Friday, January 15, 2010

The trip of a lifetime...

That sadly I didn't get to take.  Okay this is my last Pasadena post I promise.  I just wanted to share some of my sisters pictures with you all.  She did a great job of capturing everything that I would have! (Which is not typical of her! Ha!)

This is my sister and her best friend Amy (who is like an adopted part of our family!) In front of the stadium!

They met a Florida fan that had made his travel plans before the SEC Championship.  He said he had to buy the houndstooth scarf so people would know who he was for! 

 This is the view from their seats.  I know I'm pretty jealous too!

Santa Monica Sunset

They had to visit the In-N-Out.  They say to order you burger "animal style" it's not on the menu but that's how the locals eat them!
They had a wonderful trip I wish so much that I could have gone but I am so excited for my sister to get this awesome experience!


Jamie said...

I've had an In-N-Out burger, but did not know you were supposed to order it "animal style." So what does that mean exactly?

Maggie said...

She said that is had grilled onions and the special sauce! She was there with a friend form LA and that's how he said to get it!