Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Mama Day!

So my sister presented this idea to me and my Mama as a celebration for Mother's day and my birthday and I couldn't say yes fast enough!  She said we should eat lunch at Taco Mama, go see Mama Mia! and cap the day with a beer at Mom's basement!  I was thrilled because I love Taco Mama and I'd been trying to figure out a way to see Mama Mia!  So sister bought our tickets and I'd had the date circled for days!  
We'd been texting about the menu and what we were going to eat for a couple of days and the one thing we agreed on was a pitched of Sangrita!  It's a mix of sangria and margaritas (I'm betting you were all smart enough to figure that out but just in case.)  I got the salad with grilled shrimp and it was amazing!  While we were sitting there, they both mentioned that this was the same block we always parked on when we went to the orthodontist.  (Since my parents had to put four kids in braces we went to the UAB school of orthodontics for our braces, it's still the thing I am most thankful for!) It used to be a different little diner but has since been transformed in to a little strip of restaurants and condos. 
Just trying to get a good picture.

Mom kept saying we only invited her so we could make fun of her.  That's not entirely true.  We invited her so she would buy us lunch.  I'm kidding.  But when she's around the jokes pretty much write themselves.
After lunch we headed to the theater for the show!
First I made them take pictures of me by myself because I felt like my dress was perfect for a trip to Greece.

Then we figured out how to get a selfie with most of the sign.

We made our way inside where I was pleased to find they'd added a spot light to the big sign for better pictures.  It was my only complaint from Beauty and the Beast.

Then we made the sweet girls behind us take our picture with the stage.  We were so excited!

The show was fantastic!  It was so much fun and made you want to dance from start to finish!  I kind of want to go see it again!

After the show we headed to a newish bar called Mom's Basement.  It looks like every 90's kids family's basement room.  It even smells like it!  Everything they serve is in a can, you can bring a picture of your mom and they have a wall where they'll hang it.

We were so excited!

I'm pretty sure they are laughing at me but I'm not sure why.
You know you're old when you're happy to go to a bar at 4:30 on a Saturday because you know you're going to beat the crowds.

We took one of mom's glamour shots circa 1992.  We had a couple of beers here and then headed to Big Spoon Creamery for a night cap of ice cream!
I couldn't decide which flavor I wanted so I got the flight.  I got to choose six flavors.  I got goat cheese blackberry thyme (this was my last pick and I wasn't excited about it but my sister wanted to try it so I got it), Peach buttermilk, Sangria Sorbet, Watermelon Frose Rose, Berry Elderflower and Vanilla.  The Goat Chesse Blackberry Thyme ended up being my favorite.  In fact I've been trying to figure out when I can get another one.  
It was the perfect ending to the best day.  We had so much fun laughing together!  One of my favorite things is laughter and my mom has the best laugh and never wastes an opportunity to use it!  It's probably what we do best when we're all together.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Fourth of July (week)

I love the fourth of July.  I love all the red, white and blue.  I love grilled food and water fun.  I love fireworks (even though my kids don't).  I don't love when it falls in the middle of the week but we made the most of it.

On Sunday, July 1st, we loaded up with my sister and Champ and headed for a day at the lake.  We were excited.  My parents were already there and my brothers were coming up for the day too so we were excited for some nice weather.
My parents were staying for the whole week so we let Barrett stay too!  He was so excited!  I was really excited for him to get to spend so much time there.  My family has owned this lake property for 30 years and have decided to try to sell it this Summer.  I completely understand why, but I'm so sad that my kids wont get to make all the same memories that we've gotten to make each summer.  We have had the best time growing up here!

Miss Priss has decided that the water is not her thing this summer.  Not only does she not want to get in the water, she also doesn't want me to enjoy the water.  So, that's fun.  Barrett went through the same phase so I'm confident that this too shall pass.

She sure was cute though.
We came back home and went to work Monday and Tuesday.  Patrick and I soaked up the time with just out girl.  She doesn't get much one on one time with both of us.  We missed Barrett but every time we talked to him we knew he was having the best time!

Patrick was on call but we convinced him to got back up to the lake with us on Wednesday to spend the fourth!  This girl was so excited to go get her brother.

Babo and I enjoying the breeze on the deck!

Barrett and Harper had the best time.  AveryAnn thinks she's as big as they are.

I missed my big boy!  

Sweet little red, white and blue family! Barrett was mad because I wouldn't let him stay!
Love this girl!

Friday, Barrett and I ditched AveryAnn and headed to Alabama Splash Adventure with our friends.  We were so excited and it did not disappoint!

This isn't the greatest picture of me but I love it!  I had the best day with my boy!  I wish AveryAnn liked the water because she would have had so much to do!  I think next summer we will get season passes!  We had the best time!  I didn't get to do some of the big slides and we didn't get to do any of the amusement park side.  We hope we can go back before school starts and maybe Daddy can go with us!

Love these sweet boys!  They are so funny together.  They are both so content and would just play and play!  They had the best time!

I think we might have had more fun that the boys!  

With the dippin' dots I promised him before we left!  He was one happy, happy boy!

Love these sweet kiddos!  Watching the grow up together has been so much fun!  I'm sad we're all going to different schools this year. They are all so different but get along so well.

Saturday, we dropped AveryAnn off again so I could take Barrett to a birthday party at the trampoline place.  He had the best time!  It was our first birthday party for a school friend and hopefully not our last!  

It happened to be right next to Taco Casa.  We wore Taco Casa out in college and I miss not being close to one.  Actually, it's probably a good thing its not closer.

Sunday we went to Mass and John and Hope were at mom and dads so we got to snuggle Brooks.  He is just the sweetest.  AveryAnn talks about him all the time and she loves holding him.

I had to take his picture with Barrett since he was wearing one of Barrett's outfits!  I love seeing him wear Barrett's clothes.  It feels like yesterday Barrett was that size.  I can't believe he'll be starting kindergarten in less than a month.
We've got a few fun things planned this month and then it's back to school!  We're soaking up all the summer while we can!

Saturday, July 7, 2018

June Happenings

I guess since we're already a week into July I can go ahead and recap June.  
We kicked off the month with National Donut Day.  There's no better day to wear your smocked donut shirts.  Sidenote, Barrett is definitely too old for these smocked shirts but I just can't quit them.  I could cry thinking about how big he's getting.

This was the same day and they had worn me out.  I was so happy to get a little break while they both napped.

Barrett got a much needed haircut.  He looks too old.  I can't handle it.

We celebrated Brook's baptism.

I was honored to be his Godmonther.  We went to John and Hope's that afternoon and had the best day!

We had to swing by Sonic on the way home.  I love Sonic and miss ours so much!

AveryAnn had her first timeout experience.  Barrett couldn't stand it and said he needed to take a nap. I was annoyed but also thought it was so cute.

One Saturday Patrick and Clay both had to work so the kids and I went down to Elizabeth's house and picked blueberries and made muffins.

We had the best day.  We watched movies and hung out.  

I had to do a comparison from last year the day I started Keto.  I'm clearly off the wagon lately but I'm still so proud of how far I've come.

We celebrated Father's Day.

I love this picture of AveryAnn just eating a fried chicken leg, wearing her Lilly outfit.

Patrick caught this sweet moment of Barrett "reading" to AveryAnn.

On Wednesday's our library sells hot dogs on the deck.  We've been going every week with my parents and it's been so much fun.  

She passed out at work.

Just swinging with Grandaddy!

On the 30th we hosted a baby shower for Jessica and baby Jonah.  I'm obsessed with the balloon garland right now.  We loved how this one turned out.  We had the best morning celebrating Jessica and Jonah.  We can't wait for him to get here!
That's a wrap for June.  We had a fun, busy month!  July is already off to a great start!