Thursday, March 26, 2015

Horton House Daily: Week 12

Day 78:  Barrett was trying to ride Willow like a pony.  She was so sweet to him and just laid there and let him play.
Day 79:  I hosted another fun paint party.  This time we painted crosses and bunnies.  It was a fun night with lots of laughs.  I love having so many fun women in my life.  I feel so busy sometimes, but I wouldn't trade these laughs for anything at this stage in life.
Day 80:  Barrett knows how to relax.  I walked out of the room and came back and he'd taken his shirt off and was watching tv.
Day 81:  We went down to John and Hope's house so Patrick could wire up some outlets in the garage and Barrett played ball in the mud.
Day 82:  I put my cross and bunny up.  I think they turned out so cute.  I think the cross is my favorite.
Day 83:  Barrett didn't want to take a nap so we loaded up.  I texted Lorie that we were coming to her neighborhood to play on their playground.  She and Elise came and played with us for a little while before they had ball practice.  Barrett had a blast.
Day 84:  Barrett had his Easter Egg hunt and party at school.  I loved getting to see him with his new class.  He did pretty good hunting eggs.   We've got a couple more egg hunts planned before Easter and I can't wait to watch him.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Early Intervention update

I just realized it's been quite some time since I did an update on Barrett at all much less on how Early Intervention is going.   It was a year ago this month that we started this journey and we couldn't be more pleased with his progress.  A year ago Barrett did not communicate.  He didn't talk, he didn't try to make sounds, he didn't sign, he didn't do anything to let us know what he wanted.  We were so worried.  He was the sweetest child but he had no interest in letting us know what he wanted. 
We started with Special Instruction where our coordinator would come to us twice a month and work with Barrett and show us how to work with him at home.  After a month our coordinator suggested we also receive services from the speech therapist.  We also see her twice a month.  Barrett has thrived.  We started slowly.  But looking back at the big picture we have come so far.  Barrett says around 30 words.  This is huge.  He has also learned how to communicate non verbally.  He is a thousand times more outgoing and not nearly as passive. (which they tell me is a good thing ;) )  We are so thankful for the team of people working together to get him on track.  He is thriving in Mother's Day Out.  I'm so glad we made the decision to send him even though at the time I was skeptical.
(these pictures have nothing to do with this post, they're just really cute)
We will have our annual evaluation next month to really measure his progress and see if he even still qualifies for services.  I'm anxious to see his measured progress. 
I love this boy so much.  His little personality is hilarious. We love hearing new words and seeing him discover the world.  He's so curious these days.  One of my favorite words he says is "elephant".  It's the cutest.  We have felt so blessed by this opportunity and the support we've received from our family and friends.  It truly has meant the world to us.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Horton House Daily: Week 11

Lets pretend it's not almost time for me to post Week 12.  I've a little behind.  But better late than never, right?!  We've had a busy few weeks at work with no signs of a slow down.  I'm so thankful for the work.
Day 71:  Barrett taught himself how to do a front roll.  He was so proud.

Day 72:  We went to dinner to celebrate Kristen's "21st" birthday.  My friends are getting old.  I'm not entirely convinced I like it.

Day 73:  We went to the Just Keep Smiling Live with the Characters show.  It was so much fun.  Barrett still wasn't crazy about meeting the characters but we still had a good time.  I just love this event and organization.

Day 74:  I had to go into work after church so my parents watched Barrett.  He was worn out after helping them wash cars all afternoon.

Day 75:  After and 11 hour work day we finished this big order.  We etched 300 YETI tumblers.  It was a big job but we rocked it!

Day 76:  It's St. Patty's Day.  We wore green and that was as festive as it got.  

Day 77:  We went to the park after work and Barrett looked so small at the top of the big slide.  He's not scared of anything at the park these days.  He doesn't love to swing which I think is kinda weird but he loves to climb and slide.

So there's week 11.  Maybe I'll have week 12 posted in a timely manner.  I'm not making any promises.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Horton House Daily: Week 10

Day 64:  Yet another weather day stuck at home.  This time it was for ice.  It didn't get too bad around our house but it was better to play it safe and stay in.  They delivered our new furniture and I love it so much.  My house was a disaster after being home all day and I was working on some things for work so I pretty much just let Barrett do whatever he wanted.  He's started wanting to help me unload the dishwasher.  It takes twice as long but I want him to want to help.

Day 65:  We met Jessica, Jackson, Brittany, Collin. Caleb and Kristen for dinner.  Yes, we went to dinner with 3 two year olds.  It wasn't as bad as it sounds.

Day 66:  We went to my cousin's baby's baptism.  Afterwards they had dinner and Barrett made a friend.  I love watching him interact with other kids.

Day 67:  My mom watched Barrett while I worked for a couple of hours.  I loved this picture of him swinging with my dad. 

Day 68:  Patrick brought home a boston butt from work and Barrett ate so much of it while it was cold.  He didn't want any after we heated it up.  Also Brittany cut his hair and he looks to grown up.

Day 69:  He went on an adventure to the mailbox at work and came back with a balloon. He was so excited.

Day 70:  This is the longest my real nails have ever been in my whole life.  I know they aren't really that long but compared to what they usually are they look amazing.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Horton House Daily: Week 9

Week 9 alternate title...Where is Spring?  I just realized today that I never posted Week 9 Thursday.  Probably because our routine was thrown off due to the threat of ice.  
Day 57:  The snow finally came and it was beautiful when we woke up.  By the time we got home from work it was gone.  And we're hoping it doesn't show up again until next year.
Day 58:  I enjoyed book club in my house shoes with my new favorite drink.  This pineapple moonshine mixed with lemonade is going to be the perfect summer drink!  If summer ever comes.
Day 59:  Keegan had a fun birthday party at the Cullman Aquatic Center.  It was fun to get to swim in February.  This place is so nice.  Barrett loved the shallow part.  He was so excited and not timid at all.  I think this summer is going to be fun at the splash pad and the lake.
Day 60:  I went grocery shopping which is one of my least favorite chores.  But I'm thankful that we have the means to put food on the table.  I'm trying to see the positive.  Some days it hard.
Day 61:  For Dr. Seuss' birthday Barrett was asked to dress like his favorite character for Mother's Day Out.  He and Drake were "Thing 1 & Thing 2".  They were so stinking cute.  Barrett was in a rotten mood all morning.  He also moved up to the older class this week.  So far they say he's doing good.  I think it's going to take some adjustment.  I think they do more organized activity than the class he was in.  But it's good for him.  I was so glad that Drake got to move up with him.  These two are such sweet buddies.
Day 62:  We ordered new bedroom furniture on Thursday 2/26.  They told us it would be 2-4 weeks for delivery.  Well we got a call on Tuesday (5 days later) saying it would be delivered on Thursday.  We had to get moving to clean out a spot for it.  This was in the middle of it.  It was worth it though.  
Day 63:  While I was cleaning out I found this.  I'm pretty sure it's my little brother's handwriting.  I told him I was glad I waited until he had a real job to cash it in.

So there's week 9.  It was a doozy.  I've got two big projects to finish up at work this week and hopefully things will be getting back to normal around here.

Monday, March 2, 2015

The Club No Mom Wants to Join

I've gone back and forth on whether or not I wanted to post this.  (I'm still not sure if I'll ever it publish. But I guess if you're reading it you know I took the plunge) We've been on a bit of a roller coaster the last few weeks.  I joined a club two weeks ago that no woman ever wants to join.  I had a miscarriage.  We are, of course, heartbroken and sad.  For 4 weeks we've been planning a life with this sweet baby.  We've been planning a new "Big Boy Room" for Barrett.  We've been planning a new nursery (even though I pretty much want it to look exactly like the original nursery).  We've talked names and double strollers.  We've talked about Barrett becoming a big brother and what it's going to be like having two kids when the holidays roll around.  For 4 weeks that sweet baby was very real.
We had not told anyone.  We were planning to tell our parents after our first appointment.  The only people that knew were my little brother and sister-in-law (and my friend Brittany, but only because I didn't drink a margarita at a mexican restaurant.)  We enjoyed it being our little secret.  I didn't want anyone worrying (which is ironic now).  Everything was going well.  I was limiting myself to one cup of coffee in the morning and no sodas.  I was taking my vitamins everyday, I always forgot with Barrett.  I remember when I first found out I was pregnant with Barrett I knew immediately he was a boy.  I just had a feeling.  I had no gut feelings this time.  Which I told Patrick was kind of odd to me since I was so sure with Barrett.  I didn't think much of it.  We were scheduled for our first appointment Tuesday, February 10th.  We were like any expectant parents excited and nervous.  That morning I started bleeding.  Not a whole lot but enough to be a concern.  I wasn't having any pain so I tried to tell myself that everything was fine.  
We got to the doctors office.  My appointment wasn't until the afternoon.  They immediately sent us over for an ultrasound to ease our minds.  By my calculations I should have been 7 weeks 4 days.  With Barrett we saw the heartbeat so that's what we fully expected to see and hear.  We went in for the ultrasound.  The tech got started and I knew she didn't see what we were expecting to see.  I remember with Barrett she almost immediately told us she saw the heartbeat and we got to hear it.  You could have heard crickets this time.   She finished and was so sweet to us.  She told us there was no baby, just a gestational sac.  She said I could be not as far along as I thought.  I tried to hold back the tears but I knew that we should have seen more.  We went back and waited to see the doctor.
I felt like we waited forever (probably because we are idiots and had Barrett with us).  We saw the doctor and she was optimistic.  She said we were in a "normal" range for the time frame.  I once again had hope.  I had to do lab work that day and was told to come back in two days for more lab work and a week for another ultrasound.  We came home and tried to process what was going on.  We didn't tell anyone yet we were planning to wait until we knew more..  
The next day the nurse called me with my lab results and it wasn't good.  My beta level was 9,500 and she said at that level we should have seen cardiac activity on the ultrasound.  My progesterone was really low too.  The nurse basically said that this was not going to be a successful pregnancy.  (Those aren't the words or phrases she used but that's what she implied).  I was out getting lunch when I talked to her I called Patrick and got really upset.  When I went back in the office and had to tell my boss what was going on.  He was supportive and at that point it was a waiting game.  I picked Barrett up from school and we finished up some things at work.  That afternoon the bleeding got a lot worse.  I knew it was the end.  I called Patrick and then the doctor.  They wanted me to come back in Thursday morning. (This post is so long but I want it all in one spot.)  We knew we needed to tell our parents but we didn't want to upset them.  We made arrangements for my Dad to keep Barrett Thursday morning and Patrick met me at the doctor.  I was nervous and sad.  They sent us for an ultrasound and it looked exactly the same as before.  I had to see a different doctor and he basically said there wasn't a baby and there won't be a baby.  (I'm totally paraphrasing but that was the jist).  We went and got Barrett and took the rest of the day off work.  We went to lunch and came home and cuddled with Barrett and just loved on him.  We are so sad and heartbroken.  But I know there is a plan for us.  I'm sad but I can't let myself sit and dwell on what could have been.  I can't change what happened.  All I can do is focus on the future so that is what we're choosing to do.  We trust the Lord has a plan and that His plan is better than any plan we could come up with.

I have struggled with how much to share.  But I've been so supported by fellow moms that have experienced this heart break.  I hope that no one I know needs my support but I'll be there if they do.  I want women to know that no matter how common it is or how often someone tells you how common it is, until you've experienced it you can't imagine the hurt.  And knowing how common it is didn't really bring me comfort, it made me hurt for all the others that have walked in these shoes.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

March Goals

It's March 1st.  It's been a year since my brother's wedding.  I seriously can't believe a whole year has passed.  So Happy Anniversary to them.  
Now for my goals...
The whole month of February was a blur.  It did not go as planned and while we had some fun, overall it kind of sucked.  I feel like I did pretty good on my goals though. 
I cleaned out my closet,  I have a huge bag of stuff to donate and I have some things I'm going to try out at consignment.
My sister in law got me this abundant life devotional and I've really been enjoying it.  I also got the "little black book" for Lent from church and I've enjoyed it too.  I'm trying to carve out 15-30 minutes each morning before Barrett wakes up to read and pray and learn.  My sister also sent me a link to another devotional that I haven't had a chance to check out but I plan on doing that soon too.
Cooking more and being more patient were two of my less successful goals.  I hate to cook.  I did go to the store tonight and got groceries to cook this week.  Hopefully I can keep it up.
Patrick and I got to have a date night to see a movie and dinner.  It was much needed and we had the best time.  Hopefully we'll get to sneak another one in this month for our anniversary.

March Goals
1)  Continue making time for quiet time and using my devotionals.  I'm really loving this time.  Our schedule was off last week so I'm hoping to get back in a good routine!
2)  Celebrate our 7th Anniversary.  I can't believe we've been married 7 years.  Hopefully we'll get to do something fun to celebrate!
3)  Clean out the pantry, again.  I guess this will be on my list every 3 months because I can't keep that thing clean to save my life.  
4)  Clean out the guest room.  We've got to make room for our new bedroom furniture.  We're giving our furniture to Barrett for when its time to move to a big boy room.  So we've got to clean out the guest room to make room for our current furniture.  I'm excited for a fresh new bedroom but I'm not looking forward to all the cleaning out.
5)  Spend less time on facebook and more time reading.  I've deleted facebook off my phone because it had become such a time suck.  I really enjoy reading and I want to spend more time doing that!

We have such a busy few weeks at work right now.  I'll probably be working more hours than normal but I think I can get it all done!