Friday, March 12, 2010

Random Week

I've been in a bit of a blogging rut this past week.  Mainly because I haven't had anything really going on that was blog worthy.  I have a couple of cute Ally stories but that is really it. 

Last night was "Grey's Night"  it was a smaller crowd but we still had a blast.  We actually didn't even watch Grey's we just talked.  It was at Lorie's house and I wish that I'd taken a picture of her new drapes that her dad gave her as a house warming gift.  They were beautiful.  I loved them so much.  The most excitment of the night happened as Monica was leaving...she calls Lorie and asks..."Did you know you have donkeys in your neighborhood"  Well that peaked the curiosity we got in my car and this is what we found...
Sure enough there were 4 donkeys just hanging out.
I was so funny to us! 

One afternoon this week Ally was asleep in my lap and she just started growling and barking...she was sound asleep.  It was so cute.  She finally woke up and was completely confused...I so wish she could talk sometimes.

Patrick had to go to WalMart this week to get the big dog food.   He never can go in and just get dog food so this week he bought the big dogs bones for them to chew on while they were stuck inside because of the rain.  Since he bought them bones he had to get Ally something too.  He bought her this really boyish toy and she loved it.  She woke up this morning and jumped out of the bed to go play with him and the toy.  She also tried to take the toy to work with us.  I really think that she is so excited that her Daddy got it for her.  He was pretty excited about how much she loved it too.  I'll add a photo of her and her new toy later.
* I also had a dream that I was pregnant with a vampie baby.  The thing that bothered me the most was that I had no idea that Patrick was a vampire.  I'm thinking that I shouldn't read the Twilight series before bed anymore!
This is the extent of my excitement for the week. 
I forgot that my sister is home for spring break and I'm so excited.  I love having her around. 

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