Thursday, December 31, 2015

My Favorite Christmas Tradition

One of my favorite traditions that Patrick and I started our first Christmas was a picture of us in front of our tree Christmas morning.  Sleepy faces, pjs and all.  At the time I has no idea how much I would grow to love these pictures.  I think they'll only get better and better as the years pass.

Our first Christmas married in our house.  You can notice our tree was mostly Barbie ornaments.  Poor Patrick. (Although I can't really say that has changed much.)  We had Ally that year, I can't believe she's not in the picture.

We looks so young.

This is the year it snowed.  One of my favorite Christmases before Barrett.

I love this picture.  Those two kids had no idea what the next year would hold for them.  The end of 2011 was exciting and hard all at the same time.  We hoped to start thinking about starting a family but never dreamed that would be the last Christmas just the two of us.  In some ways I feel like we look more mature here like we're finally ready to be adults.

The year I made the nurse stop in front of the tree on the way out of the OR to take a picture in front of the tree.  Still cracks me up.

Our first Christmas morning at home as a family of 3 (4 counting Ally).  I love Patrick's smile in this one and I think Ally's expression sums up how she feels about the new addition.

Celebrating our 2 year old and loving that handprint ornament hanging behind us.  I remember hoping we'd be a family of 4 by the next Christmas. 

This year.  Not quite a family of 4 yet but it won't be too much longer.  I realized Patrick and I are wearing the same thing as last year.  Barrett looks so old it hurts me.  When I look at this picture I think about all the heartache we've endured this year and think about how we never lost faith.  I felt the joy of knowing that while this year wasn't my favorite it definitely made us appreciate life and where we are now. 

Monday, December 28, 2015

The North Pole Express

I may never get my pictures off my real camera so I'm going to go ahead and write about our trip to the North Pole way back at the beginning of December.  We were so excited to go to ride the train to the North Pole and see Santa.  We had low expectations.  I'd heard mixed reviews but I wanted to try it.  We went with Jeremy, Jessica and Jackson.  The boys were so excited.  We got there early and the boys played with the train table in the gift shop.  Barrett cried when we had to leave there to line up for the train ride.

He was excited once we got on the train and started our trip to the North Pole.
This was when he saw the North Pole and Santa.  It was the sweetest thing and made the whole night.  Jessica snapped this picture with her phone and I love it.  I love the look on his face and the fact that his bear is right there with him.

I was nervous how he would do with Santa.  In the past he hasn't been the biggest fan of the jolly guy but this time he seemed so excited.  Santa got on the train and Barrett actually talked to him.  I think it helped that he didn't have to sit with him.  Santa just stood behind his seat.

These boys are so sweet and the best of friends. 
We have a better family picture on the real camera.  Maybe one day I'll show you.  But this one is hilarious.
We had a fun night but Patrick and I ultimately decided it wasn't something we would do every year.  We just didn't feel like it was worth the money.  It was fun and I'm glad we did it just not on our every year list. 
Finally got the pictures loaded.  I love them so much!

Barrett did pretty good talking to Santa.  He wasn't a huge fan any other time we saw him but I think the fact he didn't have to sit with him helped.


31 Weeks

We've been sick for two days and this was the best is was getting this week.
How Far Along: 31 weeks
Size of baby: Head of lettuce (18in, 3.1lbs) 
Maternity Clothes: Bottoms yes.  Tops no.  Mostly tunics and dresses as tunics.  I'm getting tired of wearing the same things over and over again.  But I don't want to buy anything else now.  I ready to wear my old clothes again!  
Gender:  Girl.
Movement: This girl is feisty and way more active than Barrett was.  Which makes me very nervous because Barrett was such a chill, laid baby when he got here.  I'm hoping she's as easy as Barrett.
Cravings: None this week.  My sinuses have been stopped up and draining (if that is even possible) and I haven't been able to taste anything so I kind of missed all the yummy food.
Symptoms:  I'm huge. Other than that not too bad.  My feet had already started to swell really badly by this point and so far I haven't had that problem yet.  They'll swell a little if I'm on them all day but nothing like with him.
Best Moment this week:  Celebrating Christmas and Barrett's birthday.  Now I feel like I can focus on the nursery.  I got the crib sheet and changing pad cover I ordered.  So now I'm itching to get it all put together.  Plus we're running out of time.  If she comes as early as Barrett we only have 6 weeks left. {cue panic}.  I don't think she'll come that early but I'd like to be prepared.  I'm going to finally order her baby book this week too so I can get it caught up before she gets here.  I passed the 3 hour glucose test.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Merry Christmas

These are terrible pictures but I wanted to share our Christmas card from this year.  I loved how it turned out.  I'm not sure I ever got all of them out but I tried.  I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas.  We sure did.  Maybe one day I'll get to blog about it.


Monday, December 21, 2015

30 Weeks

How Far Along: 30 weeks
Size of baby:  Head of lettuce (18in, 3.1lbs)
Maternity Clothes: All bottoms are now maternity when I'm out and about.  I can still wear sweat pants at home.  Most of my tops are not maternity just tunics and dresses I'm wearing as tunics.
Gender: Girl!
Movement: All the time. I felt her have hiccups for the first time this week.
Sleep:  The hustle and bustle of the season has me wishing I was getting more sleep at night.  What sleep I get is good so I can't complain.
What I miss:  Energy.  Taking a bath without needing help out of the tub.
Cravings: None really. 
Symptoms: None really this week.  Just feeling large.  I've had a few BH contractions.
Best Moment this week:  I passed the three hour glucose test.  My dad and I went this morning and sat for 3 hours.  They took blood four times.  They called this afternoon and said my fasting number was a little elevated but overall everything looked good so I just need to watch my carbs and sweets.  We're so excited for Christmas this year.  Barrett is so excited and we're just trying to soak in his last Christmas as an only child.

Monday, December 14, 2015

29 Weeks

How Far Along: 29 weeks  
Size of baby: Butternut squash  (16in, 2.5lbs
Maternity Clothes: Yes, always in public.  I'm wearing the same 5 or 6 outfits over and over again. It's going to be a long 10 weeks.
Gender: Girl!
Movement: All the time. It's the most amazing feeling!
Sleep: I've slept great this week.  Just need more of it.  I need to go to bed earlier but there just aren't enough hours in the day.
What I miss: My clothes and wine.
Cravings: None really.
Symptoms:  Sciatica. It started last Thursday.  It hasn't been as bad this week but still have days where it is really painful.  I've got a better idea of what triggers it now so I'm trying to avoid lifting stuff and carrying Barrett.
Best Moment this week:  We had our last 4 week appointment.  We start going every two weeks now.  Well this week I get to go back in one week since I failed my 1 hour glucose test and I've got to do the 3 hour one. Yay. Hopefully I'll pass that one.  When I go back and read these posts from when I was pregnant with Barrett I laugh at how much we had ready.  We are so behind this time.  I'm just trying to get through the holidays and then we'll tackle the nursery.  We really don't have a lot to do, it's only about a days work we've just got to do it.

Monday, December 7, 2015

28 Weeks

How Far Along: 28 Weeks, Third Trimester, the final leg,
Size Of Baby:   (16in, 2.5lbs)
Maternity Clothes: Most bottoms are maternity, most of my tops are piko tops and flowy tunics. 
Gender:  Girl!
Movement:  Yes, she's pretty active at night.
Sleep:  I've Slept Great This Week. We finally moved Barrett to his big boy bed and it has gone pretty well so I've been sleeping much better.
What I miss:   Energy.  I miss being able to go, go, go like I could before.  With work and the holidays I'm exhausted by 4:30 everyday but still have a good 5 hours of life left to accomplish before my head hits the pillow.  I haven't really started Christmas shopping and in my head I'm thinking I can knock it out in a day or two but I'm beginning to realize that's probably not going to happen and I'm going to wish I had started sooner.
Cravings:  Just wine.  I know I sound like a terrible person but I just want wine.
Symptoms:   I've been having Braxton hicks contractions this week.  I've been busier at work and on my feet a lot so I'm sure that has something to do with it.  I've also had the sciatic pain a lot so I'm pretty much living on a heating pad.
Best Moment This Week:   Getting Barrett's room situated so we can start focusing on the nursery.  Making it to the third trimester.  I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel which makes me very excited and also makes me realize how much we have left to do.  I know it doesn't matter if it all gets done but I'd like to have the bulk of it done before she gets here. 

Comparison from 28 weeks with Barrett.  I've said all along I didn't think I was as big but I've really felt a growth spurt this week but looking at this picture it looks like AveryAnn is growing straight out.  Which would explain why I feel like my back hurts more this time. I think she's definitely lower and further out.

Monday, November 30, 2015

27 Weeks

How Far Along: 27 weeks
Size of baby:  Head of cauliflower (16in, 2lbs)
Maternity Clothes: Most bottoms are maternity.  I've been wearing a lot of tunics and dresses as tunics so not as many tops are maternity.
Gender: It's a girl!  I can't wait to meet her.
Movement: All the time. I'm feeling it more and more all over the place.  She's definitely getting stronger.
Sleep: I've slept great this week.  We've gotten to sleep in 4 straight days and it's been so nice to not have to wake up to an alarm.
What I miss: Energy.  I'm either too exhausted to move or to sore by the end of the day.
Cravings: None really.  I enjoyed turkey and dressing and everything else that goes along with holiday feasting.
Symptoms: Heartburn, the reflux medicine is definitely helping but i way over did it thanksgiving and ended up sleeping in the recliner.  I've had a little sciatica over the weekend.  Hopefully it doesn't last long.  I'm just feeling really large this week.  I didn't think I was as big this time but I think I've caught up this week.
Best Moment this week:  We got furniture moved around and Barrett has a big boy bed.  The nursery is still a mess but he's more settled. We enjoyed having Patrick home for the holiday.  It was the first time since we've been married that he was off Thanksgiving and the long weekend.  We're looking forward to the Christmas season.  I love being pregnant this time of year. 

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

2015 will probably be remembered as the best of times and the worst of times.
Even in the heartache we found things to be thankful for.
This thanksgiving I'm thankful for answered prayers and grace.
I'm thankful for my hardworking husband and my suddenly full of energy all boy toddler.
I'm thankful for our families that have cried with us and celebrated with us.
I'm thankful for a growing business that has been booming lately.
I'm thankful for the sweet group of mom friends that always let me know I'm not alone.
I'm thankful for the sweet daughter growing inside of me,
I'm thankful for Patrick's new job and all the family time we've gotten to catch up on since May.
I try to remember to be thankful everyday but it's nice to take a day to remind ourselves we are blessed beyond belief.  

Monday, November 23, 2015

26 Weeks

How Far Along: 26 weeks
Size of baby: Hothouse cucumber (14in, 2lbs)
Maternity Clothes: All bottoms are maternity.  I've got several tunics and tops that I'm getting away with.
Gender: It's a girl!
Movement: All the time.  
Sleep: I've slept great this week.
What I miss: Having enough energy to make it through the day.  I'm starting to feel very pregnant.
Cravings: None really. Ready for Thanksgiving!
Symptoms:  Feeling large.  I've been saying I don't feel as big this time around but I'm starting to doubt that.  I can't do too much without needing to rest.  I usually decorate the whole house for Christmas in one day, I started last night and it's going to take me a few days to get it all up.
Best Moment this week:  Finally started cleaning out the nursery.  I also went through all of Barrett's clothes and pulled out the few things that will work for AveryAnn.  Hopefully we can really get moving in there now.  We're only two weeks away from the third trimester and I'm feeling the time crunch.  I thought my pregnancy with Barrett went by fast but this time is going so much faster.  I feel like November was a blur.  I go back and forth between "can't wait until she's here" and "I need time to slow down so I can get some things done." 

Monday, November 16, 2015

25 Weeks

How Far Along: 25 weeks
Size of baby: Eggplant (11in, 1.7lbs)
Maternity Clothes: Mostly everything is maternity, I've worn a few dresses that weren't but I have to wear leggings under them.
Gender: It's a girl!  AveryAnn McCarty
Movement: She's been a little lazy this week.  Probably because I've been super busy and on my feet working all week.  I think we were both exhausted. 
Sleep: Barrett has been sleeping so much better this week, so we've all slept better.  
What I miss: Wine. the end, 
Cravings:  None really.
Symptoms: None really this week.  I've been feeling a lot of pressure but only if I stand or walk too much.
Best Moment this week:  Finishing a big order at work.  I finally got some time to make a few things at work for AveryAnn so that was fun.   We went to my sister-in-law's baby shower today and it was so sweet with all the adorable pink things.  We're gearing up for the holidays and I know as soon as the holidays are over we'll be on baby watch and we still have so much to do.

Monday, November 9, 2015

24 Weeks

How Far Along: 24 weeks
Size of baby: Ear of Corn (1.5lbs, 11 inches)
Maternity Clothes: All jeans and pants are maternity.  I've got a couple pair of leggings that I can wear.  Most of my tops are just regular tunics.  I do have a few maternity tops in the mix.
Gender: It's a girl! AveryAnn McCarty
Movement: She's a wiggle worm.  Patrick finally got to feel her this weekend.  We were watching tv and she kept kicking the remote off my belly.  Patrick came over and finally felt her.  I was looking back at my weekly updates with Barrett and it was the same week he felt Barrett too.  Barrett has no desire to feel her.  I think he's in denial.
Sleep: Hasn't been great.  Barrett will sleep okay a few nights and then like crap for a few nights. I'm getting kicked from the inside and the outside most nights. 
What I miss:  Sleep.  Energy.  
Cravings:  None this week.
Symptoms: Just being tired.  I've had heartburn a few nights but it was usually because of what I've eaten.
Best Moment this week: Patrick feeling her kick.  This wasn't really a best moment Barrett and I fell in a parking lot this week and thankfully we're all three fine.  Barrett scraped his back pretty good and I ripped my shirt and tore up my elbow.  I was sore for a few days and my elbow still hurts but it could have been a lot worse. I feel like this pregnancy is going by so fast.  We still have so much to do (as in everything).  I'm afraid we're never going to get it done.

And a comparison.  I feel like my belly is smaller this time than with Barrett.  You can't really tell because I'm bigger all over but I don't think I've gained as much weight this time.

Monday, November 2, 2015

23 Weeks

How Far Along: 23 weeks
Size of baby: Large Mango (1 lb, 11 inches) 
Maternity Clothes: Pants, yes. Tops, some. The pants are just way more comfortable.  I've bought way more maternity pants this time.  I love these black pants I just got.  I think they will come in handy over the holidays because I can dress them up and down.
Gender: Girl!
Movement: She's way more active than I think Barrett was.  I've been able to feel her from the outside a couple of times but the boys still haven't.  
Sleep:  Well the beginning of the week was crap.  Barrett didn't sleep good and was up every hour.  Finally, Wednesday night he slept all night and I felt like a new person.  He slept all night again Thursday night.  He spent the night with my parents Friday and Saturday so I got to sleep all night again.  It's been great to get some sleep.  I desperately needed it.
What I miss:  This is so dumb but I miss being able to bend over to pick up something off the floor with ease.  I don't want to jinx myself but I'm feeling better this pregnancy that I did with Barrett. 
Cravings: Halloween candy! :)
Symptoms: Just feeling large and easily exhausted.
Best Moment this week:  Celebrating Halloween with our friends.  I got some outfits I ordered in and they are adorable.  Sleeping all night. 

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Alabama Homecoming

Barrett and I have a little tradition that he really is clueless about but will hopefully one day appreciate.  We've been going to Alabama's homecoming game together every year since he was 9 months old.  Yes, I'm aware I'm crazy.  I usually have a team of people helping me and it's really not that big of deal taking a kid to the game.  This year my parents had a wedding to go to and we're going to be able to make the trip to Tuscaloosa to help.  I knew we would hang out at my cousins house but I wasn't sure what the parking situation would be.  I was 5 months pregnant and really nervous about attempting this whole thing by myself.  Then it turned out to be 6:00 kickoff so I knew I'd be driving back late and I started to just bail on the whole idea.  I knew Patrick had no interest in going to Tuscaloosa much less the game but I couldn't let this tradition pass.  So I begged him to go.  I assured him he didn't have to go to the game.  He could hang out at my cousins house and watch it on tv.  I really just needed him there for moral support and getting us to and from the car safely.  He reluctantly agreed so we set off mid-morning in hopes of catching the parade and enjoying all the festivities.
We arrived in plenty of time for the parade.  We unloaded the car and a spot opened on the street right by my cousins house.  We were happy about that.  Barrett and I headed to the parade with the group.  Luckily it was just at the end of their street because he was not excited about it at all.  We watched a few floats and the band but he hated the loud engines and noises so we headed back to the house.  Plus all the big boys stayed back and he knew he was missing out. 

They played football and basketball and he was right in the middle of it all. 

The boys were so sweet to let him play.  They would throw him the ball and let him run before they all collapsed in a laughing heap.  It seriously made my heart melt.  He thought he was big stuff.  These are actually my cousins kids.  Number 42 right there started coming to tailgate around Barrett's age to my house while I was in college.  It makes me feel so old seeing him so big.

Before we knew it, it was time to head to the stadium.  All week we'd been talking about going to the football game.  He was so excited.  I'd ask him what he was going to say at the game and he almost always replied "touchdown Auburn", the response I was looking for was "roll tide" but nice try buddy. 

We got there way to early.  Thankfully my cousin Bullet (not his given name) let us use his lower level seats and he and his son took the upper level seats.  I'm not sure either of us would have made it to the top.  He said "touchdown Auburn" about 3 times before the game started.  He didn't really care for the band that much and he got a little startled when everyone would cheer.  But other than that he did great.  He shook his shaker and eventually said "Roll Tide" a lot. 

He got restless right before halftime.  I hated to leave because we were losing but I knew if we didn't leave soon I was going to end up carrying him back to the house and that was not going to be good so we left at halftime. 
He's so funny because in the moment you can't really tell if he's enjoying it or not but the whole next week he told everyone he saw he went to the football game and showed them the pictures on my phone.  It made all the worry and planning and work worth it.  I hope this is a tradition we can continue for years to come.

I couldn't get the picture of the first year to upload.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Maternity Pictures

While we were at the beach my friend Crystal took a few maternity pictures for me and I couldn't be more excited about them.  I had one request and she went above and beyond what I could have imagined.  I didn't do maternity pictures with Barrett and I knew I wanted a few to remember this time in my life.  

This was about the time some random guy was trying to take a picture of the sunset so I moved out of the way and then he was like no I want you in the picture and I was all that's kind of weird so I just stood there awkwardly.

This was the only thing I told her I wanted.  the rest were just icing on the cake.

This one is my absolute favorite!
I'm huge and don't exactly feel all that attractive but I love these first pictures of me and my girl together.  Huge shout out to my fabulous photographer Crystal and her faithful assistant Brittany (who also served as an on site stylist).

Monday, October 26, 2015

22 Weeks

How Far Along: 22 weeks 
Size of baby: Spaghetti squash (1lb, 10.5 inches) 
Maternity Clothes: Pants, yes. Tops, some. The pants are just way more comfortable.
Gender:  GIRL!!    
Movement: She's moving more and more now.  She's more active at night which makes sense, none of us are morning people.
Sleep: Not terrible, just not getting enough of it lately.
What I miss: Order in my house.  My house is a disaster mainly because we've been busy at work and sick and I just have no energy to get anything done when I get home.  I miss doing things without getting tired or needing help.    
Cravings: None this week.  Still thinking about the filet I didn't eat at the beach.
Symptoms: Reflux is much better thanks to the meds.  No energy.  I guess that's really it.
Best Moment this week:  Feeling her move more and more.  Some dresses I ordered for her came in and they are so cute.  I didn't get anything done in her nursery like I'd hoped but it'll all get done eventually. Hopefully.  I got the maternity pictures back that a friend took at the beach and I love them so much.  I can't wait to have some of them printed.  They are exactly what I wanted.  I'm hoping to share some here soon.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Baby Girl has a Name

We are not those people that have names picked out by the start of the start of the second trimester.  We had a short list and we had a girl name we'd picked out if Barrett was a girl.  For a boy we knew we wanted a "B" first name and an "M" middle name because the three of us have middle names that begin with "M".  The name we chose if Barrett was a girl was Ann Marie.  Ann is both of our moms middle names and Marie is my sister's middle name but Patrick really wanted her middle name to be after his family since Barrett's is after mine.  We loved the middle name McCarty.  I liked Ann-McCarty.  Patrick didn't.  I wanted a double name and he wasn't against a double name but he wanted McCarty to be her middle name.  So we went back and forth on names that went with Ann for weeks.  Finally one day Patrick said he really liked Avery.  I loved the name but wasn't sold because I felt like it was a little too popular.  I talked to a friend who is a local labor & delivery nurse and she said she didn't think she'd delivered a single Avery.  So we decided on AveryAnn because Patrick loved Avery (I do too now) and Ann after our moms.  McCarty is Patrick's middle name.  We think her name is perfect for her.  The more we've said it we just fall more and more in love with it.  Hopefully Barrett can say it before she gets here.  We can't wait to meet her!

Monday, October 19, 2015

21 Weeks

How Far Along: 21 weeks
Size of baby: Carrot (12oz, 10.5 inches) At our anatomy scan this morning she weighed over 1 pound.  The doctor said she was measuring about 2 weeks ahead. So we're looking at another big baby.
Maternity Clothes: Pants, yes. Tops, some. The pants are just way more comfortable.  I've bought several non-maternity tunics and dresses that i'm wearing now.  Hopefully I'll get by with not having to buy too many more things.
Gender: She's still a girl!  We're excited to get started on the nursery this weekend.
Movement: She's moving like crazy these days.  She wouldn't cooperate at the anatomy scan so we didn't get any good pictures of her face.  I've felt her from the outside a few times but the boys still haven't gotten to feel it.  
Sleep: Like a baby as long as I don't have reflux and everyone else sleeps.
What I miss: Well this weekend it was having a drink on the beach but that's really it.  Also sleeping on my stomach.
Cravings:  We were at the beach and I wanted to eat everything because it all looked and sounded so good.  One day I really wanted shrimp and grits so we went to the restaurant that everyone said had the best ones.  And they were fantastic but several of the other girls got a filet and I'm still kind of wishing I would have gotten to eat that too. 
Symptoms:  Just feeling large, lots of pressure and reflux that makes me sick some days.  But the doctor said the pressure was normal and she gave me a prescription for some reflux meds and also told me to eat a bland diet which stinks because all I want is spicy food which is probably why I have the reflux to begin with.
Best Moment this week:  Going to the beach with the girls.  One of the girls took some maternity pictures of me on the beach before diner one evening right a sunset.  I can't wait to see them.  The ones she showed me on the back of the camera were so good.  Getting to see the baby again at our anatomy scan and confirming she is in fact a girl.  I'm not looking forward to the work this weekend but I'm looking forward to getting the kids rooms switched out.  Hopefully we'll make it to the pumpkin patch at some point this weekend.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Our First Trip to the ER

Yesterday I got a call from school that Barrett fell and busted his chin.  They thought he might need a stitch or two.  Lets back up to Saturday while we were in Tuscaloosa, I'm not sure how we got on the subject but I was saying how my parents never had to take any of us to the emergency room.  My sister had stitches once but we never had any broken bones or any reasons to go to the emergency room.  So I get the call from school and I call Patrick to meet me at school and then I call his pediatrician to see what we should do.   Thankfully when I got to school to pick him up they already had him cleaned up and he was just sitting there like he was in shock.  Which scared me because they said he didn't cry or anything.  They only reason they knew anything happened was all the blood.  She just kept saying "there was so much blood."  The pediatrician's office said if it looked like it needed to be stitched we would have to take him to Children's ER.  So that's where we headed. 

We got there and almost immediately they had us back in the triage room to assess him.  He did so great except he didn't want to stand on the scale.
They sent us to a room and a resident who made Dougie Howser look old came in and looked at it.  He said he thought if anything maybe one stitch but the doctor would come in a look and we'd go from there.  Everyone was so nice.  The doctor came in and said it was fine.  No need to stitch, so the resident put some (probably $300) Neosporin and a techno colored bandaid on it and we were on our way.  They did make sure he could chew and there was no damage to his jaw before we left.  We were in and out in a little over an hour. 
He keeps telling us he fell down and hurt his face.  Hopefully he learns to be a little more careful.  and I'm going to be a more careful before I brag about our lack of ER trips too.

He got lots of snuggles.  His daddy was loving it.