Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesdsy Weigh-In

Tuesday started off as a pretty ugly day but by 3:00 the sun was shining and it was beautiful.  I made an executive decision tonight that I am not going to continue going to the Weight Wactchers meetings.  I like the meetings and I do feel that my weight is more official on their scales but I get a lot of motivation out of this blog and posting my weight here.  So I decided to save that $12 a week and use the tools that I learned to stay on a "plan".  If I feel that I need the support I'll go back but honesly I think I can do it on my own.  With that being said lets check out the scale.

Down 0.8lb from last week.  Which brings my total loss to 15.8lbs.
I know you are probably thinking that maybe I shouldn't quit going to the meetings.  I know I only lost 0.8lbs this week but I am very aware that I have not been eating the right things for about 3 weeks now.  I know that I need to do and I'm going to do it.  I have to go to the grocery store.  (I haven't been in almost a month, we have no food!)  I've already planned our meals for the month.  I love having a plan and I always function better when there is a plan involved.  So I'm going to get back in gear eating the more of the right foods and less of the wrong ones.  I am still so proud of my 15.8lbs that i'm no longer carrying around.  It's amazing how good you can feel when you're just a few pounds lighter.
My goals for this week are #1 Go to the store and cook according to the plan.  #2 Get moving, walk at least 30 minutes 3 times this week. and #3 I will be down at least 2 lbs next week.  I want to be at 140 for Easter.
Now it's your turn. Weigh-In on whatever you'd like and add your link here.

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