Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Book Club

We kicked off the Memorial Day weekend with our monthly book club.  Sadly, only about 3 people finished the book.  But that didn't stop us from enjoying ourselves.  Natalie had a wonderful spread.

I was frowning because no one wanted to be in a group picture. No, I didn't chop off one side of my hair.

Our wonderful host Natalie and her cutie pie son Caden.

We chose a short book for June so maybe we can finish this book too.  We'll have to remember next year to keep the books short during the busier months.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Beach Bums

Last weekend, my parents graciously invited me to the beach with them and my brothers family.  (My other siblings were invited but couldn't attend).  We had such a nice time. It was Porter and Harper's first time to the beach and they loved it.  I loved getting to watch them explore something new and enjoy something I've loved since I was a kid.
I've got a few pictures, they are probably out of order but I'm lazy and want to get this post up so please forgive me.

The water was beautiful.  I've been to Cancun and the beaches were as pretty or prettier than those.  The water was so calm and the kids had a ball.

Harper was pouting because she didn't get to walk around the docks at the marina.

We ate at the Captain's Table as always and I got the grilled shrimp and it was delicious as always.

We also headed to another family favorite Thomas' Doughnuts, and they'd added this gem in the parking lot.  I loved it. 
I had tow requests for food while I was there and luckily we managed to hit both spots.

Now, I'm sorry for this but these people needed to be documented.  I'm not ever sure why they make bikinis that large.

I made these cute sand buckets for the kids.

This cutie loved the beach and the ocean.

This one loved the beach too.

The best Nana ever brought them popsicles to the beach.

We fed Mr. Charley's birds.

The marina.
I was jealous of his volume.  Kid's got some hair.
Drew napping on the beach.

I made Harper into a mermaid.  She was in heaven.

This was our camp for the week.

Porter wanted mom to build him a jeep in the sand that he could drive.  This is what the finished product looked like.

She dug out the seat so he could get in it and drive.

We wanted to get some pictures of the kids on the beach before we left and we farted around and had to settle for morning light and it practically blinded the kids.

My mom has a picture of the four us in this same spot as kids.

The only picture of me from the whole weekend.

It was a nice trip.  I loved getting to hang out with the kiddos and spend time with my family.  I wish Patrick and the rest of the fam could have made it...maybe next year.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Weekend Review

We had a nice weekend!  I didn't take many photos but it was still a nice time.

Friday night, Kristen came and stayed with me since Patrick was working.  We had such a nice night.  We sat out on the deck and talked for hours.  Have I mentioned we are loving our new deck furniture!  I sit out there most mornings and most afternoons. 

Saturday we headed to mass to celebrate Ava's first Holy Communion.  I can't believe she's 8 years old.  After church we ordered pizza and rented We Bought a Zoo.  I thought it was so cute.

Sunday was Mother's Day so we headed to lunch at my parents' house.  We played wii with the kids and watched crap on tv.  For dinner we headed to the Horton house. We had a nice time there too.  I've been so bad about taking pictures lately, that much change!

I am so thankful for my mommy.  I am proud to call her my friend.  We may not see eye to eye on things but we can usually laugh about it.  I'm also thankful for Patrick's mom.  She is one of the sweetest people I've ever met.  She is so kind and tenderhearted. I'm so happy she's in my life.

It was a nice relaxing weekend.  I'm looking forward to this weekend.  I'm headed to the beach with my parents and the kiddos.  Should be fun!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pomp & Circumstance

Friday my mom, sister and I packed up the car and headed to ttown.  I was excited for the rare springtime trip.  I love how the minute I get down there I feel like I'm back in college.  
I love going to graduation at Alabama.  It is such a special feeling watching those kids walk in, I'm reminded of how I felt at that exact moment.  I remember that feeling of accomplishment, I made it, both figuratively and literally.  You truly feel as if the world is your oyster!  They always ask parents, grandparents, etc to stand up so they can be applauded for their support over the years but this year they asked all Alumni to stand first and it was so special to get to stand with my sister and cousins.  With all that being said, is there anything more boring to sit through than a graduation.  I know that's an awful thing to say but am I wrong?
We were lucky enough to have two graduates this year.  My little brother's girlfriend Hope graduated Friday night.  Afterwards we went back to her apartment for some food.  I always enjoy spending time with her family.  They are so cute! 

After the graduation party, we went out to celebrate John's birthday! 
The birthday boy.
 We took this to send to our other cousin Bullet.  I love these kids.  I'm so happy that we're still friends and still enjoy hanging out together. 

Saturday we headed back for round 2.

This was supposed to be Alumni but John snuck in.  I'm so proud of Mark and Hope (and John who will graduate next year)

Elizabeth's pinterest inspired gift for Mark.  It turned out cute.

We decided to hit a few balls at the fiesta after party.

Clearly I was out of my league with these guys. 

All in all it was a good trip with my mom (she was there although she doesn't appear in any photos, don't know how we managed that).  I loved getting to hang out with my cousins and brother and sister.  It was a special weekend!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ally's TV debut

My sweet Ally turned 4 years old today.  She was so excited this morning and immediately got her "happy birthday" cupcake toy.  I can't believe she's four years old. 
 She had a big day.  She was on TV this morning!  One of the local morning shows was doing live segments about the Magnolia Festival so she and I were on to talk about the pooch parade. Well actually we were just on we didn't do much talking.  I had a hard time deciding what she should wear.  I sent this picture to 2 friends and they were impressed that she had so many options.  I was embarassed to admit that this was what I had narrowed it down to.  She really has about double this.  Patrick says she has more clothes than he does, he might be right.


He were are waiting to go on.

Ally with Jeh Jeh

My boss took this of the TV.  She looks like she wanted to talk into the microphone.

All in all it was a fun day!