Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Baby

So the stork decided to pay us a visit this Christmas instead of Santa.  I'll start at the beginning. 
I woke up Christmas Eve morning around 8:30 and went to the bathroom (like I do every morning).  After I used the bathroom I stood up and thought I peed on myself.  I thought, "Oh this is nice.  I have to much to do today to be peeing on myself!" It happened over and over again so I finally decided to wake Patrick up.  We were planning on going to my grandmothers for Christmas Eve lunch and it was time for him to get up anyway.  I told him we had a little situation and I wasn't sure what to do.  I explained to him what was happening and he too was convinced that I was just peeing myself.  I called my best friend (and nurse) Lorie and asked her how you knew if your water broke or if you just peed on yourself.  She disagreed with Patrick and I, she thought that my water probably broke and I should call the doctor.  So that's what I did.  I know they thought I was crazy.  All I could think about was the fact that most people's water doesn't break on its on and most first babies are born on or after their due date.  Here we were 36wks 6days and my water broke.  I just couldn't believe it.   We got our bags packed and calmly headed to the doctor.  We called our parents on the way.  Mainly to tell them we wouldn't be participating in any Christmas festivities for the day.  As Lorie said I was in complete denial.
We arrived at the hospital around 10:30 and they immediately determined that my water had broke and that I would be celebrating Christmas in the hospital.  At first we thought they might let me go until the 26th because I wasn't in labor, hadn't had the first contraction but they quickly came back in and said they'd start pitocin at midnight and I'd be having a Christmas baby! 

We spent most of the day Christmas eve hanging out, watching tv, I caught up on blogging, Patrick ran back home to get the things we forgot and we were in constant contact with all our people.  I was so glad that they all went about their plans for the day.  It was nice to have some time just Patrick and I to really process what was about to happen (although I think we were both still in denial.)  Kristen, Lorie, Joseph and Ellie came to visit.  Fun fact I was in the same room that Lorie delivered Ellie in.  The dr. came in around 9:00 and decided to start the pitocin and put in what they call an easy cath to jumpstart the dilation.  That was not fun!  Everyone left not long after that and I was officially in labor.

The night was pretty uneventful.  The contractions started to get painful around midnight and they gave me something but it made me sick.  So I spent the next few hours throwing up. Around 3:00 I was dilated 4 or 5 so they gave me my epidural and I was able to sleep for a little while.  The next time they checked me there was no change.  They started throwing out the idea of a c-section which was not the way I wanted to go but I was ready to hold my baby.  When they checked me around 8:00 I was 7cm so I was making progress.  Since the baby and I were holding up nicely they decided to let me keep going.  I guess it was around 10:00 or 11:00 that I was 9 cm but the baby was face up instead of face down and he had not dropped where they wanted him to be.  The dr. thought I could probably push him where he needed to be so I started pushing.  I felt like I pushed all day, in reality it was about 2 hours.  I had a meltdown at one point in the morning.  I was convinced I was never going to have this baby.  I was upset that I was missing Christmas and I just wanted my baby to be here.

  We were trying to keep everyone updated but towards the end everything started moving kinda fast.  My mom called while I was pushing, Patrick answered told her I was pushing so they jumped in the car and headed to the hospital.  I was so glad they did because it wasn't 20 minutes later that the doctor decided that the baby wasn't low enough for him to safely deliver so I was headed to the OR for a c-section.  Patrick called my parents to tell them and they were almost at the hospital.  At this point I lost it.  I was bawling and shaking.  I was relieved and scared.  I'd never even been in the hospital before now I was having surgery.  There were people in and out of the room getting me ready.  Everyone was so nice.  Then I heard my parents in the hall, they came in to see me and I lost it again.  I felt so bad because I didn't want them to worry, I hated for them to see me so upset but I was so glad I got to see them before they took me back. 
Before I knew it I was in the OR.  The anesthesiologist and his nurse were so great.  I think the first thing I said when they put me on the table was "This looks nothing like Grey's Anatomy!".  They thought that was funny.  Everything they gave me for pain made me sick.  I was throwing up and I heard the Dr. say "good thing we can hit a moving target."  I finally calmed down and it was no time until I heard the baby cry and they lifted him over the drape so we could see.  I also remember the dr. saying something about if we'd gone to full term he'd be a record setting baby and that he looked like his daddy minus the full beard.  They cleaned him up and laid him beside me.  He was so alert and just looked at me.  I was crying and I could hear Patrick crying behind me.  It's a moment I will never forget.  Then they let Patrick hold him.  Our camera wasn't working right, I'm so glad Patrick had his phone so we at least got some pictures that way. 
He looks so big here.

Best moment ever.

Love this one of Patrick.

First family photo!
They let me hold him as we were being wheeled back to our room.  No words can describe the way I felt.
I wanted a family picture in front of the Christmas tree.  We have one of us every year we've been married. Not exactly perfect but it gets the job done!

Ok, I guess I wrap this post up now.  I know it's long, but I wanted the whole birth story in one place.  Having a baby is the most amazing experience.  I've never felt love like this.  The love I have for my son is often times overwhelming.  Watching my husband love our son and the way he's loved me over the past week is also overwhelming.  We are so in love!


2012 has been one of the best years of my life! We have been so blessed in so many ways! I'm so excited to see what 2013 has in store! I'm so excited to watch my sweet baby grow. I'm excited to see how our marriage grows by becoming parents too. I can't wait to finish my posts for 2012 and then do the year in review! It's one of my favorite posts each year!

By far the best moment of the year!

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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas from the Horton Family

We got a surprise Christmas present this year!
Barrett Maxwell Horton
arrived Christmas Day 12/25/2012 at 1:06pm
He weighed in at 8lbs 1oz and 21" long!
We are so in love!

Monday, December 24, 2012

She said yes!!!

 I love family!  So I was so excited to find out last week that I'm getting a new sister!  My little brother finally proposed to his girlfriend of like 97 years.  They've been together forever it seems like.
First family photo.  Bentley, Hope, John and Daisy.  I don't think Daisy was thrilled with the announcement.

I knew Hope didn't expect a thing when she showed up to Sunday lunch in a prom tshirt. 
Hope is a year older than John and for the longest time we couldn't figure out what she saw in him.  I mean we love him but he just wasn't boyfriend material.  When they went on their first date John borrowed my dad's car (because he drove my old tracker that was no longer acceptable to drive on the highway).  Dad's car was more reliable and I guess John wanted to impress her.  Well they got about 2 miles away from our house and the car broke down.  John had to call our mom to come him.  So after his Zoolight Safari idea fell through he went with plan b to pop the question.  The new Dairy Queen opened in town so he asked Hope if she wanted a milkshake after lunch.  They left and he acted like his car broke down in the same place.  He popped the question where their very first date had gone awry.

Her ring is beautiful!  I'm so excited for them.  They're thinking a Spring 2014 wedding!  We can't wait!

5th Annual Gingerbread House Competition

Friday night we kicked off our fun old fashioned family Christmas with our annual gingerbread house competition.  You can read about years past here.  I'm not going to lie, I think we all peaked last year.  We were all excited to build our houses this year but it seemed that no one really prepared like they did last year.  Which resulted in us sitting at the table for what seemed like hours with no real progress.  We laughed a lot though and I guess that's all that really matters.  The kids had a ball and they did a great job this year.
This is the winner of the kids division.  Drew did a great job.  I'm not sure how many more years they're going to let him compete in the children's category.  I was excited for him to win! 

Porter built a hunting lodge complete with a duck blind and several dead ducks ( the m&ms).  At one point he did run up to my mom and demand that he needed her help building a garage with a four-wheeler and trailer.  Notice that didn't get built!  Mom said she wasn't a miracle worker.

I loved Ava's redneck house.  She did such a good job both building and decorating hers.  Most people excel at one or the other. 
Harper's princess castle should really have been in the adult category because I'm pretty sure all she did was add the blue sixlets.  Mom did pretty much all the rest of the work. 

Now to the adult category.
My big brother Patrick's interpretation of the economy.  He's so witty!

Leslie went the religious route with her gummy bear nativity.

John, oh John.  He had a great house but did not do one bit of decorating.  I think he could have won it with a strand or two of lights.

This was mine.  Not my best work.  This is what happens when I have no plan. I really have no words.
Hope's was the winner and rightfully so.  She did a great job with construction and decoration. 

Elizabeth came with a plan.  This is Denny Chimes.

And Clay's house.  I can' t remember the name of the house but it is a replica of a house close to where they live in Atlanta.  I'll have to ask him and update this later.

The whole neighborhood. 
Even though it wasn't our best work we all still had a lot of fun. 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

36 weeks

How Far Along: 36 weeks

Size of baby: Large Cantaloupe (19-22in, 6lbs or in our baby's case over 7lbs)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 51lbs. I'm not sure if the Dr. was just trying to make me feel better or not but she said not to worry that the weight I've gained lately has to be mostly fluid with how swollen my feet and legs are.
Maternity Clothes: Yes, all the time. I wear the same few outfits over and over again.

Gender: Boy!

Movement: He's running out of room.  But he's still wiggling as much as he can.
Sleep: Not so much.  I've slept better this last week than the week before, I think I'm just so tired that I can't help but fall asleep.
What I miss: Not having heartburn.
Cravings: Nothing particular.

Symptoms: Still just heartburn and swelling, swelling and heartburn. 
Best Moment this week:  We had an ultrasound yesterday, he's measuring about 2 weeks ahead, which come to find out really means nothing other than you have a big baby.  I felt bad for him when we saw him on the ultrasound.  We couldn't really make out any features he's so crammed in there.  He already has a head full of hair from what they could tell.  I can't wait to meet him!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Random Friday Post

We've been busy around the Horton house.  Expecting a baby and celebrating the holidays will do that to ya.  I feel like I have to do lists for my to do lists.  I have Christmas shopping lists, Christmas card lists, to do before baby lists and packing lists.  Most lists have lists and order of importance.  It's starting to get overwhelming but so exciting at the same time. 
I'm planning to wrap up my Christmas shopping this weekend.  Hopefully my cards will beat their estimated delivery date of 12/20 so I can get them addressed and in the mail.  I'm slowly getting things marked off the before baby list and the packing lists might be the death of me. 
One thing that got marked off a list today was getting Ally's haircut.  She looks thrilled doesn't she.  It had been way to long and she was matted to the skin.  But she thinks she looks fabulous with those candy cane bows!

Something that has nothing to do with lists.  This is my best friend Kristen's new puppy.  Marni or Penny, shes still undecided on a name.  Isn't she so cute.  She came to doggy daycare today for a couple of hours and was so sweet.  I just can't get enough of that sweet face.  She's 8 weeks old and weighs in at a whopping 1lb 7oz.

She took a little nap while she was with me.
While I haven't been sleeping at night one of my favorite things has been laying on the couch with the Christmas lights on.  It's so calm and warm.  I haven't done a post with our decorations because it didn't really change from last year. I didn't put out my tree downstairs.  I'm trying to decide if I'm going to rush to take it all down before the baby comes.

I'm pretty sure Ally knows something is up.  She's been really attached to Patrick lately.  She is so excited to see him when he gets home and she usually sits right with him until he goes to bed.  Unless I have food, then she'll be my friend.  She never lets me cuddle her like a baby.  She feel asleep in Patrick's arms like this the other night and slept for almost an hour.  The funniest part is I was asleep on the couch so he took this picture of her so I could see.
My parents dog died the week of Thanksgiving.  We were sad.  They'd had him for about 14 years but in the last few years he'd been going downhill fast.  Well it seems like since he's been gone these cats have taken up residence on their deck.  (I actually think they'd been hanging around before he died but it seems like now they are always there).  The kids have named them.  They are not strays because they let the kids pick them up pull and tug at them.  I took this picture because it reminded me of my sister when she was little with our cat growing up.  I think this one is "Snickerdoodle". 
I'm hoping to show the nursery before the baby gets here but it's not finished yet.  So I guess what I'm really hoping is tha it's finished before he gets here! 

Thursday, December 13, 2012


 Once upon a time the holiday known as Thanksgiving happened.  Yes it's been 3 weeks now since my favorite holiday passed but I still wanted to recap it.  It was a pretty low key day spent eating and resting.  I love Thanksgiving.  The food is definitely my favorite but I enjoy the doing nothing part too.  I always start the day watching the Macy's parade, then we headed to my grandmothers house for lunch!  It was all so good.  I can't even remember what all we had to eat but I do know there was both turkey and ham which makes this girl very happy! 
My uncle had lined up a little project for the boys to help him with while we were all there.  A tree had fallen on my grandmother's garage so they worked on getting it all put back together. 
This red truck was my Granddaddy's.  We always call it Granddaddy's truck (my grandfather died 14 years ago).  Porter asked my dad why his truck was at Grandmother's house.  My dad is the only "Grandaddy" he's known.  So we explained to him that it was his daddy's Granddaddy's (Porter's great Grandaddy) truck.  I think he caught on.  My dad and brother let him "drive" around the yard and afterwards he said that his dad's granddaddy would be proud to see him drive his truck.  Porter is named after my Grandaddy.  My brother and Grandaddy were very close so I know it meant a lot to my brother and dad too to see Porter so excited about driving his great Granddaddy's truck!

These are the only pictures we took that day.  We usually try to take a family picture but some of the kids were sick so they stayed home (thankfully!)  Hopefully we can get a family picture on Christmas.
After we left there Patrick and I ran home to get Ally and headed to the Horton's house.  Melissa made her usual spread and it was delicious.  I love holidays and traditions.  I can't wait to experience it with our sweet baby boy!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

35 weeks

How Far Along: 35 weeks

Size of baby: Large Cantaloupe (19-22in, 5.5lbs)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 45lbs. I'm not looking forward to the aftermath of this pregnancy. 

Maternity Clothes: Yes, all the time.  I wear the same few outfits over and over again.

Gender: Boy!

Movement: All the time.  He's getting stronger.  He also gets the hiccups almost every night.  Patrick was able to feel it the other day.  Pretty cool stuff!

Sleep: Ha ha.  What sleep?  I suppose this is a sort of training for life with an infant!  I'm sleeping in two hour increments during the night.  It hasn't been fun!  I'm just ready to be able to hold my baby when we can't sleep!
What I miss:  Not having heartburn.
Cravings: Nothing particular.

Symptoms: Heartburn and swelling, swelling and heartburn.  The heartburn is starting to make sleep nearly impossible.  Last night I slept in the recliner for 5 hours.  It was the best sleep i've gotten in days!
Best Moment this week:  We had an appointment yesterday where the doctor told me, "Wow, you're measuring big!!!".  I get to have an ultrasound next week to see how big he is.  I'm a little nervous.  2 weeks ago she said I was measuring right on time.  I'm not going to lie, the thought of meeting him a little earlier than we originally thought thrills me!  Hopefully we can keep him in there a few more weeks.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

34 weeks

How Far Along: 34 weeks

Size of baby:Pineapple (19-22in, 4.9lbs)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 41lbs. I'm not looking forward to the aftermath of this pregnancy.

Maternity Clothes: Yes! I'm getting tired of wearing the same things over and over again. But I don't want to buy anything else now. I ready to wear my old clothes again!
Gender: Boy!

Movement: He's been moving like crazy this week.  He's still shy and doesn't move a lot when I'm around other people but he's definitely getting stronger.  I'm not sure if it has anything to do with the iron supplement making us both stronger or just the fact that he's bigger.
Sleep: My body is apparently training to function on less sleep.  I've been waking up around 3:30 every morning and not going back to sleep.  I'm usually dragging by 3:00 in the afternoon and take a quick nap when I get home.
What I miss: Nothing really.  Sure, I miss my shoes and clothes and my ankles but I know it will all be worth it when I meet my little man. 

Cravings: Nothing really.  I'm tired of eating and being hungry all the time. 
Symptoms: Swelling, swelling and more swelling.  Some days I think my feet may explode they are so swollen.

Best Moment this week: Our chair was delivered!  Feeling him move more and more knowing he's getting so much stronger.  We have chosen a pediatric practice now we just have to choose a doctor in the practice.  We have several friends and family that use the practice, they all use different doctors and we really liked all the doctors we met at the open house.  So now we just have to choose one. 
Bama won the SEC Championship so they're headed to Miami to play for the National championship January 7th.  I'm hoping he comes before or after the game.  I really don't want to have to watch the game in the hospital! 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

33 weeks

How Far Along: 33 weeks

Size of baby: Honeydew (19in, 4.5lbs)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 41lbs.  I'm not looking forward to the aftermath of this pregnancy. 

Maternity Clothes: Yes! I'm getting tired of wearing the same things over and over again. But I don't want to buy anything else now. I ready to wear my old clothes again!
Gender: Boy!

Movement: He's been kinda lazy lately.  I know he's okay because the minute I start to worry he'll give he a little kick or jab. 

Sleep: Sleep took a turn for worse this week.  Patrick is back on day shift which I love but readjusting to sharing the bed is proving more difficult than usual.  Luckily he's a pretty hard sleeper so all my tossing and turning hasn't bothered him in the least. 
What I miss: All the little things that I never thought about giving up.  Shopping for long periods of time, my shoes, standing for more than a few minutes, eating without getting heartburn.  Just to name a few.

Cravings: I haven't wanted much of anything lately.  I basically eat because I'm hungry and have too.  I always feel so full even if I eat just a tiny bit. 

Symptoms: I found out yesterday I am anemic so that would explain the exhaustion.  Heartburn, exhaustion and my feet are still swelling.

Best Moment this week: Spending Thanksgiving with our families!  Getting the car seat out and putting the strollers together.  Also Lorie brought me several things to borrow!  Our chair for the nursery is in so now we just have to have it delivered. All we're waiting on now is the bedding and curtains. Still got to get everything hung on the walls.  I've got to wash everything we have and make a list of things we still need.  It seems so close and so far away at the same time!  I'm just ready to hold my little man!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Baby Tea

Last Sunday we were blessed by 29 of mine and my moms dearest friends with a beautiful tea to celebrate baby Barrett.  It was beautiful and perfect.  We got lots of great stuff and feel a lot more ready for our boy to get here.
This was the sign in table with his baby book, the wreath for the hospital door (I have another canvas for the center to put his stats on) and his sweet ultrasound picture.
My friend Brittany did all the decorating and it was perfect. It was everything I'd imagined when I thought about a tea for a baby boy!

The food table with all of my favorites!  Cake balls, chicken salad wraps, bacon wrapped cracker things, Cajun caviar, fruit and this cheddar cheese ring with strawberry jam.  Lorie made the banner and I'm going to use it in the nursery!

My sister, mom and I.  I guess when you see yourself everyday you don't realize how big you look but these pictures had me doing a double take.  I look huge. 

My mom and Patrick's mom. 
Patrick came to help load up all the goodies.
My bestest friends.  These girls have laughed and cried with me.  They are always there when I need a shoulder or someone to vent to.  I think we each have a different special relationship and I'm so thankful for each of them. 

 This cutie made an appearance after her nap.  I can't wait to see her and Barrett play together!

I am beyond thankful and humbled by the generosity of our friends and family.  We feel so blessed that so many people love us and our baby so much all ready.  We can't wait for him to get here!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

32 weeks

How Far Along: 32 weeks

Size of baby: Head of lettuce (19in, 3.9lbs)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 35lbs. Hopefully we are slowing down in the weight gain department.

Maternity Clothes: Yes! I'm getting tired of wearing the same things over and over again. But I don't want to buy anything else now. I ready to wear my old clothes again!
Gender: Boy!

Movement: He's getting so strong. I'm also learning he's shy. He doesn't move around much when I'm with a crowd. He prefers quiet nights at home.

Sleep: I love sleep!  I wish there were more hours in the day for napping and getting things done.

What I miss: Having energy.  Not getting tired after getting ready. Getting up and down without a struggle.  I know it will all be worth it.  I'm just ready for it to be over.

Cravings: This week I'm ready for Thanksgiving food.  I wouldn't really say I'm craving it, just really looking forward to it!

Symptoms: Heartburn, exhaustion and my feet are still swelling.

Best Moment this week:  We had our big tea hosted by 30 of mine and my mom's friends and family.  It was beautiful!  We got most all of our big things and lots of cute things that I can't wait to use!  We have one blessed little boy!  We also got all the furniture moved into the nursery (except the chair, it won't be here until January).  We put together the pack and play last night and got the carseat out.  I'm starting to feel a bit overwhelmed with everything we still have left to do for the baby then throw in the holidays and I may have a nervous breakdown.  Hopefully not.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mustache Baby Bash

We had our first baby shower this weekend!  It was an intimate get together hosted by Patrick's Aunt and cousins.   The theme was a "Mustache Baby Bash" and they did such a wonderful job!  There were all kinds of sweets and candy! The bow ties and mustaches everywhere were so cute!

They had these cute frames and mustaches for pictures!

My mother in law and me!

Meredith and me.
And my favorite picture of the whole day.  Patrick's cousin Vikki and her dog Buddy, I think he liked the mustache!
We got some great gifts that I can't wait to use with our little man!