Tuesday, June 28, 2016

3 Year Check up

Last Monday we had Barrett's 3 year check up.  Only 6 months late.  Barrett's half birthday was this past Saturday so I thought I would go ahead and get his 3 year update posted, you know, only six months after his third birthday.  I'm thinking his half birthday is going to become his birthday for celebration purposes over the next year. 
This has been a big year.  We've had so much fun.  Your vocabulary has quadrupled.  You know your numbers, colors and animals.  We're still working on letter recognition but I'm sure you'll have it in no time. 
At the doctor you weighed 36lbs and were 36.5" tall.  You're finally potty training.  It hasn't been as bad as I anticipated.  You've had very few accidents but I'm so proud of you.  I'm adding a few pictures of the year.  Some days I'm sad you're growing so fast but it's fun watching you learn new things.  Plus you're still so cuddly and I love that you'll crawl up in my lap and watch a movie with me.
You started sleeping in a big boy bed about a month before you turned 3.  You've done so good so far.  You still need one of us to lay with you to fall asleep but we're slowly working on this.

You got a goldfish as a favor at a birthday party.  (well you actually got 3 but we're down to 1).  You were so excited!

Daddy leased some land to hunt this year and you love going to the property with him.

We went to Alabama's homecoming game and had the best time.  I loved getting to do that with you.  Hopefully it'll be something we get to do every year!

Your first trip to the emergency room.  You busted your chin and we were afraid it needed to be stitched up but it didn't.

Your last night as a two year old.

Your birthday playdate with Jackson and Santa.

You became a big brother!  You were unsure of the arrangement at first but you have warmed up and it is so special watching you love your sister.  I hope yall are always best friends.

Oh these boots.  You're love for these boots has rivaled the love for your bear.  You wore them everyday for about 8 months.  You still wear them occasionally but it's really hot these days so you've moved on to your sandals.

You're a little dramatic and still throw fits.  It's usually because you don't get enough sleep or you're hungry but it still happens.

We got a kitten.  You sit and play with Meow every afternoon.  It's really sweet.

Oh the bunny mask!

You love popsicles and having fun!

I took this picture for AveryAnn's 4 month update post.  You almost always want to get in on her monthly pictures. You're so sweet.  You are so proud of her. Anytime we're out you make sure everyone sees her and they don't miss her.  One of my favorite times this happened was at church.  I went up for communion, you were walking up for a blessing and I had AveryAnn in my arms, Deacon Tim gave you a blessing and as soon as you said Amen you pointed to my arms and said "don't forget sister". My eyes filled with tears, it was the sweetest moment.  Even Deacon Tim was taken back by how sweet it was.  I hope you always look out for her in this scary world. 
I'm so proud of you!  We are looking forward to seeing you continue grow and learn even though it's sometimes bittersweet! We love you so much!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Four Months

Baby girl, today you're four months old!  You are the easiest, happiest baby in the world.  I'm sure of it.  I might be a bit biased but you are a really easy, happy baby.  You are almost always smiling or "talking". If you're not smiling you're sleeping.  You put yourself to sleep almost anywhere.  You fuss a minute but then you're snoozing. We are all just head over heels for you!
  • You weighed 14lbs 8 oz at the doctor this week. (65th percentile) I think your weight gain has slowed down some.
  • You were 24.5 inches long (25th percentile)
  • Your head circumference was 16.5 inches.
  • You're wearing 3-6, 6 and some 9 month clothes.
  • Size 3 diaper
  • You eat every 4 hours for 15-20 minutes.  You've put yourself on a pretty good schedule.  You usually eat around 7:30, 11:30, 3:30 and 6:30.
  • You take around 5oz in a bottle when you take one.
  • You're sleeping 12 hours at night.  We usually put you in your bed around 7:00 and you go right to sleep. 
  • You started sleeping in your crib this month.  You've done great. 
  • Your hair is still dark and wild. It will lay down after your bath but I wouldn't call it flat.
  • Your eyes are still blue.  I think they're going to change but I really hope not.
  • You're getting better at tummy time.  You would much rather be on your back.
  • You're not rolling yet but you're so close to rolling back to tummy.
  • You still love your bunny and you've added your elephant to the mix too. 
  • You like to sit up more than lay down these days.  I think you'll be sitting on your own soon.  I think that was my favorite stage with Barrett.
  • You suck your thumb to go to sleep.  It so sweet.
  • You found your feet this month and you're always reaching for them.
  • You went on your first vacation this month.  We went to the beach and stayed with Tony & Carla.  You did so great traveling and on the beach.  We can't wait to take you and your brother on the big vacation we've got planned for the fall.
We're all pretty crazy about you baby!  You are the perfect addition to our family!  The time is just flying by.  I love seeing you grow and grow.  I love dressing you up every day.  You're like my real, live baby doll.  You are just a joy to be around each day.  You do so great at work.  You play and nap and pretty much entertain yourself.  I'm sad sometimes that your newborn days are long gone but then your smile or try to sit up and I'm quickly reminded that there is still so much fun to be had together. 
Love you baby girl!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

First Beach Trip

The weekend before Father's Day, Patrick and I loaded up the car and headed to crash with some of our best friends.  Tony and Carla moved to Pensacola last Fall and we've been trying to nail down a weekend to go see them ever since and it finally worked out! They kept saying they were so excited for us to come but I was a little nervous to take both kids and take over their home for 3 days.  I don't know why I was worried, it couldn't have gone any better!  They were awesome and couldn't have been more gracious hosts.  We so enjoyed our time with them and we were so sad when it was time to leave! (Hopefully they felt the same way)
(all these photos are from my phone because I didn't need one more thing to carry to the beach.  I'm kicking myself for not at least getting some good ones of the kids on my good camera but oh well, next time)
Patrick doesn't have any vacation time so we loaded up and headed out as soon as he got off work Friday afternoon.  Some of us were very happy, one toddler wasn't so sure about the situation.
We arrived around 11:45.  Our kids couldn't have traveled any better.  They both slept the first half and we stopped to eat around 9:00.  I changed AveryAnn and she slept the rest of the trip.  Barrett was awake for the rest of the trip but he played his iPad and was so good.  We were so excited to finally get there and we stayed up way to late talking and catching up. 
We slept in Saturday, Carla made a big breakfast and we took our time getting ready to head to the beach.
We got there right after lunch and it was beautiful.  Barrett was pretty excited.  He'd been asking everyday if we were going to the beach and we were finally there.  It took him a little while to warm up.  He loved the water but only if you were right there with him. 
This princess is just the best baby.  I fed her right before we went to the beach and she just passed out as soon as we got her little tent set up.  She slept until it was time to eat again and then she went back to sleep.  She fussed a little while I was out in the water with Barrett but I came back up and she went back to sleep in my arms.
Beach naps are the best.
We left the beach and headed back to the house to clean up.  Tony grilled shrimp and we had the best time sitting around talking and laughing. 
The late night finally caught up with this little fellow.  We called it an early night and all headed to bed.
It just so happened that John and Hope ended up being about 4 miles from us so Sunday we loaded up and headed to their condo to sit on the beach with them.  When we planned our tip we had no idea they were going to be there.  I was so excited to get the girls together on their first beach trip.
Barrett was warming up to the water.  I think if we'd stayed another day he we wouldn't have been able to keep him out.
Sunday was overcast and there was a fantastic breeze blowing.  It was perfect!
Oreos on the beach.  I think the snacks might have been his favorite part.
I mean does it get any cuter!  I'm head over heels in love with this smocked swimsuit and monogrammed bonnet. My little southern belle.
Barrett was monitoring the girls.  They were holding hands and it was so sweet.
I wanted to get a great family picture on the beach of us all clean and dressed cute but when it came down to it I didn't want to leave the beach to get cleaned up so this one will have to do.

Loved getting to love on my sweet niece.  Carla took this one and Hope took one just like it on me with AveryAnn, I need to add it too.

Seriously can't get enough!

The boys.  Patrick always puts his sunglasses on his hat when he's not wearing them so Barrett does the same and it's so cute!
I told them I wouldn't post this on social media, we were looking like beach bums but I love it so much I had to add it here.  We had the best time!  It was so good for my soul to get to catch up and spend so much time with them!  We can't wait to do it again!

Friday, June 3, 2016

Summer fun

We had the best time last weekend kick starting summer.  We are enjoying Patrick having 3 day weekends and trying to make the most of it before it's too hot to breath outside.
Friday afternoon, Jessica and I met at the splash pad to let the boys play.  I almost never let Barrett get something from the ice cream truck.  It's a treat for sure for him.  I told him before we left if the ice cream man came while we were there he could get a popsicle. ( I knew he would be there.  He's always at every park we ever go to, I don't know how he does it) So these boys were so happy to get a treat. 

Saturday we headed to Jessica and Jeremy's house to enjoy the day by the pool.  It started raining as soon as we got the car loaded and it rained for a little while but turned out to be a beautiful day.  The pool was a little chilly but Barrett didn't care.  The swam all day.  He was so proud to jump in and kick his feet.
I didn't get any pictures of the boys but I did manage this cute on of Patrick and AveryAnn
I love this swimsuit so much on this princess.  I can't brag enough about how good she was while we were there.  It was hot out and she just chilled in the shade.  She would smile and laugh and then sleep for a while.  I would feed her and then she would smile, laugh and sleep for a little while longer.  She was just so sweet and good.
Sunday I got up early and went to early Mass so we could head up to the lake for the day.  I know I've mentioned it here before but the lake is one of my favorite places ever. I love the beach but the fact the lake is just 60 minutes from my house makes it my favorite. 
Aunt Pam made homemade ice cream and it was so yummy.  We went on a boat ride and just enjoyed the beautiful day.  Barrett had the best time playing with his cousins.
Monday morning we all slept late.  Barrett came and got in our bed around 8:30 and we all enjoyed a little Mickey Mouse to kick off the day.
Around lunch time we loaded up and headed over to my brother's house for the first annual go cart races.  Yes, we are that redneck.  John was on call all weekend so they didn't get to come to the lake but they came to the races.  I have always loved spending time with them but now that we have the girls it's that much sweeter.  They are really starting to notice each other and it's so fun.  The girls are so different it's funny.  AveryAnn is possibly the most laid back, chill baby ever.  Madelyn is not. :)  The best word I can use to describe her is dramatic.  She is very animated when she's happy and she lets you know when she's not.  At one point Hope was trying to calm Madelyn down and I'd just got done feeding AveryAnn and laid her down on the couch and she fell asleep.  In that moment I thought, Hope is never going to hang out with me again.  It was one of those moments that you just kind of have to laugh at. 
We didn't have a go cart to race so Patrick took him four wheeler to ride around and enjoy.  Barrett doesn't like loud stuff and he's been terrified of the four wheeler but Patrick was determined for him to ride.  Well he put him on it kicking and screaming and rode him around and Barrett finally liked it.  He rode all day.  It was pretty sweet.
One of the hardest things about having two kids is making sure the older one still feels special when the baby is requiring so much of my attention.  Patrick has been great at taking him to do things just the two of them to make him feel special but he's still missing out on the one on one time from me.  So we've started making grocery shopping our thing.  He almost always asks to go with me and he knows he's getting me all to himself.  It's hard because he also wants to go so he can get cupcakes and we can't get cupcakes every time so he usually cries.  This week he fell asleep in the car before we got to the store.
He also asks to hold AveryAnn all the time.  This was one night after he got out of the tub.
We're looking forward to more summertime fun!

The bunny mask

Last week Barrett had a safari themed party to celebrate the end of the year at Mother's Day Out.  It was so cute they had a man come and bring all kinds of animals for the kids to look at and touch.  Barrett wasn't thrilled with most of the animals, he talked about the pig mostly.  However, they gave them these masks and he has just about worn the thing out.  His teacher said he chose the bunny for AveryAnn. 
He wore it for two straight days.
It was the funniest thing.
I started documenting it on snapchat.
Our entire story for those two days was Barrett in this mask.
He fell asleep in the car with it on.
That night we went to my parents for my Mom's birthday.  I was locking the door and I turned around and saw this and I about died.
He even managed to cry with it on.

Eating lunch and watching Paw Patrol.
Taking a nap. 
I had to write this post for memories sake.  The bunny mask still makes an appearance every now and then and it still makes me laugh so hard.