Sunday, December 5, 2010

SEC Championship

Auburn won. I have issues. I really don't like Auburn. I really did try to like them and to not cheer against them but I just couldn't. I can't stand Cam Newton. Yes, he is an amazing athlete but he is so arrogant. (Patrick completely disagrees with me and we got in a knock-down-drag-out fight about it last night. We are both so stubborn especially when it comes to our teams. I am honestly scared for our kids.) Patrick's brother, Thomas, is a huge Auburn fan too. He came with his daughter Ashlyn. Ashlyn was an Alabama fan but recently decided she wanted to be an Auburn fan. I was asking her about it and when she told me she liked Auburn I told her they were cheaters (not thinking she would actually listen to me) her eyes got so big and she said she didn't like cheaters. She decided she wanted to be an Alabama fan again. Then she went downstairs and told her daddy that Auburn were a bunch of cheaters. I don't think he was very happy with me. Ashlyn's mom (Thomas' wife) came a little later (she's a bama fan too) and she was thrilled Ashlyn decided to be a bama fan again. Tony & Carla also came to hang out. We had fun! I got some hilarious pictures of Patrick and Thomas....

Brotherly Love

They have a man crush on Cam.

The Bama fans (yes we still wore our team colors even though we weren't playing)!

I think I'm going to have this printed poster sized for the basement room! 

I finally got all my decorating finished.  I'll have pictures up this week hopefully!

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Heather said...

Hi Maggie! Thanks so much for your sweet, sweet comment on my blog! You made my weekend!! :) I love your blog--your puppy is so sweet and you and your hubby sound so much like me and mine!! :) We could have some fun watching some football together! (well...except for the Hogs/Bama rivalry...but we can look past that- ha!) Anyway--I am excited to "meet" you in blog land and hope you have a great week!