Monday, March 31, 2014

Can you hear me now?

{This is a long boring post.  I've had so many thoughts over the last couple of days I need an outlet to record them.}
At Barrett's 15 month check up, Dr. Farr was concerned that he isn't saying any words yet.  No words, not attempting to say words, really no interest in talking at all.  He doesn't always respond to verbal commands, he can't point to any body parts when asked and we've been concerned.  I know that a lot of kids don't talk until closer to age two but the fact Barrett doesn't attempt to say words or even syllables led to us being referred to two different places.  One to have his hearing tested to make sure he is in fact hearing us and the other is an early intervention program that works with kids from birth to age 3 with a 25% delay.  They also have a program to teach parents how to work with their kids at home.
I was so upset when I left the appointment.  I didn't (and still don't) think there is anything really wrong with him but there is clearly some concern.  As a parent I want to do everything I can for him.  But it's still so hard to think something could be wrong.  Then I play the what am I doing wrong game.  Would it help if he was in some sort of daycare/school/Mother's Day Out program around other kids?  Do I not read to him enough?  Do I just give him what he wants to often instead of making him ask for it? Do we watch to much TV?  The questions are endless.  I think he hears me but what if he really doesn't.
We have his evaluation for the early intervention program Wednesday afternoon.  I'm praying that there's nothing wrong with him but if there is we will get him all the help he needs to succeed.  There are so, so many parents facing far worse and we are thankful that he is healthy and happy.  Being a parent is so hard sometimes.  I've tried to do the "right" thing at every possible turn, the hard part is there is never a 100% "right" choice.  What works for one family may not work for us.  I've done really well at not comparing Barrett to other kids but I do like to gauge where he is versus other kids his age.  He doesn't seem behind when with other kids his age but we trust our pediatrician 100% so we're going ahead with the screening/evaluation. We'd rather get him help as soon as possible if he needs it.
I guess I'll wrap this up.
I know in the grand scheme of things this is not a big deal.
But it's a big deal to us.  

Sunday, March 30, 2014


Well we didn't see Deacon or Rayna but we had a wonderful getaway to Nashville.  We decided a few weeks ago that we wanted to take a little weekend trip to celebrate our anniversary.  We didn't want to go far.  I'm almost embarassed to admit but we decided on Nashville while we were watching Nashville one Wednesday night.  I love the show and Patrick tolerates it.  We didn't really have any plans.  We really wanted to stay downtown but by the time we tried to book a hotel the only one we could find was $400/night.  So we stayed about 10 minutes from town and it worked out fine.

We dropped Barrett off on Thursday afternoon with Patrick's parents and they were so excited to keep him.  We got to Nashville around 8:00 and it was pouring rain.  We were going to try to go to the Bluebird cafe but it was so crowded when we got there people were lined up in the rain to get in.  We decided to go back to the hotel bar for a few drinks.
I had the "Barbie".  It was only ok.
We enjoyed pizza, live music and watching this couple dance like they were on "Dancing with the Stars".  

Friday, I had big plans for brunch at the Pancake Pantry but Patrick isn't a huge fan of waiting in line for food so when the line went down the block to get in we decided plan B would be "The Pharmacy".  Amy had recommended it and it was delicious.  People were lined up to get in this place too!
When we left there we were going to go to the Country Music Hall of Fame but we decided to just walk up and down Broadway and check out the bars.  We went to the "World Famous" Tootsies.  Yall, I was so surprised by how many people were out and about at 12:00 on a Friday afternoon.  There were three different bands playing in this one bar.  There were families with small kids everywhere.  I had no idea that Nashville was a hot Spring Break destination.
After we drank a few beers and listened to some music we headed back to the hotel to take a nap before dinner. 
We weren't really sure where we wanted to eat dinner.  We decided to just eat where ever we could get a table.  Rock Bottom Brewery was the first place we went in and we waited about 10 minutes.  It was so good.  Patrick ate guacamole for the first time and didn't hate it.  We're making progress on him trying new things.  I had shrimp and lobster enchiladas and they were so good.  My margarita was only okay.   

After dinner we walked up Broadway trying to decide if we wanted to fight the crowds in the bars to listen to live music.  We decided on Legends Corner and stayed there for a while
We left there and headed to the candy shop for a late night treat.  I got some candy and a chocolate/caramel covered apple while Patrick got ice cream.  I thought this picture of Patrick double fisting the ice cream was hilarious.
We took our treats back to the hotel and called it a night. 
We planned to get lunch somewhere in Nashville before we headed home but it was raining and we were so ready to see Barrett we came straight home.
It was a fun couple of nights away but we missed Barrett way more than we thought we would.  I think it's important for our marriage to spend time away just the two of us and I'm sure it will get easier to leave Barrett.
A few things we learned this weekend.
-We are old.  We were in bed every night by 11.  There was a group of frat boys staying in our hotel.  I felt like I could fit in with them until the date on his shirt caught my eye. 2013.  That's 10 years after I started college and I died a little on the inside.  Also, they were heading out to get more rubber duckies.  Is this code for something that i don't know about?  If not what the heck were they doing with rubber ducks?
-A beer with lunch doesn't go down as smoothly as it used to.
-The quality of live music gets better the closer you get to downtown.
-We were told the most requested song in Nashville is "Wagon Wheel".  We conducted our own un-scientific survey and determined "Cruise" by Florida Georgia Line is actually the most played song.
-We need to upgrade to a king size bed.
-I can not travel with less than three bags.
-Nashville is apparently the Bachelorette Party capital of the South.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Happy Anniversary

Today, Patrick and I have been married for 6 years!!! I honest can't believe how fast the years have passed. We've had a lot of fun over the years. We've had our fair share of struggles as well. Life is definitely different these days with a 3 dogs and a toddler but we wouldn't change a thing! We've been blessed beyond belief. I'm so thankful for my husband who is truly my better half. Happy Anniversary! I can't wait to see what life holds at the next turn!

Just babies on our wedding day in 2008!

Enjoying our honeymoon! Love this sweet man!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

15 Months

I thought I'd do a little 15 month update.  I haven't done one in a couple months.  The last couple months have been fun!  I can't get over how much older you look in just 3 months time.  Your hair has gotten so long and it's almost time for a haircut, ok it's way past time for a haircut but I keep putting it off.  I miss my baby but watching you learn and discover new things is so much fun.  I feel like you are watching our every move and taking in every little thing we do.  We fake sneeze all the time to get you to smile, in the last week you've started doing it too.  Makes us smile every time.

  • You weigh 23lbs (50th percentile)
  • You are 29.5 inches tall (5th percentile)
  • You're in 12 month clothes for the most part.  I'm buying 18 month for summer.
  • Size 4 diaper, you go through 3-6 a day
  • Size 4.5 shoe 

  • Your hair is light and long.
  • Your eyes are still blue.
  • You get a sippy cup of milk in the morning and one at night and sometimes one in the middle of the day.
  • You eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Sometimes you have a snack.
  • You're a pretty good eater.  You're getting more picky but will usually try anything.  
  • You love fruit.  Some of your favorites are bananas, strawberries, blueberries and grapes. 

  • You've taken two-three steps several times but for the most part you're not interested in walking.
  • You don't really climb but you're interested in reaching things that are high.  
  • You have 12 teeth.
  • Your favorite toys are the ones that roll. Balls, cars and trucks.

  • You sleep at night like a champ.  Usually 11-12 hours
  • Nap time is another story.  You really need two naps a day but usually only get one. You usually get one from around 3-5:30 in the afternoons.

  • You and Ally are the best of friends.  She is the first one in your room in the mornings when it's time to get you up.  She is so excited to see you.
  • You love to feed her from your high chair.

You, sweet boy, are so much fun.  I feel like everyday is something new.  You are constantly learning and changing.  We've had a few play dates and a few trips to the park since the weather has been nice.  You love to swing.  You're not to crazy about the slides yet but I think you will be in time.  You're starting to interact more with kids so I see us doing a lot of play dates this spring and summer.  You're staying with your Grandmama and Grandaddy this weekend for the first time.  I'm sure you'll have the best time.  We love you sweet boy.  Happy 15 months!  

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Week (end) Review

We have had a fun, busy week.  Sign season is upon us and we and cranking out signs as fast as we can!
Monday, I had a dentist appointment and Patrick had to work late so Barrett got to hang out with Cruz and Caleb.  Brittany sent me this picture of the boys.  They are so cute together!

We finally put Barrett's big boy car seat in the car. He looks so small in it.
I scored Barrett some great summer clothes from a girl on fb.  I was so excited and I can't wait for it to get just a little warmer.
Thursday afternoon we had a fun playdate with Keegan and Cooper.  Cooper and Barrett enjoyed the swings while Keegan enjoyed everything else.  It won't be long till Barrett is big enough to climb and slide.
Barrett loves Mickey Mouse.  I got these huge Mickey's when I won a trip to Disney on Ice as a kid.  Barrett loved them.
We are almost finished with the new "play room".  We worked so hard this week to get it put together.  We're going to put baskets in some shelves to hold toys and Patrick's is working on a table to go with those chairs.  I've so excited to have a place for everything.
Poor Ally got a hair cut.  She was so matted they had to shave her to the skin.
Saturday, we had a birthday party for Uncle Phillip.  Unfortunately he wasn't feeling well and wasn't able to come. My mom made this beautiful cake, it was possibly the worst cake I've ever eaten.  Mom usually makes the best cakes so you can imagine my disappointment.

Barrett was so excited to see Mark.

One of the cute outfits I got second hand for Barrett.  I thought he looked so stinking cute.  After church we went to mom and dad's for lunch.  We had tacos and corn dogs for my brother's birthday.  Mom made a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting and it was delicious, she totally redeemed herself after Saturday nights disaster.

All in all it was a great week and weekend.  We've got a busy week at work and a fun little getaway planned for the weekend!  I'm so looking forward to it!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wednesday Weigh-In

(Sometimes I hate weekly blog series because they come around way to fast and I realize how fast time is passing.)  It's already Wednesday again.  I've been doing much better this week.  We've eaten at home more and it makes me realize how much I love sitting at the table with my little family enjoying a meal.  I haven't made it to the gym as much as I'd like. I made it 3 times in the last week, not terrible but not as much as I should.
Here's the scale this week...
Total Loss: 8.2lbs
37.8lbs to go.
I'm trying my best to stay on track during the week and then I have a cheat meal or two on the weekend.  That way I don't feel deprived.  I just don't think I'll ever not want French fries and sweets.  I'm trying to eat a lot of fruit to satisfy my sweet tooth and I love broccoli so that's been my go to for salty, crunchy cravings.  I do dip in ranch but I figure that's still better than eating a bag of chips. (Although I've been seriously craving some salt & vinegar chips.)
My goals for this week are to hit the gym more and add more protein. 

Monday, March 17, 2014

Weekend Review

We had another low key, relaxed weekend.  We had nothing planned and it was so nice. I wanted to get some things done around the house.
My main goal was to get my closet under control.  It has been a disaster for months.  I have been living out of hamper baskets because I didn't have any more room.

This is the before.
The bassinet had become a make shift dresser.
This was during the process.
And the after.  You can't really tell but it is about a thousand times better. 
I spent the rest of the afternoon opening my closet door and enjoying the view.
After we put Barrett to bed we put the final coat of paint on the built in shelving downstairs.  Hopefully, we'll get it all put together soon.

Sunday, Barrett and I went to church while Patrick helped put in a new hot water heater at my parents house.  They were at the beach but we hung out there all afternoon.
He always gets this little wine bottle out to play with.  It makes me laugh every time.

Brushing the little ducky's teeth

Sharing a snack with Ally.

I love that the days are longer and I can feel Spring coming.  

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wednesday Weigh-In

It's Wednesday again. While I disappointed with the scale, I'm feeling good so I'm not going to let it get me down.  I've for the most part gotten back on the wagon with my eating.  I did have a couple cheat days over the weekend with my boys.  I'm down a size in pants so even if the scale isn't where I think it should be I'm clearly getting smaller, which is my main goal.  I got a whole new to me wardrobe (literally a whole garbage bag full of cute clothes) thanks to my friend Amy who has lost 25lbs since having her last baby.  They are the perfect in between size where I need new clothes but don't want to spend any money because I still have a ways to go.  I think that the new clothes that fit and I feel confident in have helped me tremendously.  It has been the kick in the tail I needed.

Current Weight: 175.2lbs
Total loss: 5.8lbs
40.2lbs to go

It's still not where I was before the weekend but it's progress.  I'm getting there.  One thing I've focused on this week is eating breakfast.  I've been eating oatmeal with almond milk and fruit for breakfast in the mornings and it does keep me full longer.  My goal is to hit the gym 5 times a week and I've been doing good there.  I love going to the gym.  It's food I struggle with.  I've reunited with myfitnesspal after too many days off.  I will get there.  I would like to lose another 5 pounds before our anniversary which is two weeks away.  I know I can, I've just got to get serious!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Weekend Review

We had a great weekend!  It was beautiful!  Friday night we went bowling for Drew's birthday.  It was fun.  Patrick and I played pool like we used to way back in the day when I was in high school and he was just my brother's best friend.
Barrett was not in the best of moods but we made the most of it.

Saturday was beautiful.  After Barrett woke up from his 3.5 hours nap we spent the afternoon on the deck.  I love this outfit.  Something about shorts and long sleeves is just adorable to me.

We sent this  selfie to Daddy while he was at work saying we couldn't wait for him to get home.

We had a little Family Date night at Buffalo Wild Wings.  Barrett wanted to eat everything.

He was being extra cute.

He loved the onion ring.

Today we had a little play date at the park.

Barrett had a great time swinging!
These boys are so stinking cute!
I think the park wore this poor guy out.
We had a great weekend. I'm so looking forward to longer days and Spring is on its way!!!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Wedding

I'm finally getting around to sharing about the wedding.  It was beautiful!  I'm kicking myself for not taking more pictures.  I can't wait to see what the photographer captured.  She was so much fun and easy to work with.  Hope was the easiest most laid back bride.  (Luckily all the weddings I've been in have been this way, no certain shoes or hair and makeup.  Perfection)  She was getting ready at the church and said we could all get ready there or on our own.  My sister and I opted to have our glam squad meet us at the church so we could all get ready together. I seriously have the best friends in the world.  Brittany offered to come and help my sister and me with our hair and makeup and I'm so glad she did. (Lorie jumped in to watch Barrett when we needed a last minute baby sitter and Kristen has been my gym buddy and constant listener!  So thankful for each of them!) We looked fabulous all thanks to our "glam squad" (Brittany)!  After a couple hours of hair and makeup it was time for pictures! 
I seriously felt so pretty!
My glam squad.  
 Before Hope was ready John arrived and I went over to the church to see him.  He was so cute.  He just smiled and smiled!  I was so glad I got to have those few minutes with him before the chaos of the day began.  It was then when I realized he had on white socks with his tux, bless his heart.  We had to text dad to bring him some black socks.  Pictures went by fairly quickly and then we had some time to kill before the wedding.  Barrett was in a mood all afternoon. We thought maybe his ears were hurting so Patrick and I ran to the CVS to get some children's tylenol.  He seemed to be better after that.  
A car selfie
Killing time.
We decided at the last minute to go to 5:00 Mass so we wouldn't have to go Sunday morning.  It was Mom, sister, Mark and John & Hope.  It was a  nice time together before the wedding.  (Hope had changed our of her dress)
I didn't bring my camera over to the church and I so wished I had.  I took this one of Mark and John after Mass.  I love these boys.
While the guests were arriving we were in the cry room.  Barrett hung out with us until Patrick's parents got there to watch him.  He was all smiles at this point and so so so cute!
The sweet bride with her Godson.
I'm so sad I didn't get a picture of John and Hope with Barrett.  

These are the only two pictures I took with my real camera all day.  This one you've already seen.

And this one is pretty cute.  This boy loves strawberries.
Patrick's parents took Barrett home after the dances.  My mom wanted the Mother/Son dance to turn into a family dance so Barrett hung around for that.  It was a really sweet moment.  We danced and ate and just had the best time.  The food was amazing.  (Happy Catering Company if your in Birmingham)  The cakes were beautiful and delish.  My parents had the grooms cake made to look like John's truck and it was perfect. (wish I had a picture) (Posh cake design did them both).  
Before we knew it the bouquet had been tossed and bubbles blown and they were own their way.  It seemed like it was all over so fast.  I knew it would because my own wedding was the same way.  Their flight wasn't until later in the afternoon Sunday so they came and ate lunch at my mom and dads.  I got to take them to the airport, which I know didn't seem like much to them but I was so excited.  It was the first time I got to hear exactly what they thought about the whole day without anyone to interrupt them.  They were so sweet and cute talking about the whole weekend.  It was fun.  Before I knew it they were climbing out grabbing their luggage.
Sweet newlyweds headed to Disney World!

Then on the way back to get Barrett I saw this really cute couple walking in the neighborhood.  They made me smile.  
When I got back to my parents house Elizabeth and Clay were there getting Champ so I was happy I got to see them since they won't been home again till Easter. She was loving on Barrett before they left and I told her the next time she sees him he'll be walking.  And then I started crying. 
It was such a beautiful weekend.  I know I've said it a million times but I am so happy for them.  They are such a fun, loving couple.  I'm so happy for our family to gain another daughter, sister and aunt.  It's been a fun few years in the Maxwell family, hopefully the fun never ends.