Thursday, May 30, 2013

Feedin' Time

We were given the okay to start some foods around 5 months.  I'm not really in a hurry but decided to try some carrots tonight.  I want to make most of his food but we bought a few jars to try first.  

**Warning: Picture overload**
"I"m so excited!  Mom says I'm getting real food"

"Um...I'm not sure if I like this."

"Let me try it again..."

"It's kinda gross."

"I guess it's not that bad."

"Who am I kidding...I love it!"

"Need. More. Carrots!"

This one is just funny!

This one too.

"Get in my belly!"

Taking turns...I'm looking a little rough.   

"Did you get the shot?"

"I love fans and lights"

Love this one.  I'm glad I got all fixed up for the camera!  Note to self... fix your hair!

I think he enjoyed his first taste of real food.  He's growing so fast.  We're loving every minute of it!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

First Lake Trip

Saturday morning, on Barrett's 5 month birthday, I loaded the car and the two of us headed to the lake.  (Patrick had to stay home to work.)  This was our first overnight trip.  I only thought I over packed before.  I had my 8 passenger SUV loaded down, for two people for two nights.  It was a little bit ridiculous.  I blame it on the fact that it was the first overnight trip.  I felt the need to pack pretty much everything we'd used at least once in the last 5 months.  Next time I know we don't need everything.

Saturday was my mom's birthday.  I wanted to get her a cake but I totally failed and got her a birthday muffin from the gas station.  I know, best daughter ever right here.  But I brought the grand baby so I think she forgave me.  I was glad we got to spend the say with her on her birthday.

Sweet boy was held nearly the entire time we were there.
(Which made for a delightful Tuesday)
He enjoyed the swing.
We played a little corn hole.  I'm not very good nor do I have the attention span to play an entire game.

Wearing Uncle John's hat.

He was a big fan of the shiny blue cans.  I should probably be concerned.

There was a full moon and it was beautiful.

Uncle Donald found Barrett his very own inner tube.

Cool guy.

Love my little man!
First Sunset cruise.  He wasn't a fan of the life jacket.
We celebrated Ryan's 27th birthday on the 27th.  (Well his actual birthday was the 27th we celebrated on the 26th).

Aunt Pam made a strawberry cake and it was delicious.

This was Monday morning.  This boy is so happy in the morning.  I would take my coffee to the deck and we'd just watch the water and he'd laugh and talk.  Ally had to be in my lap every minute of every day.  She seemed way more clingy this trip but everyone assured me she has always been that way.
I think Barrett enjoyed his first trip to the lake.  We didn't get into the water because it was so cold so maybe next trip.  I was so excited to share such a special place with my son.  Hopefully Patrick will get to join us next trip!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

5 months

How can it be. Five whole months have passed since you were placed in my arms for the first time.  It feels like yesterday.  This month has been fun ( I know I say that every month).  So what have you been up to...

  • You are weighing in right at 15lbs (still between 10-25th percentile)
  • We measured you at 25" (still 10-25th percentile)
  • You are wearing 3 month, 3-6 month and some 6 month clothes.  We are still squeezing you into some 0-3 month things.  It's probably time to pack them away but I haven't yet.
  • Size 2 diaper

  • You nurse every 3.5-4.5 hours for around 20 minutes
  • I usually give you one 5-6oz bottle each day at work.
  • We started cereal this month.  You get it 3-4 times a week.  You aren't really that interested. 
  • Dr. Farr said we can start food this month.  I'm not pushing it though.  You don't seem that interested in eating the cereal and you don't seem to be hungry.  We will start probably in the next couple of weeks but we're in no rush.

  • You've started squealing when we tickle you.  I'm not sure who enjoys it more you or your Daddy and me.
  • You still love to "talk" all.the.time.  You're getting really loud too.  I have no idea where you get this from.

  • Sleeping has been ok this month.  We've rarely gotten a straight 10 or 11 hours like before but I'm not complaining. You usually go down between 7-8 and wake between 3-4.  I nurse you and you go right back to sleep until 7-8.  So you're still getting 11 or 12 hours just with one feeding.
  • You usually take two good naps each day and we try to squeeze in a little cat nap in the afternoons or you get incredibly crabby.
  • At work you nap in the pack and play right in my office.  At home you usually nap in your crib
  • We are still swaddling you.  I'm thinking we're going to have to drop it this month.  You're starting to try to roll so you need your arms.

  • You suck your thumb and fingers but not all the time. Still don't take a paci.
  • You can sit propped up for a few seconds at a time.  It's bittersweet to me.
  • You'll roll from your back to your side but haven't made it all the way over yet.
  • We've pretty much weaned you from the Zantac, I think you've probably grown out of the reflux.
  • You can grasp toys in your hands now.  We got your playmat back out and you love it.
  • You love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
  • You think your Daddy is hilarious
  • You like riding in the big boy stroller

    Every month seems to go by faster than the last and each month seems to get more exciting.  We thought nothing would be cuter or more special than you smiling at us...then you started squealing with glee when we tickle or play with you (sometimes all we have to do is talk to you).  My favorite part of our day is when I wake you up/ get you out of the bed.  You are always so so so happy to see me.  You will smile so big and stretch those little arms way above you head and it completely melts me every time.  I love you to the moon.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Mid May

I can't believe it's already May 18th.  We've been enjoying warmer, longer days around here.  Patrick is still on day shifts, which I am so thankful for. 
Sweet baby.

Last week we had a little playdate with Lorie and Elise.

She loves him.  It's so sweet seeing our kids together.

Almost every afternoon when we get home from work, Barrett lays in the middle of our bed we just talk and play with him.  Ally usually ends up there with us.  I thought this picture was cute of the two of them. 

One afternoon I put Barrett down for a nap and Patrick decided he would nap in the nursery.  He was snoring before I could even get the monitor turned on.  Barrett wasn't asleep yet and he had the most concerned look on his face.  He knew someone was in there but he couldn't see them.

We visited Nana and Grandaddy before they went to the beach.  He looks so little in the big swing.

He somehow got himself in this position today.

I took a break from sign making Friday and whipped up this cute tag for the front of my new car.

I bought this little bubble before Barrett was even born.  I love it.  I currently have an obsession with bubbles.  I think they are so cute on this little guy.  It's pretty much all I want to dress him in. 
I guess that's all for today. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The One Who Made Me a Mother

{This was supposed to post Sunday, so lets pretend}
So this time last year I knew I was going to be a mother, I'd known for all of 5 days.  Mother's day took on a new meaning for me.  It was also fun to celebrate all the mothers, knowing I too was going to join their club but they had no idea.  

Then Barrett was born.  I knew my life would change, but I couldn't have ever imagined what it would be like.  I know I've said it a million times but I never imagined how much I would love this little guy.  I also never realized how much my own mom loved me until I became a mother myself.  Right now I can't imagine sending him to the grandparents for the night, much less sending him away to college.  I wonder if it will really be as terrifying as I'm imagining it.

One of my favorite quotes is, "The two best days of your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why."  Not to sound corny but I finally feel like I know why.  I can't imagine any "job" in life that would be more important for me.  

Happy Mother's Day to our moms!  They taught us how to love unconditionally.  We wouldn't be the parents we are today without them.  I love seeing how much they love our son.  It is such a special thing seeing your mom love your child.  

Also this mother's day I'm thinking about women that desperately want to be mothers.  Now I know what they are missing and my heart breaks for them.  I also hurt for those who have lost their own mothers.  I try not to take the time we have with our parents for granted but I know I do.   

I promise some light posts next week.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Biggest Test

A year ago today I took a test that would change my life forever.  As I sit here watching that sweet baby playing on the floor I am overwhelmed with emotion.  I knew I loved him from that very moment but I never imagined how much I would love him.  My heart actually feels like it could burst some days.  

I remember being so nervous to take that test.  I so badly wanted it to be positive.  I was by myself at my office (my boss was out of town).  I couldn't wait till I got home, plus I knew I wanted to make something cute to tell Patrick.  He was working 2nd shift and didn't get home until 10:30 that night.  It seemed like torture waiting on him to get home that night.  Anyone that knows me knows I can't keep a secret,  I was so proud of myself, I didn't tell anyone for a whole week.  Patrick wanted to tell everyone on Mother's Day but it was just too soon for me.  I was still trying to really wrap my head around the idea.  It was such a special time in our lives.