Saturday, November 28, 2009

Black Friday

Okay i've never in my life done the "black Friday" shopping thing.  To my knowledge my mom never really did either.  My sister went a few times but only as a spectator.  She wasn't really after the deals.  Well as I was looking through the sales Thursday morning.  There were a few deals at Target that I just couldn't pass up.  However, I knew I couldn't go it alone. ( I'm sorta afraid of crowds and don't do well in them by myself.)  I enlisted the help of my mom and my sister. Without them I never could have done it.
I was very organized.  I had already printed up my list of people I had to buy for.  My husband and I have 9 neices and nephews between us.  They had kids pj's sets for $5.  I gave my mom the ad page with the photo of the pj's and a list of the sizes and genders.  She was in charge of that.  They had DVD's for $3.99, $5.99, and $8.99.  I gave my sister a list of the titles I needed and sent her there.  I was getting scarfs.  I needed five.  I had the ad photo and I was set.  We got there at 4:45ish and the line ran the length of the store.  My mom dumped my sister and I out to get in line while she parked the car.  (I didn't get any photos I had my camera but completely forgot)

We got in the store we split up and headed to our departments.  I quickly grabed my scarfs and went to the DVD's, sister had already grabbed the 3 titles I needed and was headed to the electronics to find a few more things.  I met my mom at the kids pj's that was where the battle was.  Women had blocked the display with buggies.  It was brutal.  But I knew my Mom could handle it.  I let her handle the small sizes and I went to the bigger sizes.  We got them all (so we thought, more on that in a sec.!).  Once everyone had everything on the lists we headed to the checkout.  WOW What a line.  They were lined up the length of the store.  My Mom suggested we just break like everyone else was doing.  I said that wasn't the right thing to do so we headed to the end.  Well after standing in line for about 15 minutes Mom decided to investigate.  Turns out we were all standing in line for one cashier.  We quickly got in another line then told everyone they were standing in line for 1 cashier.  I ended up getting 5 scarfs, 8 kids pj's sets, 1 little outfit for my neice (they didn't have her size pjs by the time I got to them), and 3 DVD's for $97.  I felt like that was worth my early wake-up call.

Then we headed to Lowe's for a drill and shop-vac for my little brother.  We were afraid they were going to run out of $30 shop-vac's, they had plenty. We got what we needed and headed home.  We left home at about 4:40AM and were home before 7:30AM.

I got home a got everything out to make sure it all.  I realized there were only 8 sets of pjs.  I remember changing one of the sizes out but somehow didn't get home with them.  I had one set that was the right size but I needed them for a girl and they were for a boy.  My Mom and I decided to go back to exchange them and see if we could get another set.  We got one set and couldn't find the other so I just bought a cute little outfit for her.  It was still worth it!
When we got home Ava and mom put up the village.  They had so much fun! Ava's favorite part was the snow of course.

We made it home with plenty of time to nap before the Iron Bowl!

Iron Bowl Review

What a game! I mean WOW! My sweet, die hard Auburn fan husband fell asleep during the pregame (He had worked a 16 hour night and didn't get home until noon). He woke up into the first quarter and the Tigers had already scored once and were driving for their second score. 14-0, seriously. He looked at the TV and then looked at me in a daze and asked me if he was dreaming. Yeah, more like a nightmare for me! He was so excited but trying not to gloat. I was so mad. I could feel him gloating on the inside. It was an awful feeling. But DO NOT FEAR here came my Tide to score, and then score again, 14 unanswered points. 14-14 AND, WE'RE BACK IN THE GAME! Thank you football angels!!! Now it's half time and I think I'm going to be sick. I really don't like these close games. I feel so helpless. Auburn gets the ball first. They eventually score making it 21-14. Okay boys you know what you've got to do. Two Tiffin field goals later 20-21 okay boys thats great and all but we're still losing. (lLuckily sweet, die hard Auburn husband had gone to bed at halftime and was still sleeping like a baby.) We got the ball back with 8:27 left to play. We need a long drive to eat up the clock and then a TOUCHDOWN. Well 80 yards and 7 minutes later bama came up with 6. Two-point attempt intercepted. Yikes! 26-21 They have 1:24 to score a touchdown. This is where I wake up sweet, diehard Auburn husband. They come up short.
BAMA WINS! HOLY CRAP! WE WON! Champion's find a way to win!

Alabama 26 - Auburn 21

Roll Tide Roll!

Next week we're heading to Atlanta to play for the SEC Chamionship against the Florida Gators.  It'll be a battle.  We've got to make some serious adjustments but we'll be ready to play!

Our Iron Bowl pregame festivities! We're really exciting people!

Thanksgiving Festivites

We had a very nice holiday.  As I've stated before, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  I love that there is no pressure, you just show up to eat.  We went to my Grandmother's house ( She is my Dad's mom and the only living Grandparent I have left).  She has a lot of property so my brothers brought their 2 dirt bikes, go cart, and four-wheeler.  We had a ball riding everything. 
Patrick being a kid again.

Drew the actualy kid

My brothers, Patrick (left), John (right).

Ava and Harper SITTING in the go cart. Harper really wanted to drive

John striking a pose

Patrick and Leslie! Aren't they so sweet!

Thursday night we went to Patrick's parents house and everything was so yummy.  She cooked for an army ( and there are only 12 of us).  It was wonderful.  We just sat and visited with them.  THe men watched football and the women talked Christmas shopping.  Patrick had to leave there early to go to work.  When I left there I went to my parents house to spend the night and talk shopping strategy. 
It was such a nice day.  I love getting to spend time with our families.  I just hated that Patrick had to work.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Iron Bowl 2009

Today is the day, both the Alabama and Auburn faithful will dress head to toe in team colors. Those lucky enough to get a coveted ticked to the big game will pack their cars and head to the plains.  It's a big day in Alabama.  It doesn't matter that Bama is undefeated and they'll play for the SEC Championship next week.  If they lose today none of that matters.  This is the game coaches lose their job over.  This is the only game that matters.  Last year Bama broke a 6 year losing streak with a shutout.  It was an awesome feeling to be in that stadium.  This year it should be a pretty good game.  The Tigers are going to fight but the tide outweighs and out preforms in almost every position.  As i've said before my husband is a die hard Auburn fan.  He bleeds orange and blue. Last year I went to the game and he stayed home to watch it with friends.  This year we are going to try to watch it together.  I'm not sure how long that will last.  I just hope that Bama plays to it's full potential.    

Roll Tide Roll!
Beat Auburn!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today I am just thankful!
No one particular thing. 
As I sat around this week with friends and family I just couldn't help but be thankful.  We all think our problems are the worst. After listening to some other people's I'll gladly take mine over theirs.  We get so caught up in what we do not have and forget to just be thankful for the things we do have.  My family is healthy.  We all still have our jobs.  We have roofs over our heads and food on the table.  We have been blessed far beyond what we deserve. 
So, today on Thanksgiving I will gather with those who mean the world to me and just be thankful for them.  I will be thankful for the wonderful food that everyone serves.

Tomorrow is the BIG GAME, the IRON BOWL.  Check back for the big pre and post game posts!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Season of thankfulness: Day 14 & 15

Health & Happiness
I couldn't be more thankful for my health this week.  I friend from high school lost her dad to cancer this week all the while her younger sister is in Houston, TX battling leukemia. You can read her story here.  Her sister was diagnosed the week of her wedding and was unable to be there.  It was a very emotional day.  My family has seen their share of illness and loss but nothing like this family is going through.  I ask that you pray for this sweet family over this holiday season.  It makes me all the more thankful for our health and happiness.  I complain about the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and how many people we have to go see but there are folks our there that have nobody to share the season with. 
I am so blessed beyond words.

Season of Thankfulness: Day 13

Today I'm thankful for My Camera.
I love my camera.  I just got it this year and I've already learned so much.  I love being able to capture a memory in a photograph.  It is something that I will hold on to forever.  I've been blessed enough to take a class in photography to develope my skill.  I know this is really materialistic but I love my camera and I am very thankful for it. 

Here are a few of my favorite photos that I've taken with it!
(Father's day last year, my daddy and his grandkids)

Gameday Review: Bama vs UTC

Roll Tide Roll!
Alabama 45- UTC 0
I love a shut out!  It reminds me of a certain game last year!!!

This was a great game for the Tide.  They went out and took care of business.  Ingram had over 100 yards rushing in the first half.  The defense held the Mocs to only 84 total yards.  Lots of different players saw playing time.  Cory Reamer got him an interception ( We are Cory Reamer fans! Long story but my cousin, Bullet,  and his little boy, Matthew, got to meet him, some of his family live in the small town where Bullet lives and they know how much Matthew and Bullet love Alabama football so they set up the meeting, and he was such a nice guy. He was recruited by Mike Shula and really bought into Saban's program.) It was just a great game!  Now on to the IRON BOWL!  Auburn will be ready to play coming off a bye week.  It's going to be great!

This is my cousin Bullet and his two boys Matthew and Milton. This was Milton's first Alabama game!

Nicholas, Coley, Matthey, Chris, Bullet and Milton.  Two of my cousins and 4 second cousins!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Season of Thankfulness: Day 12

Running Water
We've had a problem with the drains in our house basicly since we movied in.  It is so annoying.  We have to pour clog remover it seems like once a week.  As I was telling my husband that it was time to do it again and we were out of  the clog remover stuff I thought of something that i've never really thought of before.  How lucky are we to even have running water! This is definately one of those things that we take for granted every single day.  My husband and I have been so annoyed and complained so much about the clogged drains we never even stopped to think about the people that don't even have clean water to drink much less take a hot, clean shower.  
 Just something to think about when that shower isn't just the way you think it ought to be next time!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Gameday: Last home game

VS(this is the biggest logo I could find)

My parents and I are traveling to Tuscaloosa for the last home game today.  We're getting up bright and early to make the 11:00 kickoff.  When I was in school the last home game was either Auburn or LSU.  I like have the last home game be a big one.  The Tide will take on Tennessee-Chattanooga at Bryant-Denny Stadium.  It should be a good game and hopefully we can get enough points on the board and take out our starters to keep them healthy.  We're having a traditional tailgate hot dogs, hamburgers, chips and dip.  A lot of our usual group aren't going to be there but we'll still have a good crowd! It's bittersweet to me.  I love going to the games on Saturdays but it gets to be overwhelming going every week.  It'll be nice to be able to watch next week's game on Friday and have all day Saturday to do whatever I want (which will consist of decorating for the holidays!)  Hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday!
Roll Tide Roll!!

Season of Thankfulness: Day 11

You know those kind of friends that you can lose touch with for weeks, months or even years; then when you are finally together again it's like you were never apart.  I have a lot of those kind of people in my life. (Maybe I'm just bad at keeping in touch!) 
Tonight I went to dinner with some great friends. We all went to Bama together. We knew one another before college but we weren't really friends.  Our friendship grew over the years at school.  One of them left after two years and moved to Dallas, TX to go to school.  The rest of us lived together for the last two years.  It was some of the best times in my life.  I wish I could have appreciated them back then.  We sat in the car tonight for an hour just laughing at things that we did in school ( like sneaking into Bryce and getting pulled over and we thought we were going to jail!).  Things that happened to us (Like our house getting broken into on Christmas Day, you may not think this was funny, and it wasn't, but our police report was hilarious! Remind me and I'll do a whole post just one that story of course yall probably won't think it is nearly as funny as I do).  It was so nice to just sit and remember all the good times we had together. 
We did our usual thing, dinner and movie (excpet the movie was soldout.  We wanted to see The Blindside) so we went to Yougurt Mountain instead.  I didn't get any photos of us girls.
Gotta go to bed....Gotta get up bright and early to cheer on the tide!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Season of Thankfulness: Day 10 & Show Us Your Life

Today is show us your pets over at Kelly's Korner.  So I thought I'd just make my sweet dogs what I'm thankful for today!
Our Pets
Mainly our sweet puppy Ally Bama! We love all 3 of our dogs but I'd be lying if I said we didn't spoil Ally just a bit.  We have a yellow lab, Sam, a black lab, Gracie and then a tiny toy poodle Miss Ally Bama.  Patrick had Sam and I had Gracie when we got married and they are like best friends now.  Gracie and I have been through a lot together.  I got her for Christmas my senior year of high school.  She survived being hit by a car when she was about 5 months old.  I was the one who hit her (talk about traumatic!).  She can to college with me my sophomore year ( I lived in a dorm my freshmen year).  Then she and my roommate didn't get along so she went back home.  They stay in the yard during the day and then we bring them in at night. 

Ally is my baby.  We I got her after we'd been married about 5 months.  Patrick works nights and I was lonely. I wanted something that would keep me company while he was at work. That is exactly what she does.  She is glued to me all the time.  Patrick wasn't really crazy about the idea of getting an inside dog but I insisted.  He realized I was lonely and we both knew we weren't ready for a baby.  So one day I came home from work and told him I'd found a puppy in the paper and I was going to look at her.  I brought her home that day!  She goes to work with me every day.  She pretty much goes everywhere we go.  I never understood people that got so attached to dogs.  Boy do I get it now.  Even Patrick loves the little thing.  He lets her sleep in the bed with us and she usually ends up with her head on his pillow right between us.  It really is the sweetest thing.
The day we got her. (she weighed 2.5lbs)

Tailgating in Tuscaloosa.

Our Christmas Card photo last year.

In front of the Christmas Tree for her First Christmas.

Ally's first snow!
Ally's First Birthday.

In the Magnolia Festival Pooch Parade (she was voted People's Choice)

Riding in the boat at the lake!

Helping daddy grill hamburgers

Watching Sportscenter with Daddy!

Halloween 2009

(She finally weighs 5lbs)
Hop on over to Kelly's Korner and join us to see a whole bunch of cute pets. 

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Season of Thankfulness: Day 9

Okay this one is kind of shallow but on Day 9, I am thankful for...
My parents spent so much time and money on our teeth it isn't even funny.  All four of us had to have braces.  We all had pretty extreme teeth.  We all went through the UAB School of Orthodontics for our braces.  It was half the price there since the students were basicly taught using your mouth.  I never realized what an impression teeth had on people until I started waiting tables.  I used to get compliments all the time on my teeth which was something that I had taken for granted!  I finally just started telling people thank you and that my parents spent a lot of money on my smile so I'd better show it off!  I got my braces put on the day before school started my 6th grade year and I got them off the last day of 7th grade.  I had to wear an appliance before I worn the braces to stop me from sucking my thumb.  (my retainter still has the device on it!)  I was so excited when I got them off.  It was the week before cheerleading camp.  It was my first year to cheer and I was so excited to get to wear my new smile to camp. 

This is the only picture I could find fo all 4 of us actually smiling and looking at the camera!  All with straight teeth!!!
Thank you Mom & Dad for all the hours and the thousands of dollars spent at UAB.  It was worth it!