Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Roll Tide!

It's no secret around here that I'm a Bama girl and as you know we are approximately 4 days away from kickoff of the 2010 football season.  Which means it's time for Alabama Blogger's annual Score for your Team blog carnival.

I had a blast participating in the carnival last year, (you can read that post here.)  I'm so excited to participate this year but I realized I pretty much covered everything about out tailgate experience in last years post! Ha!  So just talk about this past season, well I fell like I've talked about that enough already on the blog.   You an check out the highlights Here, I posted my favorite memories from the 2009 National Championship Season.
I guess I will just share what I'm looking forward to the most this season. 
  • Seeing Coach Sabans statue at the walk of champions.
  • Catching up with everyone that I feel like I haven't seen since last season.
  • Food!  I love tailgate food.  I love planning the themes each week and seeing (tasting) what everyone brings.
  • Seeing the team run on the field for the first game.  I get chills every time!
  • Planning what I'm going to wear each week.  Starting in June every year it seems like I only buy clothes that will be appropriate on game days!
  • Winning!!!  The team was in such a slump when I was a student.  Each year we'd feel the promise of a winning season only to have our hopes trashed at some point (usually sooner rather than later).
I'll be recapping the games and tailgate each week.  So make sure to come back and check that out!
Roll Tide!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Saturday Skating

Yesterday we went to the skating rink to celebrate Sarah's 7th birthday.  Wow!  I don't love the skating rink!   The kids had a blast!  We got there at noon, Patrick asked me what time it was at 12:45, it felt like we'd been there for at least 2 hours.  We did play a little skee ball, that was fun!  They've changed the way they do the birthday parties.  Back when I was a kid you had 2-3 hours where you had the party room and your guests could skate all they wanted during that time.  Now you have 45minutes in the party room and the kids can skate all they want from noon till 6 I think.  It gets really crowded because I think they have up to 15-18 parties in that 6 hours.  So if each party has 10 skaters that's like 150 kids of all ages trying to skate at at time.  Not to mention all the kids that are just there to skate for the afternoon.  So it was getting hairy by the time we left!  Sarah had a blast so it was all worth it!  I didn't get very many pictures.  I hate using the flash and it was just to dark in there.  I didn't get a single one of Sarah's face.

Nathan wanted to skate so bad.  He didn't want any help though.  He actually just wanted to roll around on the floor.
Sweet sisters.  Sarah helping Kathryn get the hang of it! (Sarah is wearing blue!)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Perfect Friday Night

Most of you will probably think this the making for a pretty boring Friday night but it was right up my alley.  Patrick has been on day shift this week! Yay!  So he was off last night for the first Friday night off since I can't tell you when. (Well it was actually while we were in Chicago, but before that I have no idea!)  So we went to Academy Sports so I could get some new running shorts and Patrick wanted to look at all the hunting stuff since hunting season will be here before we know it!  After that we went to Target!  I had to get a birthday gift for Patrick's niece Sarah who is having a birthday today.  She's turning 7.  I can't believe how fast all the kids in my life are growing up!  I also had to get a few groceries to tie us over till this Friday when I do our big grocery trip!  We had a blast.  I now know why I don't let Patrick go to the grocery store.  We went in to get a few things like milk, cereal, bread, and dog food.  We came out with that plus oreos, oatmeal cream pies (the breakfast of champions, no seriously that is what Nick Saban eats for breakfast every day!), popcorn, and two bags of chips.  We grabbed some fast food for dinner and headed home.  We also hung some doors in the basement room.  We ended the night watching Sideline to check out all the high school football scores. (I'm serious when I say we love football!).
See I told you it all sounded pretty boring...but we never get to do simple things like go to the store together on a Friday night.  Now I'm catching up on laundry and getting ready to head to the skating rink for Sarah's birthday party.  I can't decide if I'm going to skate or not!  I really want to but I don't want to hurt myself!

And because no post in complete without a picture...here's one of my sweet baby!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Coffee with your Canine

I recently was asked to do a guest post for Coffee with your Canine.  It was super fun especially if you love your dog.   Check out the link to read about me and Ally Bama. (I sound like a dork in most of it try to ignore that!)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Sister

Today is my sister's 22nd birthday.  She's my best friend.  We pretty much hated each other growing up we shared a room.  I'm very organized and clean...she's not.  It put a serious strain on our relationship.  But now that we live in separate cities it has really strengthened our relationship.  I miss her though.  I hate that I'm not getting to celebrate with her today!  I hope you have a great day Sister!

Wednesday Weigh-In

What a difference a year makes...
This is me August 2009.

This is me July 2010. 
Over 40lbs lighter. 
 This is not the best picture but it's the best one I could find.

It's hasn't been an easy journey but it has been so worth it.  I feel so good! I'm really enjoying the fitness classes I've been taking and I feel so much stronger both physically and mentally!  I still struggle with food.  I love food and I love food that is bad for you.  I don't enjoy cooking so we eat a lot of boxed dinners which aren't really good for you.  I want to do better in this area and I'm working on it.  But overall I'm super proud of how far I've come and want to continue to improve!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Patrick's 29th Birthday

We had a great day Saturday.  I love celebrating birthdays!  Luckily Patrick was off for his birthday so we got to celebrate all day long!  (I've been spoiled since his schedule at work had been a little messed up this month due to some new equipment they're getting and he's been off 2 Saturday's in a row and is working day shift this week.  He has to go back to night shift this Saturday though.)
When I got up Saturday morning I made breakfast.  I was going to make biscuits but I was missing something so I made popovers instead.  I'd never made them before but they turned out pretty good.  I also made scrambled eggs and bacon.  It was pretty good. 
Patrick eating his birthday breakfast.
Present time. 
Just something to go in our den when we get it finished! 

After breakfast and presents we ran a few errands and went to visit his parents.  It was so nice to get to hang out all day!   For dinner we headed to Carrabbas.  We joined their birthday club and they sent us a coupon to buy one entree get one free.  Pretty good deal if you ask me.
Patrick struggled to open his eyes and take the picture at the same time.  This is the best he could do! 
Last night we went back to my in-laws to have his birthday dinner with his family!  It was lots of fun as always! Melissa cooked enough for an army and it was so yummy!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Happy 29th Birthday Patrick

Today is the hubs' 29th birthday.  Last year in his 20's.  I'm so excited to celebrate his special day today. We are going to hear his buddies band play in the park tonight.  I made mini cupcakes and can't wait for him to open his present.  I love to celebrate birthdays!
Earlier this week I had his gift hidden under the couch.  Ally jumped off the couch and started barking and pawing under it.  I thought she'd lost a toy under there or something. Patrick reached down to try to get whatever it was for her and then he felt his gift.  There was no toy for Ally, she just wanted to show Patrick where his gift was hidden.  I was so mad at her.  But looking back now it was pretty funny! 
Last night I went to dinner with Lorie and Kristen.  It was so nice.  I hadn't seen Lorie in months so it was nice to finally get to catch up.  

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Just some shots with my new lens.  So far I love it!  It's a 70-300mm and I love the depth of the shot!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Fun for all...

This weekend was a jam packed one.  Friday night I enlisted the help of my best friend and painter extraordinaire to help me get our basement den painted.  It was the only room in the house that was not freshly painted when we bought our house.  It desperately needed it.  We had already decided that we were going to rip up the carpet and stain the floor but we wanted to paint first.  I love the color I finally chose.  I'm going to wait to show after pictures until we get the floors done too.  I'm excited to finally get this room finished and hopefully start enjoying it more.  We didn't go to sleep until 6 Saturday morning.  Patrick was already home from work.  It was fun though. 

Saturday I went to a wedding with my parents and sister and had a blast.  It was at our church and it was so pretty.  That totally transformed our parish hall and it looked amazing.  Patrick picked me up from there and we were headed to a local bar to hear his buddies band play. We had a blast.  We ran into so many people.  We spent the day Sunday recovering from Friday and Saturday night.  We went to get Ally from my parents house and had dinner with them. 
Modeling our dresses that daddy picked out for us!  Thanks dad!
My date for the wedding Ezra.. He was sitting by me when everyone started dancing and he said, "You want to dance with me?"  How precious is that.
Me and Carla at Homefield.
Patrick, me, Allison and Thomas (Patrick brother and sister-in-law)
Christen, Me and Kelsey, some of my sister's friends that I ran into! So fun!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sweet Baby Tucker

Cute baby alert...
Tucker Jackson Roberts
Isn't he the cutest little thing!  He is so sweet too.  My friend Marion and her husband Chris welcomed baby Tucker early Saturday morning.  She didn't find out the sex so it was a surprise.  She was induced Friday morning and facebook was a buzz all day long because everyone wanted to know boy or girl!  I think it is so neat to not find out.  I want to do that at least once!
Here are few photos Marion's mom took of me and Tucker. 

He opened his eyes for the longest time and just looked at me.  I think he likes me!  I can't wait to go visit him again!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Boys of Fall

I love this video and song.  I watched it for the first time today and just had to share it.  It gave me goosebumps.  I love football.  I love the memories I have from high school school and I love making new memories each season at the Bama games.  I'm so ready for September 4.  I already know what I'm going to wear and cook!

Here are just a few other things I am so looking forward to this fall...
  • Scarfs, hats, coats
  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving
  • Decorating for fall and then for Christmas
  • Cooler weather
  • The pumpkin patch
  • The beginning of Christmas shopping (never thought I'd say that!)
  • Chile and cornbread (really any kind of soup)
  • Boots
  • Sweaters
  • Cute jeans
  • The leaves changing
Can you tell I'm so ready for the season's change!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

What I love about Sundays...

I love Sunday's in my family.  Today we went to church and came home for lunch like always.  After lunch the kids wanted to go swimming.  We don't have a pool but we have a hot tub so my parents just turn the heat down and let the kids play in it.  It's the greatest thing to them.  They love it.  Porter kept telling me to put on my bathing suit. 
The babies with their boots on!
Miss Priss hanging out on the swing!
Aren't they the cutest!
Drew (10)
Ava Jane (6)
Porter (3)
Harper (2)

I love these kids so much.  They are so much fun and so sweet!  I love getting to hang out with them! I'm one lucky girl. 
I also got my hair fixed.  I let my dad highlight it last week.  (He always does the color) But something happened this time and it didn't turn out so great so today we fixed it!  It looks 100 times better!
Thanks Dad!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

I'm still here...

I'm not sure why but I'm a terrible blogger in the warmer months. You'd think I could get more blogging done since it's hot as you know where so all I've really been doing lately is hang out inside.  But anyways I'm here now and that's all that matters, right? So what have I been up to?
I finished my 2nd round of bootcamp. 
Here are my "after" pictures.
These aren't the most flattering.  I know my hair looks wonderful! (And my dad will die when he sees the I've posted a photo of the laundry room.)

My sister made and awesome dinner the other night. 
Greek pizzas.  They are so yummy!
Do you see the face?  She made it especially for me.  Isn't she the greatest!

Last night I went to Patrick's niece's 5th birthday party.  It was a Wizard of Oz themed spend the night party.  There were 5 girls that spent the night.  I stayed to help Allison after all the parents left.  We made bracelets, colored pages and painted toenails.  We were pooped but I've heard the girls were still going strong at 1:00 am.  I left at 11! 

Patrick's brother Thomas with all the girls before he had to go to work.  I know he was sad he had to miss this part of the party.  The girls were so cute!

Poor Bella didn't know what to think.  She didn't enjoy all the company but she was good!

Monday, August 2, 2010

It's August

and it's HOT!!!  It's 100 degrees today and it feels like 109.  Yes, it feels like 109!  That's hot folks!  So this weekend consisted mainly of trying to stay cool!  The birthday celebration continued through the week.  Thursday night my sister and I went out for margaritas after bootcamp.  ( I know it defeats the purpose to go exercise then go drink margaritas!)  We were going to go on Tuesday night (my actual birthday) but bootcamp kicked my tail that night and I was not up for it! 

Friday night I went to dinner with Kristen and she gave me the cutest shoes for my birthday.  I just love them!  We also went to Ross's and Target after dinner and I was able to get my sister and Patrick's birthday presents while we were out.  I was so excited that I already have those two out of the way.  (August is a pretty big birthday month for us!)

Saturday I woke up and cleaned for a bit (still have more to do).  I hate to clean.  I like to organize and for everything to have it's place.  I don't mind picking up and decluttering but I hate to actually clean.  After I cleaned I had to go to my office and work on some things for an anniversary party I was planning for Sunday.  I needed to work on the centerpieces.  I was struggling...I was trying to make the vases that I had work but they were all different sizes and it was not working so I headed to Hobby Lobby and got 9 vases for 75cents each.  I was pretty excited!  After I finished there I went by my parents house to see what they were up to.  Drew and Ava were there and they'd been playing in the hot tub (with the heat turned off).  After they got out we all played UNO.  It was so much fun.  The kids had a blast (so did my parents and I!).

Sunday I spent most of the day at the church working on the party.  It turned out to be great.  Not that I ever doubted that it would.  It was a lot of fun! After the party I came home and watched Big Brother.  Oh my it's getting pretty brutal.  I really like Kristen, Brittany, and Cathy.  I also like Hayden and Reagan.  I can not stand Rachel.  Her voice is really annoying and she always seems to be yelling.  Even when she's just talking into the camera!  Then we watched undercover boss.  I love that show.