Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday Weigh-In

I'm so proud this week for mainly one reason.  I went to the doctor last week and I've lost 31lbs since July 2009.  I was so excited!  I also went shopping Friday and bought a really cute dress that I'd never been able to wear last summer.  I feel so good! However, I did not get out and exercise this week.  I knew it was what I needed to do but I didn't do it which in turn resulted in a 0.2lb gain.  I'm not proud of it but I kind of needed it to see that I do have to continue to work or everything I've worked so hard for will disappear.
I was up this week.  I'm going to get my tail moving this week.  I'm actually looking forward to it.  I used to really enjoy running  in the morning.  It was my me time and I miss it.  I really want to run a 5k.  Plus I going to the beach in a few weeks and although I'm 30lbs lighter I'm not exactly bikini ready!   

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I took gymnastics the entire time I was in elementary school.  I started in the first grade and I quit at the end of sixth grade (when I didn't make the junior high cheerleading squad and I thought there was no reason to live. Ha!).  I loved it.  I guess I liked it so much because I could put all my frustrations into the floor exercise or vault and it made me so much stronger.  (Not that I had many frustrations at 6 years old but I did share a room with my little sister.)  I'm pretty sure the Lord gave me a little sister to teach me patience.  And I'm still trying to learn. But that is a whole other post in itself. 
Back to gymnastics... Patrick's nieces take a gymnastics class at their school and last night was their end of the year program.  They don't compete so there are no meets to watch them so we went last night to see all that they'd learned.  It was so cute.  They've learned so much.  It was so much fun to get the see them.  Kathryn is 4 and everytime she finished a move she would hold her pose until I took her picture.  It was pretty funny.  Sarah is 6 and she is so good.  They both weren't scared of anything (which I think is a big part of gymnastics).  Patrick and I both are so proud of them.  Patrick had worked in the yard all day yesterday, he was tired and didn't really want to go.  His excuse was it's not that big of a deal, and no it probably wasn't that big of a deal.  But To the girls it meant the world.  I think they were so excited that we came.  They both grinned ear to ear when they saw us.  On the way home Patrick told me he was glad that he went and he could see that it meant a lot to them. 

The funniest thing, this little boy's mother apparently came in late (there was a wreck on the interstate) and when he saw her he waved really big and then shouted, "Mom, You missed everything!" it was one of those moments when you have to laugh but you know that mom probably wanted to cry!
When we got home we watched the movie Brothers with Natalie Portman, Tobey Maguire, and Jake Gyllenhaal.  It was so good.  Kind of sad but good.  It made me wonder what Patrick would do if something happened to me and vice versa.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Porter's 3rd Birthday Party

Today Patrick and I hosted Porter's 3rd birthday party at our home.  It was racecar themed and everything was perfect.  He is such a sweet child.  He always wants to help.  I was putting Harper's hair up in pig tails (after she'd taken them down once) and he walked up to her and said "Looks cute Parper!).  How sweet is that. 
He wanted to ride in Gary's car (for some reason he's started calling my dad Gary!)
All four of the kiddos.  They are so cute and sweet!
Porter and his root beer.
The awesome racecar cake that Nana made.
He gets embarassed when he's the center of attention.  He started crying when we sang to him.  It was so sweet.  He was pretty excited when it came time to blow out the candles.
Me and the birthday boy. I can't believe he's already 3 years old. 

Other Randomness from last week

I was so busy last weekend that it took me pretty much the entire week to recover.  I know it's pathetic.  On Monday I went to the Katie Burkett Memorial Scholarship Fund Golf Tournament.  Katie was killed in a car accident in July of 2008.  They started a scholarship fund in her memory.  My dad was on the planning committee.  My boss and I did all the signs for it.  It was a huge success.  They were hoping to raise $8-10,000 well they ended up clearing over $15,000.  We were blown away!  Here are a few photos from the event.
Some of the volunteers with the banner we made.

Friday night I went shopping.  When I was leaving the store it was pouring down rain.  I got my keys out and took off running.  I pressed the unlock button on my clicker and opened the door and jumped in.  I went to throw my bags in the passenger seat and noticed a booster seat.  I didn't have a booster seat.  Then I looked at the dash.  I realized that this was the dash in the newer model Altima not the model I own.  I quickly jumped out and spotted my car.  I was pretty embarassed.  In my defense it was the same body style and color as my car. 
I think that is all the excitment from the week.

Severe Weather Saturday

We had severe weather all day yesterday.  James Spann was on in my living room from the time I woke up till I went to bed.  I'd laid down at 9:30ish when I was almost asleep  I heard the siren.  I jumped up and went to the living room and sure enough the radar looked like it was headed right for Morris.  I got my computer and  pillow (I also got a pair of shorts and my camera you know in case it was bad and I needed to document it and I didn't want to be caught without any shorts on.) I headed to the basement.  I'm so glad we have a tv down there now.  Sam and Gracie were crying they were so scared so I let them in the basement room with me (the usually sleep in the garage).  Sam has never been an inside dog.  He's slept in the basement his whole life.  Gracie on the other hand was an inside dog until she moved here.  She was right at home in the den.  Sam was very quick to make himself at home too.  He jumped right up on the couch.  When we got the all clear to go back upstairs I opened the door to the garage and Gracie ran in and Sam just sat by the couch and looked at me like I was crazy if I thought he was going back in there.  It was pretty funny. 
Ally was making sure that Gracie knew who was in charge.
Sam loves being an inside dog.  He could get used to this.
Her face says it all.  She likes being the dog of the house.
This is Sam telling me he is not going into the garage.  He's so big he knows that I can't make him move.  I'll try to put the leash on him but he just lays down on his back and I can't drag him.  I ended up bribing him with a water bottle.
I do not enjoy bad weather.  I am so thankful it didn't get bad here and the storm actually went north of us.  I especially hate it when Patrick is at work and I have to hold the fort down by myself.  Luckily I've got all my fur babies to keep me company.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Magnolia Festival Saturday (last Saturday)

Last Saturday was the 9th Annual Magnolia Festival.  We had a ball.  I volunteered to help with the Pooch Parade.  It was so much fun seeing all the pooches.  I aslo got to be a judge.  Let me tell you that was a lot tougher than it seems like it would be.  There were 40+ precious pooches to choose from.  I judged the best costume and best team.  Those might have been the hardest to judge after cutest dog and cutest puppy.  We also had to choose best photograph, judges choice and the King and Queen.  It was so much fun.  I didn't get to see the awards being given out cause I had to leave but I heard it was a hoot.  The only thing I hate about helping was I didn't get to see anything at the festival.  My parents brought Drew, Ava, and Porter and I didn't get to see them play anything.  Drew entered the cookie eating contest and I missed it.  My sister said he came in second.  Here are a few pictures that my Dad took.
Hope and the kids.
Me working the registration table for the Pooch Parade.
Porter with the fire truck.

I think these two won Best Team!
The Pooch Parade King

After my judging duties were fulfilled I headed to Caroline's house for Whitney's lingerie shower.  It was so much fun!  She got some really cute things.  I opted for practical so I got her two super soft and comfy gowns from Old Navy. 
Sisters pictures. (L-R) Erin, Caroline, Whitney, Beth, Elizabeth, and me.
The Little sisters.
The big sisters
Such a fun day.  Now I'm going to try to not get blown away.  It's supposed to get bad here.  It's already been pretty bad in Mississippi. I pray that everyone is okay and it doesn't get any worse here.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday Weigh-In

Well folks it's not as good as I'd like for it to be. I have finally reached the point in this journey where exercise is a must if I want to continue to see results.  You know that last 5-7lbs.  I'm not looking forward to it at all.
Down 0.6lbs from last week.  I'm not complaining.  This officially brings my total loss to 20lbs.  I'm so excited.  But I've got to start moving.  And wow I just realized that April is almost over.  Where is the time going?   

And PTL Kate got booted from Dancing with the Stars last night.  I counldn't have been more thrilled.  I was going to be upset if people that actually were improving and were better dancers started getting kicked off. 

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

An afternoon with Miss Gardendale Magnolia Festival

As I've mentioned before my little brother's girlfriend, Hope, is competing in Miss Alabama in June.  Sunday I met her and her "Rising Star" for a little session.  They needed some headshots and a few of them together for the programs and stuff.  I has so much fun.  They were such troopers.  They made my job pretty simple.  I told them it's very easy to take pictures of pretty people, and they both are beautiful!  Here are a few of my favorites from the day.

I was so excited with how they turned out!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Busy Weekend on the way!

I have one of the busiest weekends on the calendar this weekend.  It is time for the Annual Magnolia Festival here is Gardendale.  I am helping with the Pooch Parade this year so Ally won't be competing.  You can read about last years Pooch Parade here (Miss Ally was voted People's Choice!)  Then tomorrow afternoon I have a lingerie shower for one of my sister's friends (she's my friend too! She has a sister my age!)  After that I e to go back to work to finish up some work!  I'm also hoping to get to see some of Alabama's A-Day game!  I wish I could go... but I can't!  Sunday is church and then Patrick's nephew's birthday party.  I'm also very excited about my photo shoot with Hope (my little brother's girlfriend) and her "Rising Star" for the Miss Alabama pageant!  I'm so excited about all the festivites I just hope I survive!
I  thought I'd leave you with some interesting photos from easter my mom took! I thought they were hilarious!
My sister's legs.  I think she was bleeding.
My big brother's belly.
Me apparently playing dead!
Dad hiding the they could remembe where they hid them.
My sister beating the crap out of me while Drew steals my egg.  Don't worry my sister manages to smile at the camera and my mother didn't bother to stop her.  Instead she took her picture.
That's all for now.  Check back to see a recap of the weekend.  If I make it!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Girls Night

Last night I went to a little girls night with some of my friends from high school.  I don't get to catch up with them nearly enough.  Most of them went to UNA after high school and I went to UA so I didn't get to see them very often.  Now we've all gotten married and moved back home (or closer).  So we are getting to see each other more often but not nearly often enough.  We met at Natalie's house for a BBQ dinner.  Natalie has baby Caden who was born Jan. 23.  Caroline brought Jasper and three of the others are pregnant. 
Can you find 5 babies?
(I look terrible in this shot but everyone else looked good!)
 I was the only one there who is married that didn't have a child or one on the way.  I had a blast talking names and nurseries.  I love everything baby, I'm just not sold on the idea of being responsible for one 24/7!  But let me tell you hang out with a group like that and you'll think you need one.  Until you come home and get to sleep all night!  Ha! 
Some shots of the boys!
Mr. Jasper!  He has grown so much since the last time I saw him!
Mr. Caden.  He is such a good baby!  He let us just pass him around while he was asleep he didn't care at all!
I love his little smile!

Something interesting we talked about.  Two of the girls are not finding out what they are having.  This seems so exciting to me.  I want to be that way but I'm not sure I'll have the patience to now know when the time comes.  It seems that more and more people are not finding out the sex of their babies. I just thought that was interesting!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wednesday Weigh-In

On an unrelated note...I am watching American Idol right now and I am perplexed by the thought that Adam Lambert is "mentoring" these people!   I guess if anyone knows the king it's Adam! Right?!? Yeah I don't think so either.  I love Elvis.  In college my roommates and I went to Memphis for a weekend.  We went to Graceland I loved it.  I'm not sure my roommates were as excited.  I'll have to do a post on that trip.  Enough of my Idol "weigh-in"...
I have tried my hardest to resist the chocolate this week.  It's been though but I feel like I am doing good.  Something I am failing miserably french fry addiction!  I gave them up for lent but have eaten them everyday since Easter.  Yes I's ridiculous.  I am embarassed.  I just count them and eat a smaller dinner to make up for it.  I can totally tell a difference in my energy level since i've added grease back to my daily diet.  It isn't a good feeling! 

Down 1.6lbs from last week.  This brings my total loss to 19.4lbs.  Almost 20lbs.  I am so excited and proud.  I have gone shopping the past three weekends because I no longer dread trying on clothes. (I haven't bought anything..yet!  I'm still enjoying getting to wear clothes that have been hanging in my closet for two years!) I'm still a work in progress. Everyday is a struggle to make the right choices and some days I don't but I don't dwell on it.  The next meal or day I get back on track.  
I think that is all for this week.


Monday, April 12, 2010

Ally & Patrick

Patrick would have you believe that Ally is my dog and he just tolerates her.  I have photographic proof that this is not the case.  If Patrick is home and not in the bed Ally is more that likely at his side.  He sorta starting spoiling her without even realizing it.  When he sits on the couch she jumps up there and paws at his hand until he scratches her tummy.  It was pretty funny when he realized what he was doing and how she had trained him.
They nap together at least once every day!
She helps his with his fantasy sports.
I'm pretty sure they love each other! 
I'm pretty sure I love them too. 

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Hope!

Today is my little brother's girlfriend's (Hope) 21st birthday.  We had a little party at my parents house for her after church.  Hope is so pretty she will be in Miss Alabama in June and I'm so excited I get to go watch and support her. 
Im pretty sure Miss Harper enjoyed the cake most!

Happy Birthday Hope! I hope it was a great one!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Favorites

A few of my favorite things...
  • The beautitful weather we are having here this week.  Especially this afternoon.  Sunny & 70 not a cloud in sight. 
  • I love this website.  They have all kinds of stuff.  You pretty much have to check it everyday cause you never know what they'll have. I got a Jessica Simpson dress for $49 it retailed for $128. ttp://
  • I am also loving my Jacket in a Packet!  It rained here yesterday and I stayed dry as a bone in my jacket.  For 13 bucks you beat it!
  • I finished the Twilight books.  Can I just say that I was disappointed in the ending.  I don't want to give away for anyone who hasn't read them but it seemed very anti-climatic for there to have been so much drama for four books.
  • I am loving the jumper/rompers this spring.  I got one for Easter and I loved wearing it.  It was so comfy.  I really want to get a few more.
  • Today for lunch I went to a local place that is so yummy.  While I was there the place was filled with high school kids.  Prom must be this weekend cause they were all wearing their prom shirts.  It was funny to me to listen to their conversations.  I remember when everything seemed like such a big deal.  It was like the world was stopping for them this weekend.  I remember feeling that same way. 
  • I'm kind of sad that Ugly Betty is coming to an end next week.  I haven't always been an avid viewer but I started watching it last season because it came on of Friday nights and I was home alone since Patrick was at work!I can't decided how it is going to end.  This week made me think that Betty and Daniel might give it a go but that just seems so unlikely.  I just can't decide.
That is all I can think of for now.  I've got to go shopping tomorrow for several gifts for people.  I'm excited it's supposed to be beautiful  tomorrow.  I can't wait!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Spring is here.  It's almost felt like summer this week!  The past two weeks have been beautiful out.  I love this time of year when everything starts to bloom and you can just feel summer on its way.  I love summer.  The beach, the lake and the sun make me giddy!  This week I've been taking my big quilt and book into the back yard and just enjoying the sunshine.  Monday, Porter was here to help me enjoy the outdoors.  My brother and Patrick had been working on the truck all day long.  Porter had been right in the middle of it.  When I came in from work he was covered from head to toe in dirt and grease.  To top it off his shirt said "Messy" on it. 
This does not do him justice.  He looks fairly clean here.
He's not afraid of anything.  Notice Sam in the shade.  He didn't leave Porter's side.
On the swing.  I asked him to put his cup down so he could swing.  He sat it in the other swing.
Chilling on the slide.  Sam was his guard dog!
He loves Ally! He tried to put her on the slide.  She was having none of it. 
Ally has enjoyed her afternoons outside too!

I also went out this afternoon.  I spread out my quilt then Sam and Gracie took their places.  I had so squeeze in between them.  The Ally joined us on the quilt.  I laid out there for a little over an hour and soaked up the sun.  It was so nice and relaxing!