Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Family Fun...Gingerbread House Edition

 A few photos (okay a lot of photos.)
The building begins.  Some of us had great plans. Some of us didn't.

Harper, Porter, Drew and Ava.  They just decorated pre-made houses.

Porter was so excited to do one this year.  Mom would help him squirt the icing and he'd stick the candy and look up and say "I did it!" it was the sweetest, cutest thing!

Harper and Dad watching.

He was so proud.

My brother Patrick, Harper, Ava, Drew, Porter and Leslie in the new pjs that Nana go them. 

Harper wasn't happy.
I love this one of the kiddos.  I wish Porter's eyes were open but it's still so cute!

Elizabeth, Me and Amy with the kiddos.

The Maxwell family minus John and Patrick. 
Sister, me and Amy in our new pjs.
We're having a contest on Facebook.  We didn't have a judge so we put the pictures on there and are letting our friends vote.  After we've named a winner I'll post all the pictures of the houses and the folks that built them.

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