Thursday, December 2, 2010

Babo & Papa's 50th Anniversary Party

Our morning started pretty early... yet again!  I had to pick up tablecloths and flowers and head to the church to start decorating.  I am kicking myself for not taking better pictures of everything we did.  We spent all day working and it totally paid off.  It was beautiful!  Babo & Papa were so excited and Papa kept telling me how proud he was that we did this for them.  That made all the hard work totally worth it! The photographer from my wedding (who is also married to my mother's cousin) was there and took some pictures so if you really want to see how everything looked you can check out his website HERE (click on BUY PHOTOS, then WEDDINGS 2010, then MARY ANN & DONALD HAND).  I put together a slide show of the past 50 years, I think it was my favorite part!  We showed it twice!  Here are the few photos I took.

Sweet Babo & Papa.  I hope I'm as fun as them in 25 years.  (I'm pretty sure I won't be seeing as how I'm not that much fun now)

My cousin Ryan that I feel like I never see because he grew up and got a real job and has to work all the time!
I was so excited to get to help with this event.  Babo and Papa mean so much to me and it was truly special to celebrate this huge milestone with them and 250 of their closest friends!
I think that catches me up from last week.  Luckily nothing has been going on this week to really blog about!  Tonight when I came out of bootcamp the Christmas parade was rounding the corner in front of the civic center so Carla and I sat on the curb and watched.  It was fun.  I didn't have a camera or I would have taken some photos!

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