Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Very Merry Christmas

Do you ever feel so overwhelmed with love and blessing that you don't want  to blog about it for fear that it won't come across in words?  I feel that way this morning.  I don't even know where to start. To say we are blessed is an understatement. 
We started our Christmas celebration Wednesday night with my mom's side of the family.  We all went over to my cousins house to eat dinner and enjoy each other.  We had a great time.
Me and my cousin's little girl her name is Margaret Katherine (Just like me but I spell Cathryn differently)

John & Hope

Elizabeth, Mark, me, Ryan and John. I'm the closest to these cousins.


Christmas Eve we went to my Grandmother's for lunch.  They gave Harper this cute little doll that cried when you took the bottle out of it's mouth.  Every time she cried Harper would get all worried and scoop her up and cuddle her.  It was so sweet.

Christmas Eve we went to midnight mass at 4:00.  I was not happy about the decision.  We usually go at 8:00.  Something about it still being light outside didn't seem right.  I was kind of a brat about it but decided to go at 4 to make my momma happy.  I knew it meant a lot to her for all four of her kids to go to church together.  I made sure she knew she was the only reason I went at that time.  (Okay I was a huge brat about it and I do feel bad for being so ugly).  After mass we all went back to Mom and Dad's snacked and talked.  Patrick had to go to work so when he called me at 12:30 to tell me he was home  I hurried home to see him.

Christmas morning we woke up early to open our gifts.  I was so excited about the gift I'd gotten Patrick.  I usually tell him what I got before Christmas but I'd not told him.  He was so surprised and it was priceless seeing his face.  He was so happy and I was too.  
Our tree with all the presents wrapped.  I thought it looked so pretty.

Patrick opening his gift.

He was so happy and surprised.

It's a PS3 and he had no idea that I'd get him one.

We quickly got ready and headed to Mom and Dad's house to see everyone.  Babo and Papa came by and my Grandmother, Aunt Stephanie, Uncle Shawn and his wife Terri all came for lunch too.  We had a full house.  The snow was falling and we had a huge fire in the fireplace.  It was perfect.  
The boys looking at something.  I think I have a picture of them every year sitting in this same place doing something similar.

Porter and Harper with Nana.  Porter did not want his picture made. 

Ava and Elizabeth

Leslie's prize for winning the Gingerbread Competition.

John got my brother and Porter leather belts with their names on them.  Porter was so proud of his.

Ava got a cotton candy maker.  She squealed she was so excited. 
Babo and Papa.

John took this one of the raging fire in the fireplace.

Porter, Ally, Dad and Ava looking at the calendar I made.

Mom was so excited.  She only asked for one gift this year...
a Wii.  She was more excited than the year she got a new car.

Ally and her Granddaddy.

Porter helping Harper open a gift.

Most practical gift ever.  A "six pack apron" .

A "White" Christmas.  This was after a lot of the snow had melted.  It was so pretty while it was falling.

Our little family in the snow.

And by the tree

My baby.

Porter and Grandmother.  (He's really not into having his picture made these days)

The Maxwell Family Christmas 2010

We had such a great day.  My brother's family had been battling the stomach bug all week, Dad had it too.  We thought they were all better but they must have been still carrying the germ.  Today mom and John woke up with it.  Tonight Elizabeth and my husband Patrick got it.  Which means every single person in the family has had it but me...I'm terrified.  Patrick had to go to work tonight and he couldn't call in.  I felt so bad for him. Hopefully they will all be better by tomorrow.  And I'm really hoping I don't get it.

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Life with Kaishon said...

I love your Christmas Maggie! Seriously perfect! He really does look happy about the Play Station 3. Has he started playing it already? I love your family picture. If your dog was any would be illegal : )