Saturday, December 31, 2011

While we are waiting to ring in the New Year I did some cuddling with this cute kitty.  He was so sweet!
Day 363

Top 11 of 2011

In no particular order.  Here are 11 of the headlines from 2011! 

While 2011 brought a lot of happy memories, I'm not sad to say good bye! Bring it on 2012, I look forward to what you may bring!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Sister time

Tonight I got to have dinner with my sister and Amy.  We did a little shopping first.  I found this super cute headband and I really wanted it for NYE but I didn't buy it!  Kristen said it was a bit much!
Day 362

New Ornaments

I know I've mentioned time and time again my love for ornaments.  I love the story they tell about my childhood and now my adulthood.  I get several new ones each year and I like to keep track of them.  Some of these you've seen some you haven't but I wanted to have them all in one place.
The poodle I got after Christmas because it reminded me of my sweet Ally Bama.

These cute gingerbread ones were from the annual Sister's ornament swap with Patrick's aunts and sisters.

Our Barbie and Ken from my parents.

I got this cute one from Babo.  I love it.

This beautiful cross is from Aunt Pam. 

These four were from Patrick's parents.  I just love them.

The house divided ball for the downstairs tree.  I'm so glad I finally figured out who makes these.  Coton Colors. Now I really want all of them. 

Thursday, December 29, 2011

It's Christmas!

We had a wonderful Christmas weekend.  I say that every year but it's true.  I still can't believe it's over.  (I know it's been over a week get over it already!)  This seems to have been a theme this year on the blog but this year seriously has flown by.  We didn't have any big exciting events this year (like the fire of 2009 and the snow of 2010), we just all enjoyed being together. 
The best shot of the whole family Christmas Eve at my Grandmothers house. 
Patrick and I ended up getting each other the same thing.  We decided that we wanted to buy a tv for our bedroom as our big gift this year so we just did small things so we'd have something to open Christmas morning.  I opened the jewerly box first then I let Patrick open his.  When he saw it was an alarm clock he just started laughing.  I was afraid he didn't like it. Then I started to open mine and I saw why he was laughing.  We got a big kick out of this.  We use seperate alarm clocks, not really sure why but we do.  Patrick needed a new one so he was thinking he'd get me a new one and he'd just use my old one. 
Annual Christmas morning picture in front of the tree.  (This is one of my favorite traditions!)  Ally didn't want to cooperate. 
This is the best we could get with her.
(I didn't take nearly as many pictures as I normally do.)
Porter and Ally.  Ally got the cutest sweater from Santa!
At my parents house this year the four siblings and significant others drew names instead of buying for everyone.  Then we all bought for the kids.  We got Clay and Hope's names and they actually got our names too. Kinda funny.  We really had a blast watching the kids open their gifts.  They were so excited. 
Dad fixed a nice spread for breakfast and lunch.
Patrick and Ally, Patrick had to work the night before and then we stayed at Mom and Dad's really late playing wii so he'd had about 4 hours of sleep in the last 48 hours and was exhausted.  Plus he had to go back to work Christmas night.
Harper, John, Hope and Bentley.
Porter asked for was a chainsaw, it's the one thing he always said when you asked him what he wanted. I finally found one and drove to Cullman to get it for him. It was so worth it. He was so excited. While we were playing wii he came over to me and said "Thank you so much Maggie, I just love my Chainsaw!" Totally worth the hour drive to get it.  He also wanted a cooler for his room like John has.  So dad found this little old cooler and I put his name on it.  He was pretty excited about it too. Plus Dad put some root beer in it for him.
I think John was a bit jealous.
Harper hit the jackpot in the dress-up category.  She got this awesome tiara with 3 pairs of shoes. Then my sister found this trunk thing and filled it with some of her old dress up clothes.  She was in heaven.  She pranced around in those plastic shoes all day long!

Babo gave us aprons.  Clay's says Roll Tide and Liz's is a snowman.  They were really cute!
Drew opening some of his loot.  This boy has changed so much this year.  He's grown about 5 inches and is taller than me.  It's crazy!
Ava and Leslie.
Harper wanted to try out the chainsaw. 
She was pooped.  She crawled up on the couch right by Patrick.  She looked so sweet curled up with him taking a nap. 
We went to Patrick's parents house for dinner.  The girls were so excited wearing their headbands from us.  I was so excited this year because all the kids seemed really excited about their gifts.  I got Tripp the Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie and he was so excited.  I love getting that reaction.  I'm always a picture slacker by the time we get here.  We got lots of great things. We were spoiled this year for sure.  Melissa made a delicious meal once again.  In fact we went back on the 26th to eat again! 
I loved this picture of Ally looking over Patrick's shoulder.  She looks like a stuffed animal.  She was so tired by the time we got home. 

We had an amazing holiday this year.  It was one of the least stressful of my adult life.  (Probably because I got my shopping and wrapping done early)  We loved getting to surprise my parents with a new tv, we loved getting the kids little gifts that we knew would light up their faces. We loved all the special gifts that everyone took the time to pick out for us.  But my favorite memory this year was sitting at midnight mass (at 8:00) when the lights went dim and the choir started singing Silent Night.  I was sad that Patrick had to work but it was in those quiet, still moments that I was able to take it all in and just be thankful and truly remember the reason for the season. 

Poodle Love

While I was doing some after Christmas shopping this week I found this sweet poodle ornament.  I had to get it for Miss Ally.  Isn't it so cute!

Day 361

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dance Party

This may come as a surprise but I love the Sims.  I downloaded a free version for my phone and I'm kinda addicted to it.  I thought this looked so fun.  A dance party at 11:00 in the morning!
Day 360

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Critter Control

Y'all, I've had a day.  If it wasn't my life I wouldn't believe it!
When I got to work this morning my boss mentioned that we'd had a little thief on the premises.  He wore a little black mask and had rings round his tail.  Well the neighbor called and said he big guy was in his carport.  We didn't have a trap but Steven tried to make one using a dog crate and we thought we'd lure him in with marshmallows.
As you can imagine it wasn't that simple. After several marshmallows and a beer can we realized this guy wasn't going anywhere.  So we got out the hose, that got him moving.  My job was to lead him to the crate, well when he started running toward me I promptly screamed like a girl and ran backwards.  He took cover in the shrubs on the front lawn.  It was about this time a nice man and his wife showed up with better equipment, a really long pole and a net.  After a long game of chase Mr. Raccoon ended up under the truck the nice man and his wife showed up in.  The raccoon got up under the truck and we decided that he should go on a ride.  So last we saw him he was headed to a new destination unharmed.
Here he is enjoying his afternoon beer.
Day 359

Monday, December 26, 2011

Good Dogs

Santa came to see the dogs and left them each a bone in their stocking.
Day 358

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas Y'all

We've had a wonderful Christmas.  I'll do a full recap as soon as I can get the photos uploaded and sorted.  For now enjoy this sweet one of Porter with his new chainsaw.
Day 357

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas Eve

Ally resting at Mom & Dad's after church.
Day 356

Friday, December 23, 2011

Slovensky Family Party

I've had a full day and night.  I got up and cleaned house. I love having a clean house, just hate having to actually clean it.  After the house was clean I got ready and Lorie picked me up to meet Kristen for lunch.  I had not seen Lorie or Ellie in a month.  I'm not even sure it was the same baby.  She looked so much bigger and was smiley the whole time.  She fell asleep while we were waiting on our food, I just loved holding her.  After lunch we went by my parents house.  My mom had not seen her yet and had a little gift for her. I loved getting to spend the day with them.  Hopefully it won't be another month before I see her again!  Can you believe I didn't take a single photo? I know I'm a real slacker. 
After my visit with the girls, it was time for the Slovensky Family Christmas party.  Patrick had to work so I rode with mom and dad.  It was fun as usual.  This is the only photo I took at that party.  (I really need to get my butt in gear, this can not set the tone for the Christmas photos to come!)
My cousins Andrew and Adam.  I only get to see Andrew once a year.  He lives in southern Florida and works all the time.  When I was a kid these guys seemed so much older than me.  Now not so much!

On our way home Dad took us looking at Christmas lights but it was 11:30 and most were turned out for the night.
Day 355

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Ramblings

Tonight was the annual Supper Club Christmas party.  No, I'm not in a supper club but my boss used to be so I tag along to their party each year.  It's always so much fun.  We had delicious lasgna, salad, cheescake for dessert and these amazing chocolate covered peanut butter pretzels.  We played dirty santa and the gifts this year were pretty good.  I'm so excited I get to sleep in tomorrow. 
One of my favorite things about the holidays...the ridiculously cheesy movies on Hallmark and Lifetime. I record them all and watch them while I'm off! 
Since I took no pictures tonight, I thought I'd share our ornaments from my parents this year. 
Campus Sweetheart Barbie
Campus Cutie Ken, you can imagine the excitment when Patrick opened this one.  I"m kidding he loved it, only because I loved it!

Day 354
On the way to the party tonight I was thinking that Patrick and I got engaged 5 years ago yesterday and the next day was the annual Christmas party with my girlfriends from high school.  It was so exciting sharing the news.  Lorie rode to the lake with me and I decided I wasn't going to say anything, I was just going to wait for someone to notice.  Well that plan almost backfired.  We'd been there for about 2 hours before someone noticed.  It wa such a fun night!  I can't believe it was 5 years ago.  I need time to slow down.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

This & That

I've been trying to get things caught up at home tonight since it will be the only night home till Monday night. There is a lot of fun to be had this weekend!
Patrick had to leave before me this morning so I took advantage and made up the bed.  I used to make up my bed every single day.  When Patrick started working nights it was a lost cause, he is usually in it before I leave. The bedroom is still lacking some decorative touches. 

Ally was so sweet the other night before we left to go somewhere.  She knew we were getting ready to head out so she snuggled up to me in hopes that she'd get to go.  For the record, she didn't get to go.  She looked pretty cute though.

The other night Brittany and I headed to Gigi's.  It'd been a while since our last trip.  It did not disappoint.  Then we headed over to the mall.  As expected, it was a zoo.

Day 353
After bragging about finishing my Christmas list, I realized I hadn't gotten Patrick anything.  I know worst wife ever.  We aren't doing big gifts this year but I still need to get him something.  So guess who'll be doing some last minute shopping tomorrow. yay.