Monday, December 6, 2010

Seeing Santa

Tonight Patrick and I went with my parents and my brother's family to take his kids to see Santa! Last year we took them to the Bass Pro Shops and we were so impressed with the set up they have for the kids we decided we'd take them there again this year. (You can read about last year's adventure HERE.) They have improved the quality of the free photos and you just can't beat it. Harper wasn't sacred this year and Porter actually smiled too. It was such a cute picture! Patrick got to go with me this year I was so excited. Drew, Ava and Porter rode with us and they were so sweet. Drew was telling us that he'd bought everyone a present and he was so proud.

They saw Santa! 

They saw fish!

They shot guns... (how cute is Miss Harper in those red boots...seriously way too cute!)

Nothing says Merry Christmas like spending time with family shooting guns at the arcade!
I love this shot of me and Patrick (even though the light hits my nose just right and it looks huge)!  I feel like we look so grown up.  But I guess at 25 and 29 years old we should start to look a little more grown up! Ha!
Bass Pro Shops is a new Maxwell family tradition!  I am so glad we started it!  We always have such a blast together!  I wish John and Elizabeth could have been there too!

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