Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sweet Sunday Afternoon

We just got home from lunch at my parents house.  We as in Ally and I.  Patrick is still in the bed.  We are just relaxing and enjoying the last few weeks of football season.  I'm not much for professional football while college football is in season but once that is over I start to watch NFL.  That is usually about the time the play-offs are underway.  I'm really liking the Saints this year.  Patrick and I really want to pick a team to cheer for.  We don't really like the Falcons (they are the closest).  I like the Tennessee Titans.  My cousin used to live up there and work for the Titans radio station.  But they weren't very good this season.  I really like the Saints.  After I went to New Orleans last year I am in love it everything NO.  I like their colors and everything.  I used to love the Packers.  Actually my first year to cheer for them was Brett Favre's last season with them.  We (my sister and I) chose them because they have really awesome fans that come and shovel the snow out of the stadium before the games just because they love the Packers that much.  This year I've watched the Vikings cause I love Mr. Favre.  Now that the Vikings are playing the Saints I'm kind of torn on who to cheer for.  I hope they both win.  Right now I'm watching the Jets vs the Colts.  I like the Colts but I think I want the Jets to win.  Bama boy Joe Namath played for the Jets and sincce we graduated together I feel like I should cheer for his team.
Well enough rambling...Do any of you have a favorite NFL team?  If so why'd you choose them?

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Brittany said...

So.... I find myself looking forward to Weigh-In Wednesday's every week!

I think I might make that my day to weigh in too. But, I'm not brave and posting it on the internet.

You're my hero for that! ha!