Wednesday, June 30, 2010

How cute is Ally going to be at the lake in her 4th of July dress?  I was so excited with how cute this turned out!  I got the dress for like $4 and added her name with some iron on vinyl stuff at work.  We are going to have Bella too so I made her one too.  I can't wait to see them together in them!
Yes I am aware I am a dork!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekend Recap

This weekend was one of those where you feel really busy but didn't really do anything!  A lot of sitting and eating away from home!
  • First off, Thursday night I went to my first Spin class.  Let me just say that I did not enjoy it.  It's just not for me.  I need more variety.  Some people really enjoy it...I'm not one of those people.  I'm glad I tried it but I don't think I'll be doing it again. 
  • After Spin I went to my parents and my cousins from Lakeland came over to visit again before they had to go back home.  Here are a few photos from the night.
Fallon & Tobie.  Drew & Peyton.  Sweet Porter.
John, Patrick, and Patrick.  Ally after eating some mac & cheese!
  • Friday night they were showing "We Are Marshall" at the outdoor movie at the civic center and my parents hadn't seen it so Ally and I went and watched it with them.  It had rained that afternoon and there was a breeze blowing, it was just a really nice night to hang out outdoors (a welcomed change from what it has been).
  • Saturday was the summer launch for the fitness classes at the civic center so I went and tried out BodyCombat.  Let me tell you...yesterday and today I feel like someone has beaten the crap out of me.  I really enjoyed the class though. 
  • Saturday afternoon I went to my mother-in-laws for lunch with her sisters and nieces for a birthday.  They get together for each other's birthdays.  I don't always get to go but I did this time and I really enjoyed it. I ended up staying for dinner too.  I ate way, way, way to much and was so stuffed when I left.  I was miserable but it was all so good!
  • Sunday was church and family lunch.  Then I went to a baby shower for a friend from high school.  It was nice to see everyone. 
  • After the baby shower I took Drew and Ava to see Toy Story 3.  It was a ordeal but we made it.  My sister was supposed to go with us but had overbooked her Sunday so she didn't get to go.  We missed her but had a blast. 
  • When I got home Patrick had started ripping up the carpet in the den downstairs.  That was the only room in the house that had not been painted when we bought the house so we are going to paint it and decided to go ahead and do the floors to.  We were going to put down tile but we know several people that have painted the concrete so I think that is what we are going to do.  I'm so excited to get that room in order.  We have tons of Alabama and Auburn stuff waiting to be put on the walls.  Hopefully by the start of football season we'll have it all ready to go! 
I think that is all.  I wish I'd had a picture of Ally at the movie Friday night.  She actually sat in my lap and watched until she went to sleep.  It was pretty hilarious.  I also wish I'd had a picture of the kids yesterday at the movie they were so excited (as was I).  Oh well!  I've got a busy week this week getting ready for the 4th this weekend! I can't wait!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wednesday Weigh-In

I have finally reached my goal weight! 
I would really like to get down to 125lbs but it is very difficult for me to maintain that weight.  I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing and see what happens!
Down 4.0lbs from last week.  Total loss of 27.8lbs since January.  I found a really cute pair of pants in the closet at my parents that were a size 4 and I was able to wear them!  I was so excited!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Visit with family

My dad's sister lives in Lakeland, Florida she and her family are up here this week visiting.  They have 3 daughters.  Shawna is the oldest, she has a little boy Peyton who turned a year old today.  Fallon is the next oldest, she has a little girl Tobie who turned two in February. (They are both older than me.) Crystal is the baby and she just turned 16.  We don't get to see them much.  This is the first time we'd met little Peyton and we've only seen Tobie once or twice.  So it's always nice to get to see them and catch-up.  We went over to my grandmothers and hung out Saturday afternoon.
This is Tobie.  She is a total mess and does not meet a stranger and the sweetest thing ever.
This is Peyton and as you can see he is a total ham.  I loved watching them play!

Elizabeth and Tobie became fast friends!
She was looking for Nemo in the fish pond.
We found an egg...from Easter.
Love this one of my sister.  She was trying to blow a bubble.
She finally did it.
Daddy's siblings.  (R-L) Ramona, Shawn, Grandmother, Daddy and Stephanie.
The granddaughters. (R-L) Me, Fallon, Crystal, Shawna, and Elizabeth

We are hoping to get to see them again before they head back to Florida.  We always have a good time with them and this trip was no different!

Father's Day

Sunday was spent like most others with my family!  We went to church and then had lunch.  John surprised us and came home Saturday afternoon but could stay long Sunday cause he had to go to work.  It was nice to see him for a little bit!  My big brother Patrick had to work so I didn't get to see him.  His family came by later!  My Patrick and I went to his parents for dinner!  I just love spending time with them.  It was such a nice day with family.  I love nothing more on a Sunday afternoon than to go to church then come home and just visit and enjoy family!  I didn't get many pictures from the day (probably because I wasn't there with the kiddos!) Here are the few I did get!

Daddy and Ally after lunch!
Me, Daddy, and John.  We decided we would get a photo of the three of us with Dad so my sister decided to go dry her hair. 
Sister apparently wasn't ready.
Finally the three of us looking at the camera.  Please excuse the fact that I look gross in all of these.
John and Daddy.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

I love my daddy!  I've always been a daddy's girl and if you ask any of my brothers and sister who my daddy's favorite is they'll tell you it's me hands down, although he'd never admit it!  He always has big expectations for each of us and wants the best for us.  He has worked so hard over the years so we could be involved in anything we wanted.  We always manage to laugh so much when we're together.  That's not to say we don't fight sometimes because we do.  Mostly, we just enjoy every minute we're together!  I can count on Dad to tell me the truth about outfit, hairstyle, shoes, big purchases.  He'll tell you exactly what he thinks!  But that's one of the things I love about him.  He and I are the most alike (which is probably why I am his favorite!)  We both love people, football, parties, convertibles and a good margarita! 
I love this shot of my dad and his grand kids at Porter's birthday.  I love watching them together!

I love this one of my and my daddy before my wedding.  I have another one two of us right before he walked me down the aisle that is priceless.
Happy Father's Day Daddy!  I love you!  Thanks for being an awesome Daddy!

Ally has a pretty awesome daddy too!  She is a huge daddy's girl. 
Thank you Patrick for being a great dad to Ally! 
I know you will make a great daddy to an actual child one day!

Right now I think will just stick with this sweet baby!
Ally eating doggy ice cream at work!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ally and her Daddy

Ally was helping Patrick with his Fantasy baseball.
Aren't they they cutest!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wednesday Weigh-In

Down 0.8lbs from last week.  Not as low as I'd hoped for but I'll take it!  Bootcamp was tough this week...not as tough as last week but tough.  I'm enjoying it.  The instructor is really good and is very encouraging and expects a lot out of us but nothing she knows we can't do. 
This makes my Wednesday Weigh-In total loss to 23.8lbs.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Harper's 2nd Birthday

Saturday was Harper Claire's 2nd birthday.  We celebrated with a small party at my brother's house.  It was so cute.  Harper is such a girly girl.  She loves shoes and when she's at my parents house she sneaks in my sister's room and puts on her high heels and strolls around the house.  So she was so excited to get no less than 4 pairs of shoes, 2 purses, and about 15 new outfits.  She also got a new cell phone. 

She spotted the shoes in the bag and immediately started taking off the shoes she was wearing.

She also got some new shades and a puppy in a bag!
New shoes...check, new purse...check, new cell phone...check.  She's ready to go!
Big sister Ava and Big brother Drew.
All four.  They are so sweet and love eachother so much!
She didn't cry when we sang like her brother...but she wasn't to thrilled either! 

Porter kept telling everyone it was his party because he cried at his.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Miss Alabama Pageant

Miss Alabama is this week.  The competition started Wednesday night  but I didn't get to go until last night.  It was so much fun!   Hope did great and looked beautiful!  Last night she competed in talent.  She is an amazing vocalist.  I felt so bad for one girl.  She was playing the flute and did some little dance move and slung half her flute across the stage...she wasn't done playing it.  It was really awkward and I it broke my heart for her...but she will be remembered!  Here are a few photos from last night.

Introducing herself.
Me and my baby brother waiting for Hope to come out.
Her little brother Byron.
Hugging my mom!  I thought this was cute!
My baby brother John!

Hope and her family.
My parents.  As you can see mom is still struggling with TakeaPicturePhobia.  It is getting better but we still have a ways to go.

Good Luck Hope!
I've had a blast following you on this journey.  You are beautiful inside and out!  I know you'll do great tonight!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Benton, Alabama: Population 52

Saturday, my sister and I got the grand tour of Benton!  My cousin Bullet's wife, Susan,  grew up there.  They actually live in the house she grew up in.  I think that is so neat!  It seemed like a lot of the people lived there when Susan was growing up or their kids now live there too.   When we were going to bed Friday night I told my sister that I wanted to raise my kids there.  She said I'd better go ahead and buy a house cause if you don't grab one up you have to wait for someone to die before another one will become available.  Kind of sad, but kind of true!  On to the tour!
Elizabeth and our beautiful tour guide Meredith. 
The turn to Benton Park.  I love the moss in the trees!
The Alabama River
Logan's Curve.  Not sure why it's called that.  The little dirt road straight ahead leads to the creek.  It was to muddy to go out there in the golf cart.
The Methodist Church I think.  They have a congregation of 50-60 people and they meet at this church for Sunday school each week.  Then each week they go to a different church (all 50-60 people).  It's something like two Sundays the go to the Methodist church, one Sunday they meet at the Baptist church and one Sunday at the Presbyterian church.  I'm not sure of the exact days but it something like that.
The Echo Shed.  Not really sure what is was about the kids call it the Echo Shed because you can drive in a yell and it echoes.  It smelled like the zoo and they were storing some hay!
Meredith said this was the old post office.  However, Bullet said it was the old Train depot and they've recently moved to this spot. 
This is Susan's grandparents house.  It is beautiful under all the greenery!
This is Becky's pond. 
Bullet and Susan have chickens in their backyard.  I actually woke up to roosters. 
These were all taken at the town pool.  Top left is Milton, Right is Matthew, and below is all three of the kids.  Aren't they beautiful!
Me and Elizabeth with the kids!
Elizabeth, Bullet and me showing off Bullet's National Championship gear!
I love these two pictures.  Holly, (the dog) wanted to ride so bad.  She grabbed her ball and jumped right on.
Susan and Meredith heading back to the pool as we were getting ready to head out!
We saw this rainbow on the way home.  I thought it was pretty!

I love the small town feel.  I always thought I grew up in a small town but Gardendale is nothing like Benton.  We at least have a Wal-Mart.  They have to drive to Selma (it's only 20 minutes away).  Everyone knows everyone and they all look out for each other and each others kids.  There is a sense of pride in the community and I love that! 
Thanks Bullet and Susan for letting us hang out in Benton.  We loved it and can't wait to come back!