Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Year in Review

I can't believe 2010 is coming to an end.  Seriously?  I feel like my life is flying by me and I'm having a hard time jumping on!  I want to be so present but I feel like I'm watching it all go by me!  Make it stop please!  So as we push forward to 2011 I want to remember a few highlights from 2010~

In January the Tide brought home it's 13th National Championship.  We were all on cloud 9!  My sister (lucky dog) got to go to Pasadena and witness the win.  She says it was magical...It felt magical all the way here in Alabama I can't imagine the emotion of actually being there!  The Sunday after the big win the Coaches Trophy was in Gardendale, AL and we stood in line to have our picture made with it.  Also in January I vowed to lose weight and get healthy thus was born Wednesday Weigh-In where I documented my weight loss (or gain) each week!  I credit this as being the #1 motivation for achieving my goals this year!

In February we packed a lot in this short month.  We said goodbye to our old youth directors from church with an Adios Fiesta.  The Saints won the Super Bowl!  It snowed and we acted like kids again! Finally, we closed the month with a long weekend in Gatlinburg!

March brought our 2nd Anniversary and not much else! April we celebrated Easter by all going to church together then we had our Annual Full Contact Easter Egg Hunt at Grandmothers, followed by touch football and finally we had dinner with the Horton's. 

May was a whirlwind as usual but we did get watch my sister walk across the stage and receive her undergrad degree at The University of Alabama.  We were so proud of her! 

We also got a quick sister's beach trip in.  We wrapped the month up at the lake for Memorial Day which turned out to be one of the rainiest weekends I can remember!
In June Elizabeth and I took a weekend trip to Benton to visit cousin Bullet and his family and watch a little baseball.  I started boot camp!  We cheered Hope on a the Miss Alabama pageant. We got to visit with our family from Lakeland and I finally reached my goal weight

July brought my 25th birthday and a trip to Chicago!  August was very low key.  As we patiently awaited football season Patrick enjoyed a few weeks on day shift and we got to do normal things at normal times and I got way to used to it.  It was so hard for him to go back to nights and weekends.  Patrick also turned 29.

AHH September how we long for you each year.  You bring football and fall.  Football pretty much consumed September, and October and most of November too!
October was my road trip month.  We went to South Carolina to watch the Tide.  History was made in Chile as 33 miners were rescued after being trapped for almost 2 months. 

November brought the Tide it's second and third losses to two rivals.  Both hurt!  Auburn hurt the most!  We celebrated Babo and Papa's 50th Wedding Anniversary with a big party!
The first Saturday in December, Auburn secured the SEC Championship title and their spot in the BCS National Championship game in Arizona.  Patrick was thrilled.  I was less than thrilled! We really tried to enjoy the Christmas season together.  We went with my brother's family to see Santa.  We got our Christmas Cards.  I got to see Beauty and the Beast live on stage with my sister and Amy.  We had the Annual Gingerbread House Competition.  Finally we had a wonderful Christmas with our families and it SNOWED!!!

Other events of note in 2010 that I didn't blog about but were huge news stories.  The earthquake in Haiti where  hundreds of thousands were killed.  The BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  The worst oil spill in history millions of gallons of oil were dumped into the Gulf affecting tourism on the coast.  I didn't write about these events because they were being worn out in the media and honestly I was tired of hearing about them the last thing I wanted to do was write about them. But they were events that I wanted to have some record of for my kids one day!

And Finally the way we've ended every year since 2003
Celebrating Miss Ava Jane's Birthday

I can't believe this sweet girl is going to be 7 years old! 
I've said it before and I'll say it again...time is flying by me! 
Happy Birthday Sweet Ava Jane!
2010 Has been an amazing year.  We have both grown so much both  individuals and in our marriage.  I can't wait to see what 2011 has in store for The Horton House!

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