Monday, January 4, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside!

(The frozen fountian at Millenium Park in Gardendale) Sorry the picture is so bad. I was sitting at the red light when I saw and just snapped a quick shot!

Oh My Word, It's cold down here!  I am not cut out for this!  I have been freezing all day long and it looks like it's going to be this way ALL WEEK LONG! Yikes!  The high isn't going to be above freezing today! That is cold for Alabama!  The forecast says "Snow Likely" on Thursday! I sure hope so! It's really crappy to be cold and not even see the white stuff!
On Another Note...
Guess what comes on tonight...

You guessed it...Mr. Pilot Jake starts his journey for love tonight on the Bachelor and I couldn't be more excited!  Ive heard a lot of drama surrounding this season so it should be interesting!  Tune in tomorrow for a full recap!  Well I'm off to make some hot chocolate and try to stay warm!

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