Wednesday, November 20, 2019

No Move November

I saw this on Instagram and I participating as much as possible.

Someone spent her last night in her crib this month.

She was so excited to get her big girl bed.  

My cousins gave Barrett this hand-me-down hoodie and he's worn it everyday since. 

Sweatpants upon arrival home might be my favorite.

Girls night with cheap Mexican and big margaritas is my favorite!

At the doctor waiting to get his staples out they were so cute in their matching Bama gear.  I should have taken their picture with Dr. Farr in his purple and gold bow tie.  (it was the day before the Bama/LSU game)
Elizabeth and Clay stopped by for a visit Saturday morning.  AveryAnn wanted to show Clay her room and new bed and this is how she came back.  She laughed and laughed.

The kids needed new coats so we set out on an adventure.  We got the coast and then headed to Bass Pro Shop to work on our aim in the arcade.

We got home in time for me to head to the Kreiders to watch the second half of the game and meet the newest addition to the tailgate family.  Remi Ann might be the tinest baby I've ever held. 

Sunday we had our family pictures.  These are a couple I snapped on my phone.  Barrett looks like a jack-o-lantern with his missing teeth.

I've been working on my braids.

These are a few of my favorites from our family pictures.  Leighann always does such an amazing job.  

Last weekend the kids and I tagged along with Elizabeth and Clay to the Huntsville Botanical Gardens to the Galaxy of Lights.  We had the best night.  

Sister wasn't into having her picture made with us.

I got a new camera after mine died during flag football.  Barrett has loved using it and I think it's so sweet.
This was next door to where we had dinner and I had to snap the kids pictures.  
Another great weekend in the books.  We're so looking forward to the holidays this year.  I'm trying really hard not to let the stress get to me this year!  

Friday, November 15, 2019

Career Day

Tuesday, Oct. 29th was Career day for Red Ribbon week at Barrett's school.  He wanted to wear a Horton Electric shirt and it was the cutest ever.  He was so proud.
AveryAnn was supposed to go to dance that night but she had been sick and said she didn't feel like going so we skipped.  Patrick and Barrett were pillow fighting in our room on our bed, I sat down to do something on my computer. I said "yall need to stop before someone gets hurt!" and about 2 seconds later Barrett's head hit the footboard of our bed.  He immediately started screaming and crying.  Patrick went to hug him and realized he was bleeding.  I jumped up and ran to the bathroom to get a wet washrag.  Patrick brought him in the bathroom and said "it's bad!", I asked if it was call 911 bad or we're going to the emergency room bad, he said ER.  So I called the babysitter that lives across the street to see if she could stay with AveryAnn until my parents got there.  (Also AveryAnn was in the bath tub this whole time.)  I called my parents and they headed to our house.  Once the babysitter got there we left.  We decided to try the new ER in Gardendale instead of going all the way to Children's.  They quickly got us back to a room and the nurse came in to assess him.  They decided he needed a few staples.  So we let the staple him right up and then we were on our merry way.  Thankfully, he didn't have any signs of a concussion.  They gave him an excuse for Wednesday just in case he had a headache and didn't feel like going.  We were in and out of the ER in about an hour.  Everyone was so nice.  Hopefully we never have to go back but so glad it's there if we need it.  

I sent this picture to my siblings and parents saying "his first day at Horton Electric didn't go as planned"  My brothers of course delivered on the clever comments.  Patrick felt terrible since they had been playing when it happened so he stayed home Wednesday with him.  

You could barely see them once his hair was clean and dry.  
He got them out about 10 days later at Dr. Farr's office.  I learned I don't do blood.  Especially if it's coming out of my kid.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Lunch, Football, and Career Day, Oh My!

Barrett has been begging me to eat lunch with him at school so we finally got to do that.

We were headed to the Gardendale game and I wanted to take their picture in their matching sweatshirts.

AveryAnn wanted to take my picture.  She nailed it.

Fun night!

This girl.  She goes in my closet and takes my shoes and prances around the house in them all the time.  Thought it would be a while before she started stealing stuff out of my closet.

Patrick had to go to Tuscaloosa for a job and invited us to tag along.  I agreed on one condition, that we could go eat at Buffalo Phil's.  

We walked in and I swear everyone turned and looked at us like who the hell are the old people with kids.  We laughed so hard.

I love these kids and this place!

We celebrated Barrett's teacher's birthday one afternoon with a cute sign and cupcakes.  She and the kids were so excited!

Just doing some light reading in her pajamas while I was getting my oil changed.

I had bunko, we were missing one player so we had to play with a "ghost"  I borrowed one of Crystal's Halloween decorations to move from table to table so we could keep up with the ghost.

We had "Red Ribbon Week" at school.  I didn't get pictures of every day but this was career day and he wanted to wear a Horton Electric shirt.  This day did not end as planned but that deserves it's own post.

Yes, that's my 3.5 year old in a crib.  She's only climbed out one time.  I just didn't want to put her in a bed if I didn't have to.  But she had been begging for a big girl bed so we finally made it happen.

She is so proud of it.  She has made it up every morning.  She's also fallen out of it 3 nights in a row now so I've got to figure something out to keep her from falling out.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Return of the Legends: UA Homecoming 2019

We made our annual trip to Tuscaloosa for the UA Homecoming.  I love this tradition so much!  The weather was really yucky but we made the most of it.
First up was meeting Miss Lottie.  My cousin's granddaughter!

She is just the sweetest!

We were all pretty smitten with her!

My sister and Clay came too.  The weather finally let up so we headed to see the sorority lawn decorations.  Yall, when I was in school we had to climb on scaffolding and actually put the tissue paper in chicken wire.  These are a joke compared to what we had to do.  They all look too perfect and they're so small.

The kids loved it so I guess it doesn't matter.

Then we hit Big Bad Nachos on the way back to the house!

Before we knew it, it was time to head to the game!  We were both so excited!

This picture cracks me up.  This is what happened when I told him he couldn't take his drink into the stadium.  

The 2009 National Championship team.  I got a little teary eyed when they took the field.  

This princess passed out before we could get the car loaded.  She woke up crying on the way home.  Apparently everyone fed her baked beans during the game and it upset her stomach.  She woke up throwing up Sunday morning.