Sunday, January 31, 2010

Miss America

I think we may have scarred the boys for life.  We made Drew and Porter watch Miss America last night.  They were not impressed.  Porter was more impressed with the dead deer on the wall.  (Frankly the deer was more interesting than some of the girls!)  Some of the introductions were more embarassing than the introductions on the bachelor.  My favorites were Miss Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisana and Kentucky.  Can you tell I'm from the south! 
I love this sweet kid.  We just recently started taking him to church with us (we don't have a nursery).  Every Sunday when I drop Ally off at my parents house before church he is there waiting  and just says "church, church."  It is so cute.  Well this morning his mom had already gone to church, my mom was out of town and I just dropped Ally off really quick cause I was running late.  When I go home from church he just started saying church and I had to tell him that I had already been.  Isn't that the cutest thing.  Then he ate lunch and crawled up in my lap and slept for about 3 hours. 
I also went through some old pictures while I was at my parents house.  It was so funny to look at pictures from my freshmen year of high school.  I looked like a baby.  I'll have to scan some to show yall.  
My mom went to Baton Rouge, LA to get stuff for the Mardi Gras party at church.  She brought me some "Who Dat?" Saints cups and potatoe chips.  I'm saving them for the Super Bowl next Sunday. 
I have a busy week and I'm so not ready for it.  Why do the weekends go by so quickly?

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Productive Saturday

I have had a very productive day.  I tackled our pantry.  I didn't get a before shot.  I did take one before I got really into it. 
This actually doesn't look that bad.  I had already cleaned the floor.  It couldn't be seen when I started!
I cleaned ot 2 garbage bags full of crap out of there. 

We have a mouse...that apparently loves chocolate!

This is after.  It is pretty bare.  I someone need to go to the store!

I hate cleaning but i'm glad I got it done. 
I also did some baking!

 They are yummy! 
That's all for now...I'm off the watch Miss America!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Grey's Night Girl's Night

Tonight we all met at Caroline's for Grey's night.  We didn't realize that it wasn't a new episode. Oh well we still had a blast just hanging out.  I just go to se Mr. Jasper!  He is the cutest thing.  I love babies.  I can't wait to have some of my own.  I mean I can wait cause I'm in no hurry.  I'll just go play with this cutie whenever I have an urge of baby fever!

He is so sweet!

That's all for now.  I've got one closet cleaned and at least one more to go! 
I could not be more excited for tomorrow to be Friday!  I've got another free weekend so I'm going to get this house whipped into shape and maybe watch a movie.  Saturday my daddy is comin up to watch  Miss America and I'm so excited!
Hope you all have a great Friday!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Random Goings On

I have several random things going on both in my head and out in the open.  So here is a giant post of bullet points!
  • I watched American Idol for the first time this week. 
  • I am planning a party for the couple that led our youth group at church while I was in high school.  They are moving away and we are having a get together for them.  It has really made me realize that I enjoy doing this.  I love starting from scratch and putting all the pieces together to make a great party. 
  • Every year our church's ladies group puts on a Mardi Gras party.  It is so much fun.  I am so looking forward to it.  They have awesome food and a DJ (it's the same DJ we used for my wedding).  It is always a blast and my sister is going this year so I'm pretty pumped!
  • Patrick and I are going to Gatlinburg for a long weekend in 3 weeks and I am so ready.  We haven't been on a vacation together since our honeymoon.  I've already started making lists for what to pack and food. Patrick is making fun of me!  If anyone has any restaurants or must do's while we're there let me know.  It's been years since we've been.
  • I'm really excited to see This Is It!  I've added it to my Netflix but it will probably be a while before I get it.  (I just got The Hangover last week and it's been out for at least a month)
  • I have some serious house cleaning to do.  I have 3 closets that seriously need attention.  (My closet, the office closet, and the pantry.)  I'm hoping to tackle at least the pantry and my closet this weekend.
  • I've been practicing teasing my hair.  So far i'm not to good at it.  I think my hair is to long.  I'm going to keep working on it though!
  • My house is so boring without all the Christmas decor.  I need to add some things to liven this place up!
  • Everytime I watch the president on tv I feel like i'm watching an SNL skit!
  • My TV schedule is out of control. 
  • This weekend is the Miss America Pageant.  I'm pretty excited.  I can remember watching it with my parents and sister (yes my dad watched it with us!  He was really good at judging the girls.)  At our high school pageants he always chose the top ten (it always made my mom mad cause he wouldn't choose us, he knew we weren't going to win!)
I guess that's enough randomness for one post.  I'm hoping to finish tackling my closet by Friday.  I'm currently doing laundry! As soon as I finish i'll show yall.  You aren't going to believe how bad they are!
Just for fun...I've been playing with photoshop.  Yall know hwo bad I wanted to go to Pasadena right?  Well in photoshop land I did! (I've still got a lot of practicing to do!)

Wednesday Weigh-In

Well I slept through my meeting.  I laid down for a few minutes at 4:00 and woke up at 6:15. Yikes!  It has been a rough week to start an eating program.  I had two birthday parties to go to this weekend.  Yes that was two times I had to resist cake.  It was tough.  We had Full Moon bar-b-que (I don't even know the points value)  I did resist cake Friday night but I cheated and had my mother-in-law pack me a piece to have Saturday morning.  Then I looked at the 3"square of cake with icing is 12 points....yes 12 points that is more than half of my allotted points for the day.  I only ate half.  Saturday we had mexican and I did really bad.  I had chicken nachos and a margarita.  I did resist the cake completely though!  For me it's really tough to count the points when i'm out.  I've done pretty good the other days.  Okay so here it is...
Down almost a whole pound from last week.  Which is surprising considering all I've eaten.

I have got to get moving.  I am so lazy!  It is cold here again this week which makes it very hard for me to get motivated to get out of the house.
One of my favorite meals right now is Whole wheat rotini with diced tomatoes and a little grated parmesan.  It's 6 points and tastes really good and is very filling.  It's a comfort food for me!
Another struggle of mine is eating breakfast.  I never have enough time.   If anyone has any quick, low cal breakfast suggestions I would really appreciate them...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bachelor...Why do I even bother?

I really hate this show. It's a love hate relationship.  I love to watch it but end up getting so mad that the person doesn't see everything my way.  I mean seriously...when nearly every girl has told you that one girl is not right maybe you should approach with caution.  I mean hello Jake don't you remember Wes last season with Jillian.  You had a hunch and went with it and I think these girls are trying to pay you the same courtesy!  Anyway, I do wish the girls (Allie) would stop worrying about Vienna and just worry about themselves.  I'm sure it's difficult but it makes you look kind of crazy.  If the spoilers are correct (which they always are) I don't see this relationship lasting very long at all! 
Tenley is still my favorite.  She is so sweet and down to earth.  I really think that Jake likes her too.  I like Allie but she is really freaking out about the fact Vienna is still there.  I wonder what Vienna has really done to make them all hate her so much (besides her wierd eye contact thing, bad dye job, and bragging about everything every chance she gets!)  I like Corrie too.  She seems to be out of her comfort zone but is doing really well.  Gia, I didn't like her at first but she si growing on me.  At first I thought she looked like a stripper (and she still does) but she seems to be very smitten with Jake and more down to earth than I gave her credit for.  I think Corrie will be the next to go.  I think the final three will be Tenley, Gia and Vienna.  I think if/ when Vienna gets another rose Allie is going to call it quits! I wish she wouldn't because I think she and Jake had the strongest connection the earliest btu she can't take the fact that he likes Vienna too!
I guess that is all the rants I have for now.  Check back tomorrow for my Wednesday Weigh-In.  I'm afraid it isn't going to be very good!  I have my second WW meeting tonight!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sweet Sunday Afternoon

We just got home from lunch at my parents house.  We as in Ally and I.  Patrick is still in the bed.  We are just relaxing and enjoying the last few weeks of football season.  I'm not much for professional football while college football is in season but once that is over I start to watch NFL.  That is usually about the time the play-offs are underway.  I'm really liking the Saints this year.  Patrick and I really want to pick a team to cheer for.  We don't really like the Falcons (they are the closest).  I like the Tennessee Titans.  My cousin used to live up there and work for the Titans radio station.  But they weren't very good this season.  I really like the Saints.  After I went to New Orleans last year I am in love it everything NO.  I like their colors and everything.  I used to love the Packers.  Actually my first year to cheer for them was Brett Favre's last season with them.  We (my sister and I) chose them because they have really awesome fans that come and shovel the snow out of the stadium before the games just because they love the Packers that much.  This year I've watched the Vikings cause I love Mr. Favre.  Now that the Vikings are playing the Saints I'm kind of torn on who to cheer for.  I hope they both win.  Right now I'm watching the Jets vs the Colts.  I like the Colts but I think I want the Jets to win.  Bama boy Joe Namath played for the Jets and sincce we graduated together I feel like I should cheer for his team.
Well enough rambling...Do any of you have a favorite NFL team?  If so why'd you choose them?

Friday, January 22, 2010

It's Friday Night!

It's finally Friday night!  I've had a pretty busy yet uneventful week!  Thursday we had our "Grey's Night"  it was so much fun!  I got to hang out with baby Jasper and all my girlfriends! 

I've been busy planning a going away party for our old youth directors at church.  These people are so special to me.  I'm not real sure how my teenage years would have turned out if I hadn't had their voice of reason everytime I started to so something stupid.  They are moving to Houston. I'm trying to get all the old youth group together before they go.  We are doing a Mexican Fiesta theme.  I wanted to call it an "Adios Fiesta" but was afraid it wasn't as funny as I thought it was! Ha!

Tonight I went to my in-laws to celebrate Patrick's brother-in-law's birthday!  It was fun to get to hang out with them.  I haven't done to well today with the WW.  We had bar-b-que for dinner but I did resist cake.  Well not totally, I brought a piece home for tomorrow.

Tomorrow I am going to finally take down our Christmas treeYes I still have my tree up.  I still have my garland on the mantel and the lighted trees on the porch and in the foyer!  And yes I still have them lit (I don't light the one the porch!). Our stockings are still hung by the chimney with care.  I just love the warm glow the lights give off, it gives the room a whole different feel!

But all that can wait till tomorrow!  Right now I'm going to enjoy my glass of wine and catch up on tv I've missed this week.
Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wednesday Weigh-In

Today I am excited for my weekly weigh-in.  This is the reason why...
Down 4lbs from last week.  I took yall's advice and I've added more fiber to my diet and I've really watched my sugar intake. 
I also joined Weight Watchers.   Last night was the first meeting and they weighed me at 161.2 which kinda sucks.  That means my scale is a few pounds off.  Oh well I can still tell how much I lost.  I'm sure there is a way to reset it I just haven't figured it out yet!  I went to the WW meeting with my friend Caroline.  She used the program a few years back and had a lot of success so she wanted to get back with it. I love hanging out with her.  She just had a baby a few months back and her husband works crazy hours like Patrick so we are starting to hang out more and more since we live in the same place. 
I'm excited about starting this journey and really looking forward to the lifestyle change.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Last night was yet another installment of Jake's quest for love.  My oh my was it something.  I wish that Jake could see some of these girls when they wake up in the morning.  It's almost scary!  Well Vienna gets the first one on one date and boy is she proud.  All we can hear is how much she deserves this and how excited she is.  And she wonders why the other girls hate her.  I think the main reason I don't like her is because I have a hard time believing everything she says.  You see when my sister was little she could never lie because when she tried she always avoided eye contact by looking at the ceiling.  Vienna does that everytime she is talking to the camera and it really bugs me.  I would have been very upset if my one on one date was spent hanging upside down off a bridge.  She just seems totally not what he is looking for but what do I know.  I think there may be some serious foreshadowing when all the other girls have said that he she is his type then they are not...
Next is the group date...better known as the Worst Date Ever.  I would have died if I had to perform comedy in front of a live audience.  Michelle lets us know just hwo crazy she is and finally Jake sees it and sends her packing.  Allie lets her true colors show but I still love her.  She is one of the few that actually still looks pretty in the mornings.  Tenley lets him in one her past.  She is so sweet and so real.  On paper she seems perfect for him.  She is everything that he has said that he wants in a wife.  Plus she is adorable.  I still really like Corrie but I'm not sure how much longer she'll be around.  She probably should have just stuck to makign fun of girls that were there and could defend themselves.  Elizabeth is such a game player and thinks very highly of herself.  I'm glad he finally called her out on it (and sent her home!) 
Finally, the last one on one date goes to sweet Ella.  You know I love the southern girl.  Her son is so cute and could pass for Jakes kid.  They have a great date at Sea World.  I really like her and I think he does too. 
I just can't figure Jake out.  All the women that he really seems to have a connection with are very different.  I think the front runners right now are Vienna (although I can't for the life of me figure it out), Ella, and Tenley or Allie. 
That's all for now.
Check back tomorrow for my Wednesday Weigh-In!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

National Championship Celebration

Today my mom and I headed to Tuscaloosa for yet another Saturday!  Any excuse to visit my sister and we are there!  The University and the City of Tuscaloosa planned a "celebration" for the team and fans.  It was kind of disappointing.  I was really excited about the idea that there would be a parade for the team.  The team voted they'd rather have a celebration in Bryant Denny Stadium instead of a parade.  They wanted to be on the field as a team one more time.  I just think a parade would have been more fun.  This just seemed very thrown together.  The weather didn't help much!  It was nice we got to sing "We Are the Champions"which totally made it worth the trip!  It was like a pep rally but we'd already won the game.  We did have a great time with my sister and Amy.  It was just the girls.  We did a little shopping and my precious mom got me this awesome blanket.

It is made out of sweatshirt material so it is super warm and comfortable.

Sister, me and Amy before we left the house.

 The stage and the first 3,000 people got to stand on the field.

Mom, Sister and Me!

The new flag!!!

National Champs approaching the tunnel.

On the field!

3 of the 6 First Team All Americans.

Alabama's 1st ever Heisman Trophy winner.

Your 2009 National Champions.

I love Alabama Football!  Only 229 days till the 2010 season kicks off!

Also in gymnastics news, the Tide beat the defending National Champs and SEC rival Georgia.  I love gymnastics.  I always tried to go to the meets when I was a student and now I try to make at least one each season.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Grey's Night

Thursday night was the return of Grey's Anatomy with the much anticipated "Grey's Anatomy/ Private Practice Corssover Event".  So to celebrate the event I had a few girls come over to watch with me!   I'm hoping we make it a weekly event.  I call this group of girls my New group of Old Friends!  We were all friends but had lost touch since high school.  It was so much fun. I didn't get any pitcures of the people but I did these of Ally! (Surprise!Surprise!)
I'm pretty sure she doesn't know she is a dog!

She found a new friend...Whitney. She and my sister are good friends and then she has a sister that I graduated with.  Plus she and her soon to be hubby just moved into our neighborhood.  Which thrills me!

Ally's pretty thrilled too!

She was cold so Whitney put her in her jacket!

She loved it! 

On another note... I'm thinking about joining weight watchers.  What I'm wondering is should I actually go to the meetings or should I do it online?  I'm thinking I would enjoy going to the meetings but I'm not sure!

The trip of a lifetime...

That sadly I didn't get to take.  Okay this is my last Pasadena post I promise.  I just wanted to share some of my sisters pictures with you all.  She did a great job of capturing everything that I would have! (Which is not typical of her! Ha!)

This is my sister and her best friend Amy (who is like an adopted part of our family!) In front of the stadium!

They met a Florida fan that had made his travel plans before the SEC Championship.  He said he had to buy the houndstooth scarf so people would know who he was for! 

 This is the view from their seats.  I know I'm pretty jealous too!

Santa Monica Sunset

They had to visit the In-N-Out.  They say to order you burger "animal style" it's not on the menu but that's how the locals eat them!
They had a wonderful trip I wish so much that I could have gone but I am so excited for my sister to get this awesome experience!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ally's New Do!

I took Ally to get her hair cut yesterday.  I was so nervous about leaving her that I completely blanked on what I told the lady to do to her.  My groomer opened a new shop so I was nervous for Ally because this was the first time she had been to the new shop.  Ms. Myra had groomed her before just not at this shop.  ( I know most of you are thinking it's just a dog get over it already! But she is like a child to me!) Well I was very adament that I wanted her to be all one length.  I knew that they were probably going to have to shave her because she was so matted up but I forgot to tell her to NOT shave her face.  Poodles have such long noses and I just think she is way cuter with hair on her face.  (She had her nose shaved when we got her and Patrick thought she was the ugliest thing he'd ever seen!)  Well I got there to pick her up and Ms. Myra did exactly what I told her.  She was definately all one length.
She doesn't even look like the same dog.  I almost cried!
Not to mention that it has been like 30-40 degrees here and she is freezing! I felt so bad because she just kept shaking!
Her ears are so fluffy but that is it!
You can't really see but she generates some serious static!

Luckily it's just hair and it will grow back!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wednesday Weigh-In

It's Wednesday again and time for my weekly weigh-in.  I actually bought a scale this weekend so I can officially weigh-in!  I have not been able to completely cut soft-drinks.  Baby steps!  I have cut down to one a day when I was having 2-3 per day.  I have also been drinking 20-40 ounces of water per day which is tough for me because I don't really enjoy it!   I have been counting calories and trying to limit sugar.  I saw on the Today show that sugar converts straight to belly fat!  I love candy. Like sometimes I'll just have some skittles instead of a meal.  I know it's ridiculous. I'm thinking I should probably grow out of it before I have kids cause that probably isn't the best example to set for youngsters! 
Anyway here goes my "Official" starting weight {que dramatic music}
I can't believe I'm going to share this with you people!

That's it.  162.6lbs I was 135 when I graduated from Alabama and got married. 27lbs that've gained in almost 2 years.  I am working to get back to that!
I need meal suggestions.  I fyou have any please share!

Monday, January 11, 2010

On the wings of Love...

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Well it looks like Jake has hit a bit of turbulance tonight on the Bachelor.  But don't worry co-pilot Chris Harrison swoops in to kick that girl right to the curb.  Didn't you find it ironic that it was the model/actress that chose to be a whore!  I hate that I love this show. 
Anyway lets talk about the girls... I love Ali!  I think Jake really likes her too.  She is the first girl that he has kissed all the others have thrown them selves at him.  Speaking of which whatever happened to waiting for a guy to kiss you or am I just completely way to old fashion?  I think Ali is so real and so down to earth.  She really seemed to be into him and I really do think that he had a blast with her. 
Michelle, you are certifiable.  If he heard some of the things you say he would probably be avoiding you at all costs!  You seem very bi-polar! 
Elizabeth, how about you tell him he can't kiss you but them all you can seem to talk to him about is kissing you! You are such a tease and he'd be crazy to choose you in the end unless he wants his entire life dangled in front of his face knowing he can't touch it!  She seems like a game player! 
Vienna, sweetie you are 23.  I'm afraid you are not realistic in your idea of love and marriage. 
Gia, you look like a stripper (but apparently Jake doesn't mind that!).
 Tenley, you are still one of my favorites you seem to have such a caring heart and genuine spirit! 
I think he made the right choices on who he sent home. I like both Ashley and Christina but he didn't have a connection with them. 
I really want to get to know Kathryn.  She seems like a super nice girl and I think they'd be cute together!   My top three are still in the running (ali, tenley, and corrie)...we'll see what next week holds!  Until then...

The Coaches Trophy

I was very excited...can you tell?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday afternoon

Today was a big day for us Bama fans around the Gardendale area.  The coveted crystal ball "Coaches Trophy" was on display for all to see from 10:00-2:00.  Well all that could cram themselves in line before they cut it off.  An estimated 7,000 fans to be almost exact.  My sweet sister that has been in Cali since last Tuesday landed in Atlanta around 9:00 this morning then drove into Gardendale went straight to Wal-Mart to get in line while I was at church.  She said they cut the line off not long after she got there.  Babo and I squeezed in line with her and Amy to get our chance to touch see the beautiful hardware that will soon be placed into the case at Mal Moore Athletic Complex with the other 12. We waited in line for about 2 1/2 hours.  It was so much fun though. They told us all about their trip!  They got their tickets to hold in the picture.  They were so proud and all the folks around us were pretty impressed that they'd not only been at the game but had not even been home yet!  Next Saturday there will be a parade in T-Town for the team, I'm pretty excited about going!

Me and the girls with the tickets.

Without tickets (because I was jealous I didn't have one!)

We made Babo come with us!

This was the backdrop for the photo.  The trophy is being blocked by the guy in the black coat!

They were practicing their pose because you only got one shot and it was very quick!

The Trophy!
Tomorrow I am supposed to be able to look our photo up in the online gallery so as soon as I see it I'll share it with yall! 

 Did any other faithful fans fight the crowd to get their chance with the hardware?