Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Home Tour

 Our Christmas Tree...
I love our tree.  It looks a lot like it did last year (and it will probably look very similar next year too!)  We have so many special ornaments.  Most of them are from my childhood and Patrick and I have started tyring to get an ornament anytime we travel somewhere.  I love that I can tell you where I got almost every ornament on our tree and they each hold such a special memory!  Here are a few special ones.

We got this one when we went to the mountains this year.

I made this one in the 4th grade.  It's always been one of my favorite "school made" ornaments.

This one was given to me on my first Christmas.  Patrick's niece was at our house this weekend and was looking at all the ornaments.  I loved telling her about each one (I know she really didn't care but I still enjoyed it!)  She kept asking if she could have one.  I probably should have just let her take one but I'm not quite ready to part with any of them!

I bought this one on for our 1st married Christmas.

Mom started getting Patrick an ornament after we got married.  She tries to get him a very manly one to balance out all the Barbies I've gotten over the years.

Our Angel on the top.  I love her but she doesn't show up very well so I added some other things up there too.  I don't know if I love it yet or not!

Downstairs in our "Man Room" we have a House Divided tree.  It's Alabama and Auburn and I've also added my cheerleader Barbie and Patrick's ESPN Santa that he got last year.  I've got to add some Auburn shakers to the top. 
It's a white tree with red and blue ribbon although the red ribbon looks orange in these pictures! 

My mom made the bow.  It looks orange and blue but I promise it's red!  I think next year I might skip the bow all together and just add more shakers.
We have two other trees.  One you've already seen HERE. (It's our card tree! Make sure you check it out if you haven't's my favorite!) I feel like this time last year we already had a ton of cards...we've only gotten one so far this year.  I'm afraid we won't get any since I have this super cute way to show them!
The last tree is a small table top tree in the guest room.  I'm calling it Ally's tree.  (Please believe me when I say that I didn't actually put it up for her.  It just has some cute poodle ornaments on it so I called it Ally's tree!) 

I love the way Christmas lights warm a room.  My favorite thing to do at night is sit with all the lights on and just enjoy the season either watching a Christmas movie or listening to Christmas movies. 

Our mantle.  I love the garland.  In the center is our Nativity (it's white and barely shows up in the photos).  To the right is a picture of Patrick and I Christmas morning the first Christmas we were married.  It's pretty funny!  I framed our card for the year that's in the bottom right gold frame.  Everything else is there all the time.  I love Christmas time.  It truly is the most Wonderful time of the year!


Lena Medina said...

Hi Maggie,
I love your Christmas decorations...already I have gotten two ideas from you for next year! I LOVE the card tree! I am way out here in California, but I hope to find a tree like yours! So cute! I also love your "house divided" tree. My husband and I are big NFL fans (him: Oakland Raiders, me: San Diego Chargers...they are HUGE rivals!) I started a "sports" tree this year, but I may have to use your idea next year!
Merry Christmas! Love you blog!

~Jamie Kubeczka~ said...

Your trees are so pretty! I love how you have your mantle as well.

CarolinaGirl said...

I love it, and I love the house divided tree! Very cute! War Eagle!!