Vienna too!
I guess that is all the rants I have for now.  Check back tomorrow for my Wednesday Weigh-In.  I'm afraid it isn't going to be very good!  I have my second WW meeting tonight!

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