Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Who Do you Love...

I Seriously Hate this show. 

Seriously, Tenley is the most gracious person I know.  (Okay I know that I don't actually "know" her).  I love her.  I want my daughters to be like her and my sons to marry someone just like her.  She is still smiling even though she's in tears and just had her heart broken into a million pieces.  I hate it when the nice girl finishes last.  It is hard to watch when you have a man that claims to have such high morals and values (judging by his family, he was raised with high morals and values) choose the girl that seems to have very little morals or values.  I can't stand Vienna.  I  just want to barf when I see her.  I lost a lot of respect for Jake tonight.  Even though I knew the entire time that he was going to pick her.  I get sucked in every single time.  I'm always so mad.  I  can't believe I get so emotionally invested in this crap!  I wonder what would have happened if Allie had stuck around.  I didn't really like Jakes interaction with Tenley on the "After the Final Rose".  It was like he still wanted to claim her.  I know he meant it in a caring way but I didn't like the way he came across!  I really need to get a life!

Did I hear that correctly...Kate Gosselin and Jake on Dancing with the Stars?  I guess this is all for the kids...am I right Kate?  She makes my skin crawl.  I used to really like her.  Now I just feel sorry for her children.  And Jake,  I mean I think it would be cute if you were on DWTS if you'd picked Tenley and all her dancing glory but you didn't you chose Vienna, roots and all.  I think it is sad and it shows how happy you and Tenley could have been together.  *tear*.   But I guess you chose the right girl for you.  I just didn't see it coming.

And the next Bachelorette is...  Ali
Okay I totally saw this one coming but I am still so excited!  I love Allie to death.  I think she is going to make an awesome Bachelorette!  Yay for Allie.  

Okay that's enough tv ranting for one day!  I'm slightly embarassed by my obession with reality tv.  Yall won't judge me...right?

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Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Sigh... I wish Kate would just go away - extensions and all!